yui hinata

Since there is a lack of Otome game heroine posts here !

There are many more but i only knowthese. Also they all r beautiful and have traits that seperate them from each other , so stop the hate if you don’t agree that is fine.


Haikyuu Quest profiles and weapons from ハイキュー!!繋げ!頂の景色 3DS game (Limited Edition)

I finally finished this sweet lord.  The translations may be altered slightly (and placed elsewhere) due to space limitations, but meanings should persist.  We’re not going to talk about the official English translations.  All that’s left now are the picture drama translations!  ALSO HAJIME-CHAN IS CANONICALLY A HANDSOME MAN GOODBYE.

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[yandere simulator] after club activities

hey im back with another pose! this is with all the people who are in clubs! it was loads of work poseing all these characters, but i really like how all of them came out! anyway i hope you like these as much as i loved to make em!