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How would yui react to a new bride clinging to her all the time because she's scared of everyone else?

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“It’s alright, ____! We’ll be fine. “

  • Tries her hardest to ease your discomfort.
  • Greatly enjoys your company and is never sorry to see you.
  • Tries to play up the nice moments of the boys. there is none, sweetie.’
  • If you had to chose someone to ‘own’ you when you came, She’ll do her best to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do.
  • Will try to save you from some of your bad encounters but She can’t really help you and will struggle with it…feeling utterly guilty. 
  • Prays for you and encourages you to do it, also.
  • If anything bad happened to you, she’ll try to care for you or get someone to help you the best she can.
  • If you two grow close, I can see her being devastated if you were gravely injured or killed. Most likely, shattering her bond with the person responsible.
Since there is a lack of Otome game heroine posts here !

There are many more but i only knowthese. Also they all r beautiful and have traits that seperate them from each other , so stop the hate if you don’t agree that is fine.