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o((>u<))o Yui Appreciation Week starts tomorrow!! Can't wait to see lots of positive stuff about her. I'm so tired of seeing jealous hypocrites bashing her for ridiculous reasons. I feel like we should have another Yui appreciation week sometime later in the year too! :3

That’s certainly something to consider. One thing to remember is that anyone can share their thoughts about Yui/MC any time of the year. There doesn’t have to be a special occasion, although for organization purposes it’s certainly easier this way for all.

By the way, she earned her keep in Rejet’s character popularity poll:

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate Popularity Poll

She got 1015 votes. Which means that 1015 people chose to vote her as their favorite character in Diabolik Lovers over the vampire/first blood they have a bias for. Considering that you only get to vote ONCE, and considering that Yui, an otome heroine, is meant to act as a ‘proxy’ (in some eyes), 1015 votes is definitely nothing to scoff at. That paired with the fact that there are Yui merchandise and Yui cosplays should tell you that there are more people who like her than those who dislike her. And that’s something people got to live with.

I haven’t seen any bashing lately (then again, I utilize xkit and tumblrsavior, lol), so I don’t know. But I’m definitely looking forward to the coming week. *w*

Since there is a lack of Otome game heroine posts here !

There are many more but i only knowthese. Also they all r beautiful and have traits that seperate them from each other , so stop the hate if you don’t agree that is fine.