Konoha ninja and their Pokemon Go teams

Naruto Uzumaki: Team Instinct

Sasuke Uchiha: Team Mystic

Sakura Haruno: Team Valor

Sai: Team Mystic

Kakashi Hatake: Team Valor

Captain Yamato: Team Instinct

Hinata Hyuga: Team Instinct

Shino Aburame: Team Mystic

Kiba Inuzuka: Team Instinct

Kurenai Yuhi: Team Valor

Shikamaru Nara: Team Mystic

Choji Akimichi: Team Instinct

Ino Yamanaka: Team Valor

Asuma Sarutobi: Team Valor

Rock Lee: Team Instinct

Neji Hyuga: Team Mystic

Tenten: Team Valor

Might Guy: Team Instinct


Hey guys! So I turned some of the designs I made into mugs based off of the YYH fandoms’ popular ships! They are available to purchase on my Society6 page right now! :D (Well at the least the Kuwameshi and Kuwara ones are…)

These are but a few of what I have planned out so expect more from me very soon Hey, you might even see a ship that you really like! ;D

Kuwameshi Mug
Kuwama Mug
Kurameshi Mug
Yuhi Mug