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[INFO] 230817 Sanjoy Periscope on Youngjae, Victim of Love & GOT7
  • Sanjoy said Victim of Love will be released on December 32nd…hahaha so funny 
  • Other than Youngjae, he also wanted to do collaboration with JB & Jackson
  • Sanjoy loves Youngjae’s voice especially his voice control & when he hits the high notes.He’s just so smooth
  • He watched GOT7 Performance in KCON and it was so dope
  • Sanjoy said Victim of Love will be on Spotify & he’ll be releasing the instrumental as well
  • Sanjoy loved to produce one of the songs for GOT7 next album 
  • Sanjoy said he hoped to have a duet with Youngjae someday & he already did the instrument for the track ( He played the instrumental & it sounds really good & fresh. I really can’t wait for them to work & release it) 
  • Sanjoy said he keeps in touch with Youngjae pretty frequently and Youngjae will send him pics of CoCo all the time 

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GOT7 NEEDS LOVE OML. Got7 reacting to their fem S/O having a habit of purposely turning them on and then leaving them to take care of theirselves bc they find it hilarious (GOD BLESS YOUR EXISTENCE AND YOUR BLOG 💕💕💕💕)


He would find it extremely irritating, pouting as much as he could. But he wouldn’t let you get very far, tugging on your wrist as he pulled you down onto his lap. You were bound to get punished.

“You think this is funny?” “You won’t be thinking it’s very funny when I’m fucking you so hard into the matress that you’re begging me to stop.”

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He would laugh with you at first, but if you did it too much, he would let you know that he had enough, biting on your neck even.

“You’re in big trouble when we get home, Y/N.”

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His Daddy mode was switch on the second you started to touch him. And when you tried to walk away from him, he tsked, pulling you by your waist and placing you back in your original spot.

“I don’t think so, Y/N.” “Now, finish what you started.”

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He would smirk, knowing he had self-control. But when he realized that you weren’t going to fix it for him, and just walk off, he wasn’t having any of it. Twisting you around so that you were facing away from him he would harshly whisper in your ear, biting on the flesh.

“Bend over, you’ve been a bad girl, princess.”

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His eyes would widen, laughing slightly and blushing as you touched him. He would moan even at times, but when you got up to walk away, he would pout and softly tug on your arm.

“Please.. I need you.” “You can’t just leave me like this!”

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He wouldn’t even let you get out of your spot quick enough as he laid you on your back, pinning your arms above your head. He knew your game, and you weren’t getting away with it this time.

“I think it’s time you learn your lesson, Kitten.” “Gosh, I’m going to fuck you so good tonight.”

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A little shy, but would end up loosening up in the end. When you got away from him, he would pin you against the wall, making sure you couldn’t move away from him. He had enough of your teasing.

“You are not going to leave me like this.” “I will wreck you.”

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got7 as types of dads

[requested by anonymous]

mark / the “quiet but loud” dad

  • doesn’t speak up a lot
  • at the same time, he’s not a pushover
  • probably signed his son up for baseball and will legit fight the umpire 

jaebum / the “chill af if you’re a good student” dad 

  • his kids better be B or higher students
  • he believes in education before extra curricular
  • but if they are good students, he can trust them to go places, etc on their own 

 jackson / “not so quiet VERY LOUD” dad

  • if you fuck up he will be at your school in 5 mins flat
  • but also at the same time very understanding and loving
  • won’t let his kids leave the house alone until they’re like 35 tbfh 

 jinyoung / the “I WILL BEAT YO ASS” dad

  • a loving caring mom dad
  • buuut you better not be failing
  • encourages reading A LOT

youngjae / the it seems like idgaf but i really do” dad

  • socializes with dads with babies while having a baby holder
  • lowkey embarrasses his older kids
  • he will jump down your throat if you get in trouble at school though

bambam / the “i think i’m cool but i’m actually not” dad

  • tries to dab around his kids’ friends
  • HIGHKEY EMBARRASSING but has lots of love for his kids

yugyeom / the “casual but caring” dad

  • sorta quiet in public
  •  cares about his kids’ grades but doesn’t get super mad if they mess up, only if they don’t try
  • opens up to other parents after they talk for awhile

Title: Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

By: GreasyGyeom

Summary: When a tiny secret convinced Yugyeom that you were going to break up with him. Yugyeom x Reader. An attempt at writing cute fluff (I was mildly successful….I think. Let me know!!)

“Aah noona I told you not to have that icy mocha latte. Of course this was going to happen!”, he heard Jaebum scold someone in almost a whisper, standing in the absolute corner of the room as if hiding something.

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