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The Council: Mini Masterlist

The Council will be unveiled May 2nd and I can’t wait for you all to read!

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The Council  The Face  The Architect  The Shadow  The Enforcer  The Negotiator  The Collector  The Virus

Chapter 1: The Body

Chapter 2: The Meeting

Chapter 3: The Estate

Chapter 4: The Face

Chapter 5: The Introductions

Chapter 6: The Shadow

Chapter 7: The Negotiator

Chapter 8: The Kiss

Chapter 9: The Virus

Chapter 10: The Collector

Chapter 11: The First Time

Chapter 12: The Origin

Chapter 13: The Enforcer

Chapter 14: The Architect

Chapter 15: The Betrayal 

Chapter 16: The Chase

Chapter 17: The End?

Again another HUGE shout out to my dear friend @kpopfanfictrash for the moodboards and constant help with the development of this fic. LOVE YOU SHAN, couldn’t have done it without you! 

Got7′s Reaction to you (their best friend) getting excited to I.O.I songs and knowing the choreo

I hope you enjoy the reaction!!! :)




*The song interrupts him while he was talking to you and when he sees you start to dance the choreo to the song he just stops.*

Yugyeom: *gif* “Why are we friends?”

Y/N: *ignores and just keeps dancing*

*When you finish, he sassy claps and just continues talking about whatever it was that you interrupted him.*


*When he sees you get extremely excited and getting ready to dance, he ‘accidentally’ turned off the music.*

Y/N: *gives him an angry look*

Youngjae: *gif*

*He’d just watch you do the whole choreo to the song and just laughs at the fact that you loved them so much.*


JB: *gif* “Not again.” *ends up enjoying watching you anyways.*


*Right after he hears the song come on, he just stares at you waiting for your excitement to show. As soon as you start dancing and having the time of your life, he just walks away.*


*He’d be extremely surprise at the fact that you knew the whole choreo and on how excited you got.*


*Gets more excited than you and gets way too into dancing the song.*

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Got7 reaction when their crush smiles at them and says I love you.

Sorry it took a couple days~ I’ve had dance rehearsals and tomorrow and the day after I have performances. So I’m busy busy busy (。•́︿•̀。)

Got7: Reaction to their crush smiling and saying I love you

♥Jaebum: You were playing games and messing around with Jaebum, recording him and taking funny videos. He was a little embarrassed and kept blushing and making cute faces. “Aww Jaebummie you’re so cute~” You smiled big at him and said, “I love you" while recording him. His smile instantly disappeared and he glanced away, trying to process what you said. He looked back at you and pretended to shoot at you with the nearest object.

“Don’t mess with me.”

♥Mark: Lunch time was your favorite time; and evidently, Mark’s favorite time. It was the only time you could really see each other. Splitting your cheesecake as always, Mark had an idea. He scooped a small bite onto his fork, and held it up to your mouth. 

“Here.” He watched your lips, something he admired everyday. But it was no secret to you. You smiled and took the bite, looking at his eyes the entire time. 

“Mm yummy. Thank you.” You pinched his cheeks and giggled softly. “I love you Mark.” You said it so casually it threw Mark off guard. He looked in your eyes, searching for truth and leaning back into his chair.

“That’s mean to play around like that (Y/N).”

♥Jackson: He was taking slow steps, afterall, you’ve never been big on learning a new language so it was rough for you. He spoke slowly in English, allowing you to repeat after him. “I” Your voice echoed his. “Love” once again an echo. “You,” He finished up. “Now put it all together.” 

“I ruv yuu” You spoke with an accent and a big smile, something he admired greatly. He started to chuckle and he clenched his heart. 

“Don’t say that.”

♥Jinyoung: He felt insulted. His friends and his crush were all making fun of him for tripping and screaming like a girl when he nearly fell. Who wouldn’t laugh? I mean really. He crossed his arms and ignored everyone, looking at the floor. He was so bothered by it but he knew there was no comeback. 

“Jinyoungie.” You smiled and sat in front of him, laying your chin on his knee. “I love you.” You batted your eyelashes to add cuteness, hoping to win him over in such an easy way. He stared at you blankly for a moment before cracking a small smile.

“You know you’re a brat right? A brat that I love.”

♥Youngjae: It was a rough day for him. A rough day for everyone. The criticizing and unfair comments on a performance Got7 barely screwed up filled the air. You were Youngjae’s best friend, so of course you had to come. And you were there when he came of the stage in tears. He did his best to hold back until he was away from the crowd. 

You hugged him tightly and kissed his head to comfort him. “It was only a tiny slip, don’t be so hard on yourself.” You grabbed his shoulders and pulled back a bit to look at his face. You wiped his tears, smiling gently. “I love you Youngjae.”

“Do you… mean that..?”

♥BamBam: You were having a bad day. You were taken away from your studies and yelled at by your professor. You were told you were no good, and a failure to the future. But of course you had a shoulder to cry on, BamBam. He was your best friend. He was hugging you and rocking you gently, side to side, side to side. 

“Don’t listen to him… You’re gonna be a wonderful woman, with an amazing husband and gorgeous kids.” He said while petting your head and looking at your face. You slowly started to smile, encouraging him to be extra. He made a face, but it didn’t come out the way he wanted when he heard you say, “I love you.” He froze with that facial expression, then slowly moved closer to you.


♥Yugyeom: He wasn’t very good around girls he liked. He got shy, unsure, and less confident. He felt like he had to try too hard and it would make everything awkward. You sat next to Yugyeom, watching as the staff took pictures of him for a new album. You decided to help him out by going behind the camera man and making funny faces. It worked, he began laughing and it resulted in really nice pictures.

After the shoot you sat next to him again, smiling big. “Yugyeomie, you know I love you don’t you?” He was shocked to hear those words come from your mouth.

“Hm?” He smiled cheesily. “Well, I love you too.”

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Can you do got7 reaction to you kissing their neck

Mark - he would jerk a little bit not expecting you kissing his neck. he would look at you and smile. “what was that for?” he’d ask. you would just shrug and smile. he would return the favor and kiss you on the cheek and hold you closer.

Jaebum - feeling your lips against his neck would make his skin crawl with goosebumps. he would smirk to himself while nuzzling you back. he would grab your hand and lift it to his lips giving you a small peck on your fingers.

Jackson - after you kissed his neck he would smile big and blush a little, giving you some cringey aegyo in return. he loves to embarrass you when you show him affection since he was the one who did it the most.

Jinyoung - letting the feeling linger against his skin he would turn his head so he could do the same to your neck. but he would take it a step further and gently suck and lick on the spot, getting you hot and bothered as payback.

Youngjae - a bright pink color would spread across his cheeks when you kiss his neck. he would smile at you and kiss your cheek in thanks. he would reach around and hold his arm around your waist keeping you close to him as a hint to keep kissing him.

Bambam - he would be like jackson and tease you a little about it at first before accepting it and doing it to you. he would squeeze you tight and not let go of you for the rest of the day, the feeling of your lips play over in his head.

Yugyeom - yugyeom would be shy at first, not knowing what to do after you kiss him. he would rub the spot a little before looking at you and kissing you in the same spot. he would exchange smiles and giggles with you before moving his lips down to your collarbone and giving them a light kiss as well.

My thoughts on GOT7- Then vs Now..


then: He seems serious af and kinda mean…



Then: He looks like a fuckboy

Now: He’s a quiet fuckboy


Then: WHO IS THAT SEXY MAN?!!!1!!1!!

Now: My lil squishy child #ProtectJacksonAtAllCosts


Then: Is he the leader?

Now: EVil mastermind #1



Now: (lowkey) SUNSHINE EVIL mastermind #2


Then: Cute baby face, NOW HE must be the youngest..



Then: HE’S SO TALL is he the oldest?

Now: MY CHILD OML (lowkey rUDE)