Their GF Has a Big Butt (GOT7)

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JAEBUM 재범: Highly appreciative, but on the DL. He’s a gentleman, so he’d only shoot off complements about your plentiful behind when you two are alone

JINYOUNG 진영: He’d be lowkey all about the ass. He’d try to keep it classy, but he wouldn’t be able to help himself from sneakin a grab every now and then when you guys were out

YOUNGJAE 영재: I love this boy, but I’m not sure if he’d really know… what to… so with it. He’d most definitely think it was the best ass he’d ever seen, but he might feel a hesitant to try a grab

JACKSON 잭슨:  Jackson is an assman, no denying it. one of his fav things to do would be to pull you onto his laugh and feel you squirm around

MARK 마크: I think he’d try and be subtle about it, but it would prob be his favorite thing in the world. He’d love it when you’d reach up to wrap your arms around his neck so his hands could reach down and kneed at your bubble of a butt

BAMBAM 뱀뱀: HI KEY AN ASS MAN don’t fight me on this one. You’d think his hands were destined to be touching your ass from how much they end up there on the daily

YUGYEOM 유겸: I think he would just get habitually hypnotized anytime his eyes landed on your backside. You may or may not need some smelling salts to wake his thirsty self back up

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what kpop boy grp and girl grp do you think are the touchiest with each other?? like have the most skinship between all of the members??

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Oh my goodness okay, so!

For boy groups I’d honestly have to say Got7. BTS is really close behind, but they still get weirder out when people force them to get really sentimental and Got7…well…

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They’re just fearless as hell when it comes to skinship xD

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As for girl groups I’m sorry, but I’m not really too sure. I’ve been mostly into male kpop groups, but I’m getting way more into female groups lately too!! So I’ll be able to come back and answer this question another time.

Sorry sweetie!! Thank you so much for asking me this question~ It was so freaking fun to do!!!


GOT7 Reacting to You Knowing Martial Arts!

Jaebum (JB)
I feel like JB would be really shocked when first hearing about it! Since your very strict on only using your fighting skills when deemed extremely necessary, when he did find out he was totally blown away, but was really turned on by it later on. And he couldn’t help but give a goofy grin when you were practicing.

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Mark would totally be into this. He wouldn’t treat you any differently and would even want you to teach him so moves! Ever since he saw you totally owning it in the gym, he was your number one fan. 

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LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS GUY, as soon as he saw you in the dojo kicking butt he was so shocked and amazed literally screaming in the place “That’s my girlfriend, you kick his ASS baby!” He would literally tell anyone who would listen how his girlfriend is a black belt in taekwondo, such a cutie omg. 

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I feel like BamBam would be like your #1 hype man since he himself is literally always hyped. I swear to god he would be the type that if someone cut you off while driving, he would scream out the window, “HEY MAN, MY GIRLFRIEND IS A BLACK BELT HOLDER YOU’RE GONNA REGRET THAT!” 

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Jinyoung would genuinely be so shocked upon learning this. Although he would be worried about your safety 24/7 and it took some time for him to get used to it, because he knows you really enjoy doing it, he naturally supports you 100%

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This smol cutie would be super giddy when he saw you in action, he enjoyed watching you practice so much he would go to the gym at 6am with you just so he can watch you and support you. Every time you got hurt he would always rush to help you out or just give you some water when you needed it.

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Yugyeom would be extremely proud of you, when you received your black belt he flat out cried because he knew how much effort you put into it. Every competition you had, he was in the front row and he was always there supporting you!

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Happy 3rd Anniversary to my angels!! I love you so much! I pray that you stay happy and healthy this year and forever. You mean so much to me! 


“There was an article about the Olympics and comments saying why I became an idol rather than a fencer that I should’ve became a fencer instead. GOT7 is family to me and I am really glad that I am part of it and I am really happy that all of you guys are here ” - Jackson 



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