yugo m70



A original Yugoslavian built M70 that was imported by American Arms. Later importation of these rifles was handled by Mitchell Arms. These rifles, like most Yugo AK variants have a thicker RPK-style receiver with a bulged trunnion. Interestingly enough some early M70 imports were marked on their receivers as “RPK-47″. (GRH)


Yugo M72AB1

A rather uncommon Yugoslavian RPK variant with an under-folding stock. This isn’t a configuration sold by any importers like Century Arms, but can be built from M72 parts kit with the addition of an under-folding stock set from a Yugo M70. The Iraqi military also had a version of this rifle as well. (GRH)



While obviously a Yugoslavian M70AB2N (note the unique side-rail optic mount), Mitchell Arms imported these rifles and marked the receivers as RPK-47. In spite the incorrect designation, these are some of the most sought after AK’s on the market due to their high quality when compared to the later Century Arms Yugo rifles.