yugo m70



Very interesting custom build; a combination of a milled Yugo M70 with a Chinese Type 56 front sight bayonet assembly. The integrated spike bayonet usually will only fit Chinese handguards with the cutout but the owner/builder carved out the needed space to fold the bayonet. Definitely a one-of-a-kind AK build with a Khyber Pass sort of feel being a hodgepodge of parts to make something unique. (GRH)



A original Yugoslavian built M70 that was imported by American Arms. Later importation of these rifles was handled by Mitchell Arms. These rifles, like most Yugo AK variants have a thicker RPK-style receiver with a bulged trunnion. Interestingly enough some early M70 imports were marked on their receivers as “RPK-47″. (GRH)



While obviously a Yugoslavian M70AB2N (note the unique side-rail optic mount), Mitchell Arms imported these rifles and marked the receivers as RPK-47. In spite the incorrect designation, these are some of the most sought after AK’s on the market due to their high quality when compared to the later Century Arms Yugo rifles.


Yugo M72AB1

A rather uncommon Yugoslavian RPK variant with an under-folding stock. This isn’t a configuration sold by any importers like Century Arms, but can be built from M72 parts kit with the addition of an under-folding stock set from a Yugo M70. The Iraqi military also had a version of this rifle as well. (GRH)



Before anyone jumps on the issue of this not being an RPK, technically it is, by mistake or intentionally, it’s not clear why. These rifles were imported my Mitchell Arms and are pre-ban models. Estimated count of “RPK-47” marked Yugo M70 is around 160 or less, making them extremely rare but also expensive. As for why it’s important to consider technicalities; if you live in a state that requires firearm registration, whatever is marked on the receiver is what will be registered. 

The scope mount sits rather high on the receiver compared to other AK variants. Although a ZRAK optic is mounted, a POSP with the AK rail will also fit.