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39. Yugo and Edo

A man was talking to him, but the words might as well be static to Yugo. 

Rin hated him.  There was no other way of explaining it.  He had broken whatever Academia thing had her under control, but she had still attacked him like he was a stranger.

Maybe she had never wanted him to save her.  Maybe she had been glad someone had actually been able to help her escape the Commons.

“Kid!”  Yugo flinched at the shouting, finally looking at the man talking to him.  “Do you want to save your friend or not?  Answer me already!”

“Why does it matter?”  Yugo sighed.  “I came all this way just to fail.”

“Ugh, I don’t have time for this,”  The man grumbled, but instead or walking away, he began fumbling in a pocket of his, “Here, what color do you like better?”

Yugo blinked.  The man held out two pieces of candy, the quality kind he usually only got at Christmas or for his birthday if he scrounged up the money.

“Come on, take one!  It tastes good I swear, will help you focus too.”

Tentatively, Yugo popped the red one in his mouth.  He was right, it did taste good, not enough for him to forget the pain of losing to Rin, but enough to begin to process the rest of Fusion again.

“Who are you?”  He flushed as he suddenly remembered Rin telling him not to accept candy from strangers.

“My name is Edo Phoenix and I’m here to help you defeat Academia.  Things aren’t impossible as you think.  I promise.”

It had been totally unexpected finding another ally, but Yugo couldn’t help but perk up a bit at the development.

ARC-V EP 126 Spoilers!!!

As Yuri attempts to turn Sora into a card, Yugo appears before him…! The two of them summon their dragons, and an intense Duel unfolds!

-This week’s Yusho: Confronting Akaba Leo!-
Together with Reiji and Reira, Yusho confronts Akaba Leo. Leo calmly begins speaking about the Demon Duelist, who divided tho,this means not more filers!!!SINCE FILERS ENDED LIKE 4 WEEKS AGO :V