so nasch managed to rack up 100,000,000 points, huh?

assuming that vector started his count shortly after becoming a barian, and that they became barians around 1550-1600 ce (i made a post about trying to date the flashbacks here), and that zexal takes place around 2050, then you’ve got about 500 years to rack up those points-so about 200,000 points a year. 

divide that by the number of days in a year (365.24, accounting for leap years), and you’ve got 547.57 points per day, which boils down to 22 points per hour.

nasch pissed vector off about once every three minutes nonstop for 500 years. 

what did nasch even do to annoy him that much did he add a point every time they made eye contact or something

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(The text says “SHSL Good Luck” and his name)