so nasch managed to rack up 100,000,000 points, huh?

assuming that vector started his count shortly after becoming a barian, and that they became barians around 1550-1600 ce (i made a post about trying to date the flashbacks here), and that zexal takes place around 2050, then you’ve got about 500 years to rack up those points-so about 200,000 points a year. 

divide that by the number of days in a year (365.24, accounting for leap years), and you’ve got 547.57 points per day, which boils down to 22 points per hour.

nasch pissed vector off about once every three minutes nonstop for 500 years. 

what did nasch even do to annoy him that much did he add a point every time they made eye contact or something

as of episode 138, only 30% of the reoccurring cast of zexal is alive

to compare, throughout the entire dangan ronpa series, only11 of the 32 major characters survive, if you count the sdr2 characters who died in the game and are currently comatose as dead. that translates to 34.373% of the characters being alive.

congratulations zexal you’ve got a higher percent death toll than a series about murder

it seems a lot of new fans came out of the woodwork since arc v was announced! since there are so many new people, i figured i’d try and answer a few questions that’ll probably get asked a lot to help out!

when does arc v premiere?

arc v has the same timeslot zexal had-sundays at 5:30 am est, and it begins airing april 6!

the english dub will take a while longer to air, since they’re about 45 episodes behind and plan on completing zexal. 

where can i watch it?

if you want to catch it live, there are a few people who regularly streamed zexal on livestream, and this will carry over to arc v-tumblr users wendymoto, octomaidly, tastes-like-ciel and voicesofchaos!

these streams are announced in the main tag (the tag #zexal stream was also used, so it’ll probably also be in #arc v stream once the series starts) a few hours before the show begins, and have movies and anime in the time before the episode actually starts. the streams are all hosted via livestream, and as such there’s a 50-viewer limit for all of them. wendy’s stream usually fills up quickly, but voicesofchaos usually has spots open-just keep each stream’s rules in mind, and try not to be in multiple streams at once, since you’re taking that spot from somebody else who wants to be there! wendy also posted a tutorial to downloading keyhole, which is what most streamers use if anybody’s interesting in trying out streaming over here!

there’s also a viewerlimit-less streaming site here (credit to fabledwings for finding it!). it’s a few minutes behind and buffers a lot, but if the other streams are full it’s probably a good idea to try it out.

if you don’t want to sacrifice your sleep schedule, new episodes are usually uploaded to dailymotion by noon est, as well as a torrent on nyaatorrents. both links are posted in the tag once they are uploaded.

i don’t have experience with torrents, but often the dailymotion search engine takes a while to update when you’re searching for a certain episode title, so i found that searching for the newest videos for the series on the day it comes out is most effective if you don’t want to search the fandom tag on tumblr for a link and risk spoilers. 

when do subs come out?

since the spinoffs aren’t as popular as other ‘big’ series (at least as far as the english fandom is concerned), subs take more time to come out compared to them. 

current sub groups are: NACsubs, which has done the subs for most of zexal and usually takes 2-3 weeks to sub, and a new group, ruSUBan! ruSUBan has released subs quickly for the one episode they’ve subbed, and if they sub all eps in about the same time, subs should come out around a week after the episode premieres. 

don’t worry, though-the episode is usually fully translated before the day is over, by either fans on tumblr or the site NeoArkCradle, or NAC for short. you can usually find them in the spoiler tag, as the nac translations are usually crossposted over to tumblr. 

oh, and there’s a running joke from zexal where fans put subs from episode 30 (dubbed 'tomato subs’) on the video that’ll probably carry over to arc v. they’re not applicable at all to the episode, but it’s funny to see what kind of out-of-context caps you can get.

i want to name a ship. should i announce the proposed name in the tag?

i’d suggest submitting the name to this blog! often fans rush to propose a name, which while is fun, often leads to a name that many people feel doesn’t fit an episode later. it also helps out a lot because the names are put to a vote, meaning that you don’t get multiple names for one ship, which was a problem in zexal (off the top of my head, there were at least two ships that had 3+ different names). 

any other tags i should know about?

there are a few!

#arc-v-spoilers without the hypens (which are there so TS won’t block the post if anybody has it blocked) is for spoilers. 

#arc-v-summary-spoilers, again without the hyphens. this is for stuff from upcoming episode summaries like character previews, cast lists, and the actual summaries.

#arc v fanfiction for a general fanfiction tag. 

also as a reminder-putting hyphens in a tag means it doesn’t appear in the tag-so tag your posts as “arc v,” not “arc-v,” as the latter doesn’t show up in the tag!