yugioh zexal au


shor comics form Zexal AU isnpired by gale’s fic where yuma has past life and a conversation with gale I just imagine what happend if yuma know shingetsu and bit by bit his going to remember his past life…but yuma have a little problem you knowing on these little comics i going to upload…

by the way my english suck can somebody help me with this ^^u

part 1-2-3-3.5-4-5

I wish I had any excuse written here but I have nothing.


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There are a lot of fanfics on the web about this AU, but I find them never “satisfying”. So I decided to draw this to remember everyone how hot he would be dressed as a pirate. 

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Zexal Month - Week 3 Day 2 - Crossover

So it seems that my reflex for when I’m torn between two series is to just… cross them over? So here’s a sort of Voltron/Zexal crossover that I thought of like 3 hours ago. I wanted to draw the whole crew but I got kind of lazy… 

My idea is that Yuma pilots the Blue lion, Shark pilots the Red lion, Rio pilots the Green lion, Kotori pilots the Yellow lion, and Kaito pilots the Black lion. They all form the legendary defender Voltron/Hope(?) to fight against the Barian empire. Astral is the surviving prince (maybe Ena is his advisor??) who pilots the Key ship and trains the paladins….

I tried to assign each character based on their personalities and lion personalities but that was harder than expected haha… (Especially because Kaito and Shiro are not quite…. the same kind of character…)