yugioh zexal au

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Would you mind making a doujinshi of kattomatoshipping? (Yuya x Yuma)

sure, mind if i add yusa-kun as well OwO

this is from one of the AUs i had in mind. Hope you like it!

and yes, Yusa-kun’s uncle is Yusei >8D


Time for more of my Headcanon AU panel stories! \(ouo)/ This time a little inspiration from the video promo (if I’m not wrong) of Yuma and Yusaku high-five instead of Yuya to Yusaku for baton pass. Little tomato was a bit unhappy but knows his way to show them. Yusaku still needs to learn of the others more hehe

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How about a college au of Hart with Reira and Key shipping too? I have to admit I love along with Sharkbaitshipping BTW I love your art. Stay amazing friend *high fives you*

Thank you very much!

Hmm College AU of Haruto and Reira would be fun 8D

tho i still can’t get over the fact that reira is a girl //sobs


Im glad you like all them ships!!!! XDDD



the rock breaks, everyone screams in horror in that one split second that yuuma loses his footing

even vector although he can’t hear it, he can’t hear it over everyone else but he’s screaming too and yuuma puts his hand on both of theirs

it’s okay, it’s okay, we’ll go together, Shingetsu.


Vector is out since he’s a bad influence.

These two dorks are the only ones who are capable of baby sitting, and they usually are so dramatic, Yuto made a reality sit-com, and actually selling!

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hey the tokyo au will have foilshipping?

Yes!! tbh TG AU started off with a bunch of foil things, where Vector (posing as Shingetsu, a human who wants to exterminate ghouls but is too weak on his own) helps Yuuma find a bunch of weak ghouls and hideouts of ghouls Vector doesn’t like. Yuuma trusts him as a friend and later gets backstabbed because jyan-jyan-jyannnnn but Yuuma is an angel and forgives everyone even though he shouldn’t