yugioh zexal au


Time for more of my Headcanon AU panel stories! \(ouo)/ This time a little inspiration from the video promo (if I’m not wrong) of Yuma and Yusaku high-five instead of Yuya to Yusaku for baton pass. Little tomato was a bit unhappy but knows his way to show them. Yusaku still needs to learn of the others more hehe

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Would you mind making a doujinshi of kattomatoshipping? (Yuya x Yuma)

sure, mind if i add yusa-kun as well OwO

this is from one of the AUs i had in mind. Hope you like it!

and yes, Yusa-kun’s uncle is Yusei >8D

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How about a college au of Hart with Reira and Key shipping too? I have to admit I love along with Sharkbaitshipping BTW I love your art. Stay amazing friend *high fives you*

Thank you very much!

Hmm College AU of Haruto and Reira would be fun 8D

tho i still can’t get over the fact that reira is a girl //sobs


Im glad you like all them ships!!!! XDDD


(Sorry for spamming the captions and the tags ;v; )