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Big Dipper “Find Your Way” Spread

If you live in the northern hemisphere, this guy should be a really familiar sight. For those of you who don’t, the Big Dipper is an asterism that makes up part of the full constellation Ursa Major. It can be used to find Polaris, or the North Star, which was an important navigation tool for explorers of all kinds. This is the first constellation I ever successfully identified and as such is pretty special to me, so I decided to take the meanings of the stars and translate them to a spread! As always suggestions for each position are down below, but the ultimate interpretation is up to you!

1.  Dubhe: Dubhe’s an neat one, since it’s a different color from the rest. As one of the two “pointer stars” it helps guide the way to Polaris. How can you change your perspective and keep an open mind? What tools can you use to illuminate paths you hadn’t considered before?

2. Merak: Merak is the second of the two “pointer stars”. It’s name is derived from the Arabic for “loins of the bear”. This position helps to ground the rest of the constellation, and gives insight regarding the issue with which you need guidance. What is the root of your indecision? What is the issue from which all these paths sprout?

3. Phecda: Phecda is an Ae star and as a result is surrounded by a thick layer of gas. For this reason, it represents challenges. What obstacles stand between you and clarity. What’s clouding your vision?

4. Megrez: This star is neat cause it’s surrounded by a disk of circumstellar matter! This position for that reason represents the surrounding environment. What supports are in your life that can help you at this juncture? Who can you turn to for help figuring out what to do?

5. Alioth: This star was a really important star in ancient navigation. It’s also got an A1p (for peculiar) spectral emission which means that there’s some unique stuff going on in its atmosphere. This position helps provide you with some clarity as to what direction you should go in. What factors of the correct path will give you the most security? What peculiar quality should you look for to indicate the most stable path? You’ll end up with a “favored path” after this.

6. Mizar: This star is part of a binary system, the second star of which serves as a test of skills for naked-eye observers. This represents potential stress that you might face once you’re on the path you choose. What factors will put you to the test? With what will you struggle as you walk your chosen path?

7. Alkaid: Also called Benetnasch, this is the last star in the constellation and represents the final destination of your chosen path. Why is it worth it to choose this option? What good will come of you making the decision to pursue this course of action?

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spiritual atheist, heavy chainsmoker (two packs a day). divines using smoke. biology major with an anthropology minor. once used a yugioh deck for tarot divination. chances?

A charm for you: the fresh stem of a rose, sturdy and straight and spangled with thorns. Tied to it are two grey silk ribbons, three blue glass beads, an intriguingly folded but blank piece of lined paper, and what might be the corner of a playing card. Tape it above the doorway to your room, and leave it there once the year is up. This is a loan.

I’m starting 2018 with a brand new deck of tarot cards. Let’s see what they have to say about the new year. 

The Past: The Four of Cups - Keyword: Boredom - Meaning: Having reached stability within a relationship, what more can be achieved? This could be a case of familiarity breeding contempt. There needs to be a new start to renew the spark of old relationships. New interests, activities and friends are required. Challenge a new friend to a fresh duel.

The Present: The Magician - Keyword: Center Stage - Meaning: Generally, this card shows new beginnings, the start of a new cycle, a sense of purpose, willpower and initiative. The Magician is a card of potential showing the importance of new enterprise. They question is… Which magician is it?

The Future: The Lovers - Keyword: The Power of the Human Heart - Meaning: A decisive point has been reached. An important choice must be made with reference to true desires rather than duty. A dramatic change of attitude will lead to happier times. Love, reconciliation and physical pleasures. A happy relationship in personal life or in business. A dark needs their light. 

Doing a Tarot reading, only with Loteria cards.

“Ah yes, El Boracho signifies that uh…” *pours a shot of tequila* “Oh La Araña is inverted! So that means you may or may not have arachnohobia?”

At the end of the reading I throw a handful of pinto beans at them.

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yyooo while a yug/ioh tarot deck would be kickass, people DO use their yu/gioh cards for divination in-general / as oracle cards!!! people also do this with pok/emon cards

right now im honestly eyeing this tarot deck really hard. Im so sad I hadnt heard about the kickstarter until now. Last unicorn deeeeck

But a yugioh tarot deck would be up there in awesome lol. It would be fun to figure out who would be on each card.
I half considered making at least a couple MSA tarot cards for fun.


THIS JUST STARTED! Everyone who can draw (and everyone who would love to see this happen) should reblog and submit their work! :D Me and horrormoans want you~~~

Arcana Force is a fan project bringing together artist of the Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters fandom to create a 22-card deck based off the Major Arcana.

Status: Gathering Participants

Submission Guidelines

Please fill out the forms found here! Submit it with your username, what card(s) you’re interested in, and a sketch of your ideas.

If you’re interested in designing the card layouts (front or back), please fill out the “Deck Layout” form with your username and a prototype of your design.

Before asking questions make sure to read the FAQ! If you have any suggestions (card related or otherwise) feel free to submit them!

Would anyone like me to do some Yugioh Tarot readings for them?

Pyramid spread in this format: http://www.mytarotspreads.com/ts_ViewSpread.mdv?Spread=ddf59c35183e3b6fe280cfe86c9f7b1e

It wouldn’t really “count” since I’m using my own deck instead of yours, but what the hey.

Also adding a question mark so you can reply?

Arcana Force Yugioh Tarot project!

Just a little reminder for everyone, we’re still awaiting your lovely, gorgeous, beautiful submissions for the Yugioh Tarot Project: Arcana Force! Even if your drawings are not lovely, gorgeous, or beautiful yet, that’s completely fine because we want your sketches first!

If you are interested in participating in the project, or just want to help get the word out to everyone, reblog this post or come check us out here. You won’t regret it :)