yugioh tarot

Happy early Bday beautifuuul !!

I could not wait to share with you this Tarot card so I submit it now xD

I choose the Sun for Anzu because I think she perfectly embodies this card, that is why I took the sun saw in the beginning of the manga, when Shadi enter to her soul room. Same for the sky.

Yet the ice was taken from the episode 103, when she fight against the Pengouin.

And school uniform because Irarely draw her with  :)

I don’t know if I will do that for others characters.

Anyway what do you think ?


THIS JUST STARTED! Everyone who can draw (and everyone who would love to see this happen) should reblog and submit their work! :D Me and horrormoans want you~~~

Arcana Force is a fan project bringing together artist of the Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters fandom to create a 22-card deck based off the Major Arcana.

Status: Gathering Participants

Submission Guidelines

Please fill out the forms found here! Submit it with your username, what card(s) you’re interested in, and a sketch of your ideas.

If you’re interested in designing the card layouts (front or back), please fill out the “Deck Layout” form with your username and a prototype of your design.

Before asking questions make sure to read the FAQ! If you have any suggestions (card related or otherwise) feel free to submit them!

Would anyone like me to do some Yugioh Tarot readings for them?

Pyramid spread in this format: http://www.mytarotspreads.com/ts_ViewSpread.mdv?Spread=ddf59c35183e3b6fe280cfe86c9f7b1e

It wouldn’t really “count” since I’m using my own deck instead of yours, but what the hey.

Also adding a question mark so you can reply?

Arcana Force Yugioh Tarot project!

Just a little reminder for everyone, we’re still awaiting your lovely, gorgeous, beautiful submissions for the Yugioh Tarot Project: Arcana Force! Even if your drawings are not lovely, gorgeous, or beautiful yet, that’s completely fine because we want your sketches first!

If you are interested in participating in the project, or just want to help get the word out to everyone, reblog this post or come check us out here. You won’t regret it :)