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alphakade  asked:

Tarot reading for (my) Jou on his relationship with Seto?

i drew two cards since the first one i drew was major arcana and those are pretty vague and then ended up getting two major arcana cards ehehe. i guess the deck didn’t feel like being specific today:

IX. the hermit - introspection, solitude. offering/being offered counsel, taking advice, seeking a truth or the self

0. the fool - beginnings, infinite possibilities. taking chances, eschewing logic, spontaneity

i would normally interpret each card separately, but i think the parallels (or maybe contrasts would be a better word?) these two cards have are super interesting. the most obvious parallel first off is the looks of the cards themselves: 

in my deck, both cards show a person standing straight and centered in the middle of the card for the most part, with the hermit consisting of mostly blues and blacks, and showing the moon. whereas the fool is a very bright, very orange card with a picture of the sun shown in it. these images line up pretty well with the meanings the cards have in the reading

each card seems to show the relationship from a different viewpoint: the hermit is how seto sees it (dark, kind of mysterious), and the fool is how jou sees it (bright, sunny, warm). seto seems to be a bit wary in the beginning, as if he doesn’t quite know what to make of his feelings/the relationship. he’s kind of used to being alone and trying to open up more to jou, beginning to value his opinion and advice on things. jou is much more straight-forward and optimistic, seeing nothing but good things coming from the relationship and excited to be a part of it

These cards are the Dark Magician Girls of the tarot deck. I had to get them back from Yugi. He “borrowed” them.

The Past: The Queen of Swords - An independent lady, she is intelligent, rational and tends to be cool in a crisis - just like the Dark Magician Girl! Graceful, possibly with a fondness for music and dancing. She is very alert to undercurrents and should not be underestimated. Perhaps you knew her in a former life…

The Present: The Moon - Take care, for all is not as it seems. You need to use your intuition to deal with a deceptive situation. The path you are on is difficult and may cause fear, but continue along it, even if you are beset by doubts, because all will eventually turn out well. For example, if the person you can’t admit you are in love with decides to pass on into the afterlife, invent a new fancy way to play card games so you can go to the beyond to “duel” him thoroughly. This card is favorable if you are involved in a clandestine love affair. 

The Future: The Empress - This card points to abundance, material and domestic comfort, security and protection. It is obviously a maternal card so may indicate childbirth, motherhood, nurturing, reassurance and a firm foundation for future progress. This reminds me, I need to write a new letter to my Mum who is up in Heaven…

Hope you enjoyed your monthly tarot reading. Let me know if it means something special to you!


THIS JUST STARTED! Everyone who can draw (and everyone who would love to see this happen) should reblog and submit their work! :D Me and horrormoans want you~~~

Arcana Force is a fan project bringing together artist of the Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters fandom to create a 22-card deck based off the Major Arcana.

Status: Gathering Participants

Submission Guidelines

Please fill out the forms found here! Submit it with your username, what card(s) you’re interested in, and a sketch of your ideas.

If you’re interested in designing the card layouts (front or back), please fill out the “Deck Layout” form with your username and a prototype of your design.

Before asking questions make sure to read the FAQ! If you have any suggestions (card related or otherwise) feel free to submit them!

Would anyone like me to do some Yugioh Tarot readings for them?

Pyramid spread in this format: http://www.mytarotspreads.com/ts_ViewSpread.mdv?Spread=ddf59c35183e3b6fe280cfe86c9f7b1e

It wouldn’t really “count” since I’m using my own deck instead of yours, but what the hey.

Also adding a question mark so you can reply?

Arcana Force Yugioh Tarot project!

Just a little reminder for everyone, we’re still awaiting your lovely, gorgeous, beautiful submissions for the Yugioh Tarot Project: Arcana Force! Even if your drawings are not lovely, gorgeous, or beautiful yet, that’s completely fine because we want your sketches first!

If you are interested in participating in the project, or just want to help get the word out to everyone, reblog this post or come check us out here. You won’t regret it :)