yugioh bible


Yami never specifically says “silver bracelet,” he says “chain mail” in reference to a string of it in the form of a bracelet. I translated it literally but now you know where the “silver bracelet” thing comes from, and that Yami is a very particular fashionista.

EDIT: It’s been pointed out that since I’m translating from the French, what Yami says was chosen by another translator, not the author, so I actually can’t make the claim as to what he actually says! My error!

Major thank you to ryouverua for helping me with this. One of the panels made no sense (it translated to “bursts! shabby!” yeah idk either), and just from Bakura’s nose twitch and the shading of his hair, she was able to know what season he was from, and she located the out-of-context panel in like 5 minutes and gave me the English translation. Just wow. Blown away. I could not have done this without her.