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“Since when did we have another baby?” Atem asked. Yugi blinked owlishly at the older man, expecting him to joking, but Atem honestly looked like he had no idea when their next child was due.

“Well, we’ve already had Yusaku since Yuya’s little adventure ended, but he can’t come back from the hospital until tomorrow, the 10th of May.” Hearing his name, Yuya got up from his chair and wandered over to Yugi. Yugi smiled and picked up the three year old, bopping his nose.

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Obvious WIP-Just a thought: Card Games at High Altitude?

I dunno - I always wanted to draw Yusei v Shun dueling at high speeds while also way too high (in the air)

!-Special thank you to arc-v opening 2 for giving me a front shot of this big bird to basically sketch 1 for 1 (I think I still somehow messed it up :,0) rendering this is going to be simultaneously amazing and the worst idea since attempting an entire background of ice crystals (don’t do it, it’s not worth it) also probably going to entirely re-think Yuesi + super bike if I continue this :9

WIP - Misty becomes cool big sis for two protags after reading their horrible futures :,D 

Yuya and Jaden are excited for more DUELS DUELS DUELS asking questions like - ‘If you can see the future can you see what card I’m going to play next?’, ‘Will I grow to be like 6 feet tall?’, and ‘Will I make more super cool duel friends tomorrow?