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What Lies Within Chapter 31: Infinity, a Yu-Gi-Oh + SCP Foundation Mythos Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Take this—take this fucking 6k monstrosity of a chapter because I am finally DONE

Happy Valentine’s Day have the last chapter of my Halloween special

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What Lies Within Chapter 30: One Two Six Two, a Yu-Gi-Oh + SCP Foundation Mythos Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

SCP-1262 is to be kept in an indefinite dormant state at Storage Area-33 inside a cube of dry ice measuring 3m x 3m x 3m at 205 Kelvin (-68 degrees Celsius).

What Lies Within Chapter 29: Four Five Seven, a Yu-Gi-Oh + SCP Foundation Mythos Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

SCP-457 is to be kept in a 5m x 5m chamber with no less than 22.9cm (9in) of cumulative fireproofing via various materials (asbestos cement, perlite boards) upon all surfaces and a blast-proof observation window with emergency blast shielding installed. 

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Who among the Duel Monsters, GX, Arc-V, 5Ds and Zexal characters will have some pets?

that is a very big question…

well, off the top of my head, Honda already canonically has a German Shepherd named Blankey

Jou and Mai adopt a cat, Mai adores that fat tabby but Jou likes to complain about the “asshole cat” (he actually loves it, its name is Bacon, don’t ask why)

Yugi and Ryo also both have cats due to their connection to ancient Egypt and their attunement to the spirit world (they like having them around to warn them when something’s coming).  Yugi’s cat is a gorgeous, sleek calico called Hecate, Ryo’s is a fluffy af tuxedo cat called Socks.

Judai obviously has Pharaoh…

and Misawa has a kitten named Schrodinger because he’s a fucking nerd

Tyranno gets a falconry license and works mostly with a big peregrine falcon called Echo (because birds are the closest genetically to dinosaurs~) but he also has a big iguana named Potato.

Manjoume has a pair of giant huskies called Muffin and Cinnamon.  They like to dog pile him every time he comes in the door and they’re constantly trying to sit on his lap even tho they’re too big

Yusei has three gerbils; they’re called Phillips, Torx, and Hex.

Jack has this pretty cream colored cat named Prince and that cat gets pampered to no end from both him and Carly.

Kiryu has a big bay draft horse called Dante.

Aki has a ball python named Genevieve; she loves it but is under strict orders to keep her far away from Yusei’s gerbils.

Shark 100% has a giant tank full of fish and each one has a name and he says good morning to each one individually.

Yuma has the biggest fucking mutt when he moves out, it’s basically his height and drags him everywhere; his name is Choco cause he’s dark brown like chocolate.

Durbe gets a horse named Pegasus, and Mizael has a python called Jinlong.

Yuya already lives in a house full of animals…

Reira gets a therapy cat after the war is over, her name is Reiko and she adores both Akaba brothers, following them around and cuddling all the time.

Selena probably becomes a catlady and just adopts all of the cats.

And that’s all I can think of right now ^^;

Thanks for the interesting ask~

benorianlafume said: I love this new Yu Gi Oh spin-off! ^^
nuvoladitempesta said: People started using Yugioh Arc-5DXal~

K8wolfx: Yeah I’m excited for Yugioh Arc V, benorianlafume. I can’t wait to watch it!

And Yugioh Arc 5dxal? That’s what they’re calling it? Yeah that’s fine by me. But if we keep having so many different spinoffs of Yugioh, I’m afraid it will become impossible to come up with a name for it in the future! Thank you nuvoladitempesta!

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What do you think the themes of each YGO series are (not theme songs, but literary themes like friendship, acceptance, things like that)?

Duel Monsters’ main theme is definitely about friendship, loyalty, and learning from others while you learn how to stand on your own two feet.

GX is something of a coming of age story, about the fear that comes with the future and learning to take confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your potential.

5D’s is very much about bonds, and how forming bonds with others can transform lives.

Zexal is about the power of forgiveness and compassion, and how hope can result in miracles if you never lose sight of t.

And Arc V is about finding your own inner strength, sticking true to your morality, and learning to stand tall on your own foundation instead of someone else’s.

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Okay, so if you could switch which series each of the YGO!Protags were in, which one would you put them in and how do you think the series would change?

I’m just gonna bump them all over one, so first we have Yuya as the protagonist of DM.

I feel like he would be so BORED. The first half of the series, everyone stands on opposite sides of a field and are pinned down to boards, and even once the Duel Disk shows up, there’s still mostly just standing around.  Yuya needs to be able to move around!!  He’d probably start inventing Entertainment Dueling right then and speed the timeline up too much lol.  He’d probably do a little bit better emotionally though, because he wouldn’t get constantly separated from the ones he cares about and the world wouldn’t be so screwed up and there are more nice people flitting around in the background of DM than there are in Arc V (like literally all of the background people in Arc V are assholes no wonder Yuya is so stressed all the time).

Yugi is now the protagonist of GX. Basically things go the same except Yugi doesn’t turn into the Supreme King because he’s more of an attentive personality than Judai and wouldn’t get separated from his group if he could help it.  He might get angry, and in fact I’d actually like to see how Yugi would react to having his friends taken from him in the way Judai’s friends were (what would he do if it was Anzu, Jonouchi, Honda, and Ryo that were sacrificed for that blood rune book thing?  Hmmm….I might smell an AU).  But overall I think it would be a little less heart breaking than GX was.

Judai is the protagonist of 5D’s, and he probably startsout with depression and cynicism because he has to grow up in this shithole called Satellite. Judai would have to struggle along to get better at machinery, because while Yusei just seems to have a knack for it, Judai isn’t a very studious person and would have to fumble his way through things. He’d probably have more character development than Yusei still, though lol.  Duuuude wait, Judai with a marker.

And Yusei is the protagonist of Zexal.  Shit does not go down the way it did because Yusei is the oldest one there and he doesn’t take this shit, like dammit kids stop fighting already *picks up Vector by the scruff of his neck and shakes him a bit*  Yusei isn’t quite as trusting as Yuma is; he’s kind, but he’s not going to get himself screwed over quite as easily. And dude it would be so funny to see him just tossed into Zexal, because he’s not only the tallest and oldest one in the main group then, but his color palette just doesn’t match Zexal at all dude this is the funniest image in my head, scowly little Yusei pulling apart Kaito and Shark with their arms flailing like toddlers and like stop fighting children. Yusei punching Heartland in the face oh gosh yes

And then Yuma is in Arc V.


oh no

he’s gonna die

Poor Yuma feels just about as much as Yuya does, if not more, and trusts so much more.  He’s going to be doubly devastated by Sora and Dennis’ respective betrayals, by all of the fighting and chaos and destruction.  And in Arc V, Yuya gets separated from his group A LOT. Yuma doesn’t get separated from his friends often, and not usually for long (we don’t talk about that time with Astral).  He’s going to be broken before the end of the first arc because he’s alone and isolated and broken by everyone betraying him and all of the fighting and death oh no my poor baby

Thanks for the ask, anon, that was interesting!

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Hey, another fan of ALL the yugioh spin-offs AND DM! Yay! Say, there's something that's crossed my mind, and I decided to ask you because you have such thoughtful responses to asks: if (hypothetically, like for the 20th anniversary or something) Arc V did a side-arc that had the ex-protagonists of all the previous shows reappearing and meeting as adults and meeting teenage Yuya, (kinda like BBT but not just one short movie), what would you like to see happen?

Oh geez I could go on for hours about this

Mostly, I just need to see them bonding.  I want to see them poring over cards together and geeking out over potential combos.  I want to see the older ones taking Yuya under their wing and playing friendly games with him and then exchanging ideas for how to better each other’s decks and playing styles.  I want to see Yuma join Yuya in an Action Duel and have a total blast jumping around and snagging Action Cards.  I want to see Yusei introducing Yugi to Riding Duels and seeing that starry eyed look in Yugi’s eyes at the idea of how far dueling has progressed past his time.  I want to see Judai taking Yuma and Yuya under his wing and fighting off anyone that tries to beat them down or turn dueling into a suffering activity for either of them.  I want to see the whole group just sitting around a table and eating hamburgers and drinking milkshakes and laughing and joking and exchanging stories about the crazy shit they’ve seen.  I want to see them comparing their magical artifacts and having mock “I bet my adventure was crazier than yours” battles.

I just want to see them all being friends.  I would pay to have a slice of life anime about them all meeting up after the events of their series and just hanging out, getting used to living a normal, not adventurous life again, having dumb adventures to the grocery store where Yuya and Yuma almost knock over a display and Judai and Yugi get distracted by trading cards and Yusei has to scramble to keep them all together like a mother hen, I want a generic slice of life comedy anime about them with all of the generic episodes like the beach episodes with them breaking watermelons together and stuff

I just—I need ittttt

Thank you for the the ask!!!

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What are some of your favorite duels in the YGO franchise?


I like the Ceremonial Duel in DM.  In GX I adore Judai and Johan’s two tag duels (one against Martin/Yubel and one against Fujiwara) as well as their duel against each other, and also I have a soft spot for Chronos versus Camula because that’s where I started to like Chronos as a character.

My favorite 5D’s duel is Yusei versus Aki and Carly versus Jack (I like to see my ships fight each other I guess pffft).  I also like the duel with Jack, Lua, and Luka versus Aporia (right?  It was versus Aporia?  I just remember that’s the one where Lua FINALLY got his goddamn Signer mark).

Zexal I really like all of the Yuma versus Shark duels (wow I have a thing for my ships dueling each other pffft).  Astral versus Dark Mist and Tetsuo versus Dark Mist are good ones too, as well as most of Vector’s duels.

And in Arc V my FAVORITE duel EVER is Yuya versus Sawatari with the Yosenjus, closely followed by Masumi versus Yuzu the second time, and I liked the first Yuya versus Reiji duel (not so much the second…kinda broke my heart).  I love Yuya v. Sawatari because like…that was such a happy duel.  They got to push each other to the limits and show the audience an amazing entertainment duel, and it was like…the last duel where Yuya got to duel because it made him happy and because he wanted to make people smile.  All the duels after became fights with such high stakes and more heartbreak than smiles for Yuya.

Thanks for the ask!

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Oooh, how about best YGO finales then? (Obviously excluding Arc V)

Okay so in order for me:

1. DM

2. GX

3. Zexal

4. 5D’s

aaaand an explanation

DM gave me some of the best closure in a franchise ever.  I feel like maybe I’m part of a minority but I was glad that Atem returned to the afterlife.  I was glad that he was able to find peace.  And although I haven’t watched the whole of DM in Japanese, I have seen the last scene that was unfortunately cut out of the dub, in which Yugi gives the last speech about how every story ends in the light, and we get to see pretty much every character moving on with their lives and finding their own paths through their existence.

It was just…it was so peaceful and reassuring to me.  To see everyone having grown up, having made it through their problems to look forwards towards the bright future.  It was beautiful to see Yugi having grown through his interactions with Atem and to know that he was going to make it somewhere new by his own power, and it was reassuring to me to see Atem return where he belonged, to see that great weight leave him because he was finally able to go home, a place that had been denied to him for so long.

GX had almost the same kind of feeling to me.  Like you knew not everything was perfect, Judai was still going to be struggling with his past and his guilt, but he was moving forward.  The world was open and there was possibility there.  I felt good seeing him having reached a point where he felt like he was able to walk forward.  The only reason this one is lower is because I just prefer DM’s final speech and the flashing around to all of the characters, including some of the “filler arc” characters like the biker boys and such.  I liked how DM let us see everyone moving into their own lives and stories.  I get why GX didn’t really do that because they were just leaving school right then, but I would have liked to see flashes of them finding their dreams and moving towards their new stories too.

Zexal is lower because I didn’t really feel a total closure.  I get why they ended it the way they did, but I wanted reunion scenes, real reunion scenes.  I didn’t want to see them all flying off on a new adventure.  I wanted the closure of the other two that told me that there were no more adventures except the adventures of living an ordinary life and striving for your dreams.  I didn’t like the way it felt like there was still more of the story to be told, like there was a “missing arc,” a new enemy to fight and defeat that we didn’t get to see the closure of.  I guess I just would have preferred to see that there were no more enemies, they had won and now they could start to live again, to find the paths that they wanted, in the same way that DM did that.

And 5D’s is the lowest probably more for personal reasons than anything else…when I watched the finale, I was kind of in a bad emotional place and I had already procrastinated watching the last two episodes for almost two weeks because I just wasn’t ready for endings of any kind.  I was scared about certain things that were ending for myself (I think I was almost done at community college at the time and I was going to have to move to my new campus soon) and I didn’t want to think about anything ending, especially not the show that I was so attached to at the time.  And then…I don’t know it just wasn’t as cathartic for me as DM, GX, or even Zexal was.  I was frustrated with the stagnation of Yusei’s character.  I was frustrated with him for choosing to stand still.  It felt like the opposite of the message of the series, the series that continually told me to reach and stretch for the future and what it could offer, to never give up reaching, to keep walking forward, and then…here was Yusei, just…staying put. Not taking the steps forward that he had been talking about and impressing on me, as a viewer, that were important.  He chose to stand still and stay where he was and it just wasn’t…it wasn’t good for me, especially where I was at the time.  That’s the finale that made me cry the most and not in a good, releasing way, it made me cry because I just didn’t want to accept the ending.

Thank you for such a lovely ask :)

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If you had to choose a favorite Yugioh series (DM, GX, 5d's, etc), which would it be and why?

I am sorry anon, but the question you have asked is impossible for me to answer.  I love every series for it’s own reasons, and there is no way that I could pick a favorite from between them.

DM I love for it being the first series I watched, for the Egyptian mythology entwined with it, for it’s fantastic villains and inspirational protagonists that inspire me to be stronger and to believe in more.

GX I love for its sensitive dealing with the nature of depression and hurt, how to deals with a protagonist that subverts the idiot hero trope by revealing a complex, unstable character underneath, and how it subverts the cliche of light versus dark and gives the dark more of the desirable traits.

5D’s I love because it deals with so many relevant topics, like the experience of being in an abusive relationship, police brutality, racism/classism, and humanity’s ability to find their own future even when confronted with destiny.  Plus I love the setting and the duel gimmick, the motorcyles are hella cool and Synchro Summons are probably my favorite main type of summon (since apparently Ritual summons aren’t main anymore)

Zexal I love for its variety of beautiful, engaging characters, for how even though it seems like it’s going to be a cute, sweet anime, it delves into the darkness of the realities of war and how loss affects a person’s mind, how it’s not afraid to show its protagonist cry when he loses someone, how it deals with what happens when trust is broken between two people, and then found again.

And Arc-V I love for its attention to fixing the mistakes of the past, how it gives the female protagonist her own story line and character development aside from the protagonist’s story, I love it because I have never related more to a Yu-Gi-Oh protagonist than I have with Yuya, and his simultaneous confidence and insecurity, I love it because it’s already dealing with the plot and feels as though everything has already been planned ahead of time for once, so we can see the foreshadowing from the beginning.

So, anon, I couldn’t possibly choose one.  They’re all so incredibly precious to me and there is no way I could ever view one over another.

Thank you for the ask, and I apologize if this was not the answer you were looking for!

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mfw i realized that GX, Zexal, and Arc-V all have one thing in common: Happy, expressive protags. Compared to the original DM, where Yami was capable of making about 3 different faces, all of which were some variation of angry eyebrows, and 5d's, where yusei is also pretty deadpan in terms of emoting.

That might be why I personally tend to lean towards those three over the other two most of the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love all of the Yu-Gi-Oh series on pretty much an equal level, but I always tend towards expressive characters, characters that wear their hearts on their sleeves, or else the kinds of characters that hide their insecurities behind those bright and cheerful emotions, which basically describes Judai, Yuma, and Yuya.

Although, Yami no Yugi’s got some pretty nice derpy, dorky faces sometimes XD

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Omg I'm sorry my keyboard is acting up I meant the most sad moments in the yugioh series sorry my bad :(

ooooh okay!  That makes sense, sorry I wasn’t able to figure it out, and thanks for sending a correction!

In DM, it’s a tossup for me between the scene where Yami no Yugi duels Orichalchos!Yugi and the moment when Atem passes on to the afterlife.  I know a lot of people would be like “what??  Atem dying is definitely the saddest moment!” but honestly in my case, while it was super sad the first time I watched it, the times I saw the scene afterward I found it to be a very peaceful scene that gave me an overwhelming sense of closure.  So while it’s still sad, Atem passing peacefully to the afterlife back to his friends and family is a more bittersweet moment…while Yami no Yugi being forced to duel his best friend and partner in a duel to basically the death is still pretty heart-wrenching.

In GX, I’d have to say the saddest moment is when Judai says goodbye to Shou just before he goes to finish the duel with Yubel. Especially if you only watched the dub because after that you might as well think Judai’s death, and that’s not even a good closure death like Atem’s.  But even outside the dub, Judai telling Shou that he’s leaving for a little while to grow up while Shou panics over him disappearing is really a hard one to take.  Runners up to that would be the moment that Fubuki, Asuka, Manjoume, and Tyranno die, but I felt like those were more anguished and shocking than really sad.

For 5D’s, it’s straight up Carly’s death.  No questions about it. Nothing else even comes close for me.  Carly dying in Jack’s arms is probably the saddest moment in Yu-Gi-Oh EVER for me.  I’ve watched it about three times and I still start sobbing every single time, even during the time that I was watching with my roommate…and one thing to know about me is that I don’t generally cry when I’m around other people.  Not because I don’t want to, but because for some reason, I just don’t.  I don’t usually react as strongly to things when I’m around other people, but that scene was strong enough for me to start crying while I was watching it with my roommate next to me.

In Zexal, the absolute worst and saddest moment was Astral’s death. Like, that moment is almost up there with Carly’s for me.  Yuma’s anguished cry just cuts me so badly.  That smile that Astral has before ze disappears, how ze reaches out for Yuma one last time…it hurts.  It hurts a lot.  And it just doesn’t feel any better after that because there’s no quick jump back into the plot to distract us, we actually have to watch Yuma deal with his grief in a really wrenching way.  A scene that come close to this level of sad for me is the death of Michael and Chris, and the speech that Michael gives to Yuma just before they lose and he dies.  That hurts a lot too. Zexal hurts.  It hurts so much.

In Arc V….I honestly don’t know that we’ve seen its saddest moments yet.  I’d have to say the saddest moment off the top of my head was the carding of Mitchie and Teppei.  The carding of all the other characters was distressing too, but they were the first deaths that we got a prolonged scene for and a breath to really see how devastated that made other people witnessing it.  But I feel like we have yet to see Arc V’s saddest scenes, scenes on the level of the ones I talked about above.  I have no doubt that we will see it happen though, and that it will emotionally ruin me.  The only real question is who of the main cast they’re going to kill off first, and how devastating it’s going to be for everyone involved. (and then, how long we’ll have to wait for everyone to be fucking revived already).

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The evil/dark sides of the YGO!protags meet up. What happens?

Orichalcos Yami is probably just sitting in a corner hugging his knees and mumbling to himself because he’s always upset, while Orichalcos Yugi just constantly pokes fun at him because Orichalcos Yugi is a little shit.  Wicked Avatar Yugi is probably there too, standing in a corner and glaring silently at everyone, plotting all of their demises but he can’t talk so there’s that.

Haou doesn’t talk much either, so he’s standing in the same corner with Wicked Avatar Yugi and both of them just kind of share evil auras while they both internally plot to kill everyone in the room. *evil fist bump*

Does Yusei have a dark version????? Like in the manga sorta but not really?  And definitely not in the anime unless we’re going with my personal internal retcon of Z-ONE being Yusei.  If that’s the case then Z-ONE is floating around in his mechanical stuff mumbling over and over about fixing the future and probably bumping into things, sometimes that thing is Orichalcos Yami who just groans and covers his head with his hands again.

And then we have Dark Zexal grinning maniacally and Berserk Yuya just glaring at things with his pendulum glowing and this is not very exciting is it?  Pfft, I just can’t imagine any of them really knowing what to do with the situation, they’d all just sit there and kind of silently scope each other out and wonder if they could handle the others.

But let’s be honest Haou would win if they all fought.  Dark Zexal maybe a close second, but Haou would win.

Thanks for the ask!

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Here's a question which were the most was moments in all of the yugioh series from DM To Arc v

The most…what moments?  Do you mean my favorites, or something else?

I mean, I guess I’ll just interpret it that way…sorry  if you meant something else!

In DM, my fave moment off the top of my head is when Jonouchi blurts out “I DESERVE TO BE WITH MAI TOO” in the otherwise pointless and stupid ninja actor episode.

In GX, it’s that moment where Darkness steals Yubel and forces her to attack, but Judai uses a card to shift it to a direct attack and since Yubel has zero attack, it does nothing.  So he just catches her fist in his palm and he’s like “I’ll definitely get you back” and she’s like “YOU DAMN WELL BETTER”

For 5D’s it’s the whole scene where Jack and Carly are on a date, particularly the scene on the balcony where she encourages him to find his own path.  It’s closely tied with the horrendously sad moment during Jack v. Carly where we see normal Carly in like a dream like world going “let me draw your fortune one more time, Jack,” and she draws a card with a picture of him holding up all these laughing kids, as a King again.

In Zexal it was probably the moment after Yuma and Shark’s duel in the WDC where Shark’s like “I could always hear your voice” or Yuma and Astral’s reunion after the duel with Eliphas.

And in Arc V so far my fave moment is any time that Reiji and Yuya look at each other the final duel between Jack and Yuya where Jack starts laughing and tells Yuya to give him everything he’s got, and then everyone says the attack together and it’s great.

Thanks for the ask!