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Card Games for Charity || Puerto Rico Relief (All Donations Go To Hispanic Federation)

CardGamesforCharity has reached their $5000 goal for Puerto Rico and is still streaming for charity. LittleKuriboh’s mentioned that if they reach $6969, he will read aloud the first page of the next episode. he’s also currently playing DnD Modern as Seto Kaiba and if you’re not listening, you’re missing out. 


[[ completely unnecessary panel redraws from this ]]

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Now that the YGOTAS visual novel is out, I can release the full, text-less version of the title card art, woo~!  It’s a project organized by ObeyMyShinyRod  and voiced by LittleKuriboh!  Deets about how to get the game, here.

I did art for both the title card and the game sprites~!  I’ve wanted try art for visual novels so this opportunity was fun.  I wanted the cover to look badass to contrast with the shipping hijanks within, sorta like an action movie poster.  That made sense to me as a joke somehow.

I’ll be posting up samples of the sprites over the next few days!


The Yugioh group at Animagic 2017 was AWESOME. Absolutely loved it. We were fooling around a little bit hoooray 8D

Yami Yugi: @evilangelofkc17 https://twitter.com/Pawn_of_Fusion/
Bakura: @i-am-the-real-loki https://www.instagram.com/rookie_cosplay/
Marik: Me :)


Clean Your Room YGOTAS animation

Finally it’s finished!