yugioh! the movie


You use to be a part of me, but then you weren’t, and then we had to face each other in a duel. A duel to determine whether I was ready to stand on my own. And when I defeated you, you left us. You left me. Forever. I know it was for the best, but I wish I had one more chance to let him know what he meant to me, but destiny had different plans for us.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions | 2017 | dir. Satoshi Kuwabara


“… Pharaoh I transcended time and space to be here, is that all you have to say?”

“Well then you can just transcend yourself out of here with that attitude.”

(Atem is the ultimate peachshipper. No one can convince me otherwise.)

Be patient with me guys, It’s been a lot of years since I drew something related to Yu-Gi-Oh!… when I was a kid I used to draw Yami a lot, he was like my first love and I really enjoyed to draw him.. I’m still trying to figure how or when I stopped drawing him and why… 

The hype about the new movie is hard in me right now…

send help…