The first of my bookmarks done! Took that one first because I liked the dynamic in the sketch a lot and wanted to give the series a good start!
Was looking for a style, which is quite easy and fast to make, but still looks kinda cool… so this is what I got.
I’m nobody who prefers some kind of lineart in drawings and therefore I’m no pro in creating them. But it is alright, I would say.

Sketches for all bookmarks here: bunch 1, bunch 2

I hope I will get the others done, too! I’m sure I will take the time, but actually I should be doing other things x)
I will post them all again in one poste once they’re all done.

FFS, just when I thought this fandom couldn’t make me facepalm anymore. 

But now we’re seriously blaming Reiji for Zarc’s revival? Really?!

Okay, Arc V fandom, we seriously need to have a talk. 

You see, there’s this thing in literature called a tragic flaw. Wikipedia refers to it as ‘hamartia’. You know what that is? It’s defined as ‘a literary device that is a flaw which causes an otherwise noble or exceptional character to bring about their own downfall and/or eventual death.”

We’ve seen this in Yugioh before. In DM, it’s Yami Yugi and his pride- in the Waking the Dragons arc, he plays the Seal of Orichalcos solely because he can’t stand the thought of losing, and this not only makes his treatment of his monsters callous, but he ends up losing anyway and also loses Yugi’s soul as well. 

In GX, it’s Judai and his impulsiveness (among other things), which makes him so desperate to defeat Brron and try and make himself feel better over losing Johan that he doesn’t even realize the depth of what’s at stake until his friends are sacrificed. 

In Zexal, even a positive thing like Yuma’s open-mindedness can be a tragic flaw- on the other side of the coin, it makes him gullible, naive, and honestly blinded to what’s in front of him. It made him far too trusting of Vector and his abusive tactics, and led to a rift forming between him and Astral that almost got the both of them killed. 

Where am I going with this? A tragic flaw is a trait of a character (normally it’s main characters, but for the sake of the argument, we’ll be open to each and all) that eventually is their own undoing. 

Leo Akaba did what he did to get his daughter back. Ray split the dimensions to prevent Zarc’s revival, but Leo wants to fuse them again so he’ll have his daughter back. 


Leo’s actions are very much a human reaction, a fatherly reaction. We can understand that. 

This DOES NOT mean his actions exempt from criticism though. 

Because, in the end, Leo is the antagonist of the anime for very good, very rational reasons. 

At the same time, Leo turned a school into a military and put thousands of children through life-or-death, survival of the fittest training and made them into soldiers. He convinced thousands of these kids that it was okay to sacrifice and figuratively (pretty much) kill people because it was for the ‘greater good’, and they did it with smiles on their face, treating it like a game. He groomed Yuri into a monster- HE HAD ZARC’S FRAGMENT RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HIM- and you know what he did? He made it worse! He fed into the insanity that led Zarc to destroying the world in the first place! 

Leo also hunted down four girls like they were objects and was willing to sacrifice their lives to get Ray back because while they look like his daughter, they’re not his daughter. He was willing to get them by any means- even if that meant letting a psychopath put THINGS in their ears and mind controlling them. And he was willing to also kill Yuya, who is none the wiser, because he just happens to have the face of the monster responsible. 

“It wasn’t part of his plan to revive Zarc” 

That’s JUST the problem. 

It wasn’t his plan, but from what it seems, Leo didn’t exactly plan to prevent it either. 

In fact, he was the catalyst for it all. He broke the barriers that were meant to keep the four dimensions separate by taking the bracelet girls. 

Each of the girls and their bracelets makes them the figurative guards for each of the dragon souls that are the Yuu boys. And he stole those guards, and by doing so let the dragons loose. He instigated and enabled the bloodshed of Zarc that is present in Yuri, and only relied on Yuri’s loyalty to him as the thing that would prevent Yuri from going off the deep end. 

He knew that there probably were other fragments of Zarc, but from what it sounds like, he either looked that aspect over OR he just brushed it off as there being no way they could get across the dimensions like Academia did. By doing so, he is underestimating both Zarc’s power and overlooking the possible kinks the machine- such as we’ve seen with deserters with Roger and Asuka. 

And look what’s happening when Arc Five is forming: Leo makes them rush the process of energizing the girls. And what have we seen? The dimension is warped and paradoxical, there are wormholes forming, and you know who’s NOT there? Ray, the whole reason for this. And look what he’s doing now- he’s trying to undo the fusion! 

Leo’s love for his daughter is his tragic flaw, because it’s made him blind to his actions and their consequences and just what he is doing, it’s made him selfish and put the needs (or wants) of his own before that of millions of people. Before his own, currently living son. Ray kept the dimensions separate for a reason and Leo has just unearthed all the work she’s done and with Zarc’s revival, has pretty much made her sacrifice in vain. She has pretty much sacrificed her life for nothing. 

And now, thousands of people have been lost, Arc Five is a jilted, fragmented mess of itself, and Zarc is alive again and so far, there seems to be nothing that can be done to stop him. Ray is gone and presumably so are the cards used to separate the two of them. 

And the person responsible for it all is Leo. 

Leo was desperate, but his desperate has made him arrogant and egotistical. He put so much faith into this plan that he has completely overseen the cracks in it. He stole the four girls away and disrupted the balance of the dimensions, allowing the four boys to cross the dimensions and meet up and thus opening up this Pandora’s box of absolute discord. 

LEO had good intentions, but absolutely paved the way to hell. 

Zarc’s revival is 100% HIS fault. No one else’s


Merchandise day! 💕💗💞
Got a parcel from japan and one with TCG stuff today <3
Customs are still sitting on the amiami parcel like a motherhen tho, grr.

The Tower Records Stuff is really beautiful! I love the shirt and the bag ;__; it has Domino City with Kaiba Corp on the front side and Egypt on the back! Ahhhh 💕  Prideshipping merch *squeals*
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Last thing is another TCG pack with German cards. Gosh, I’m such a sucker for the gold cards… THE GLITTER. It’s so intense and beautifuuuul~ sparkle~