Reminiscing - The Puppyshipping Trope List

(Remember the days when we were all twelve and everyone shamelessly copied each other’s stories? Good times.)

1. Seto (or Mokuba) finds a Labrador/Golden retriever puppy and names him Joey. This somehow gets him Jounouchi.

2. The teacher pairs them up for a science project. Lots of fights over Jounouchi’s intelligence (bonus: Jounouchi is actually a genius with an IQ score of 180! SURPRISE!)

3. Seto and Jounouchi are cast as Romeo and Juliet and have to meet up for rehearsals after school (there was lots of Shakespeare going on).

4. Seto somehow finds out about Jounouchi’s drunk and abusive father. There’s angst and bonding over their shared experience of undergoing physical abuse (99% of the cases Jounouchi moves in with Seto to a huge room the size of his previous apartment. ‘Cause, y’know, he’s poor, and Seto’s rich, and child services?? what’s that??).

5. The two of them get stuck together somewhere (say a janitor’s closet), ending up in a heart to heart and a touching love confession.

6. Jounouchi suffers from amnesia and Seto lies to him that they’re in a relationship (luckily for Seto, no legal action is taken after Jounouchi gets his memory back).

7. Jounouchi needs to lend a large sum of money from Seto.

8. Matchmaker Mokuba.

9. There’s a class trip and they both end up sharing a room with only one bed.

10. One of them sees the other one’s scars (see section 4) (mostly happened in the locker room after they had a swimming lesson).


Ancient Egypt Setting - Priest Seth buys/saves an exotic-blond-Slave!Jounouchi, in that one time he decided to go to the market for completely different reasons. (If he’s lucky, Slave!Yugi is just around the corner for him to buy to his favorite cousin.)