this is literally one of the dumbest things i’ve ever drawn 

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There's some talk over Yugis's deck vs Kaibas every so often, mostly that Yugi's is betters because it's more flexible, Seto's decks never have reborn the monster, etc. But I never see their decks talk about in reference to the universe they are in. There are only 4 BEWD in existence, how many of Yugi's cards--collected by his grandfather no less--have similar bullshit rarity?

I’ve pretty much always pictured it like……

Two Sides to Every Yugioh fan
  • Side One: Can you truly watch all of Yugioh and not come out changed? It has so many powerful messages and inspirational characters that transform the viewer into a better person of their past selves. Such an impacting, heart breaking, beautiful show.
  • Side two: I fucking swear if I hear them explain Pot of Greed one more fucking time I'm going to throw myself off a building. And why the fuck is there a duel every single fucking episode? This show doesn't even fucking make sense until season two like how does anyone actually get through it? Such trash, honestly.