yugao uzuki

Naruto 30 Day Challenge

Day 22~

Underrated character(s):

Ok seriously…sometimes I wish that Kishimoto  Could see this because I really want this to come true.

First off is Aoba Yamashiro, I liked him since the sand invasion in the chunin exams, I only saw him once but now he is getting more screen time and in a lot of the newer episodes, he is no longer underrated and I am so glad~

Next up is Raidou Namiashi~

I really wanna know what happened to him~ Why is he burned? I wanna flashback!

Next up is Genma Shiranui~

I have this idea that Genma falls in love with Shizune and they have a thing going on and Raidou get’s like super depressed cuz he loves Genma but Genma can’t see it~ <3

Next up is Hayate Gekko

Ok what if Hayate was in love with kurenai when he was younger, but Kurenai was in love with Asuma since childhood, then hayate got sick, and grew up, and then was gunna marry Yugao but then that thing happened. :c And he never got to tell kurenai how he felt so long ago.

Lastly is Yugao Uzuki

And and and what if Yugao used to be in love with Kakashi, but kakashi Left the anbu and the Yugao became an anbu elite and met hayate on a mission and fell in love~ 

Got I love this show x3 

during one Anbu mission
  • Kakashi: From now on, we'll be using codenames
  • Kakashi: You can address me as 'Eagle One'
  • Kakashi: Genma is 'Been There, Done That'
  • Kakashi: Tenzō is 'Currently Doing That'
  • Kakashi: Itachi is 'It Happened Once in a Dream'
  • Kakashi: Yūgao is 'If I Had To Pick a Chick'
  • Kakashi: And Aoba is 'Eagle Two'
  • Aoba: Oh thank Kami

Day 21 Underrated Character(s):
Hayate Gekko and Yugao Uzuki. I don’t even know where to begin with these two. He’s a constantly-sick, average looking, badass dude. She’s drop dead sexy, ANBU Black Ops, and skilled with a sword. I was so fucking happy when they made the filler episodes showing what she went through after Hayate died, and then their fight at the end where Yugao basically had to re-kill her fiancé… My feels couldn’t handle it. I cried. I cried a lot. And I fucking love these two.

Yugao Uzuki

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Birthday: November 3

Height: 169.2 cm (5'6")

Weight: 50.5 kg (114 lbs)

Classification: Sensor Type, ANBU

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Skills: Kenjutsu expert, Combat Medical Ninjutsu

Personality: Caring, Loyal, Stubborn

Hobbies: Moon Gazing