The Star

The Star is about hope, sudden change, and awakening to new opportunities. Upright it is the calm after storms – the chance to start over after a change in status quo – fame, relationships and innovation, but beware pride. Reversed It warns of bleak futures and being led astray, so stay humble, reevaluate and be creative to find better options.

Okay but imagine: The Chocobros (+ a couple extra) meeting Avalanche

Cloud & Noctis:
- comparing/showing off their swords
- who’s the #1 shy edge lord idk it’s a fuckin toss up
- sharing tips on how to maintain the Chocobutt hairstyle
- probably become best friends but both are too cool (they think) to admit it

Prompto & Yuffie:
- way too much energy
- oh shit where’d they go
- running around taking pictures and playing pranks on everyone
- Prompto develops a crush on her because who doesn’t he have a crush on
“The what???”

Ignis, Vincent, & Nanaki:
- deep ass conversations you can’t even handle it
- Vincent probably isn’t talking tho
- I can see Iggy and Nanaki getting along so well

Cid & Cid:
- grumbling and swearing
- probably drinking some god damn tea
- talking about airships, weapons, vehicles, whatever they’ve been working on
- talking about “them crazy fuckin kids” but they secretly love them

Gladio, Barret, & Tifa:
- you’ve got a front row seat to thE GUN SHOW
- Gladio and Barret trying to out-do each other, probably end up sparring
- Tifa shows up in all her 5'4" glory and knocks them both off their feet (literally)
- Gladio digs that, Barret wants to kill him even more

Luna & Aerith:
- YOU KNOW these angels will be talking about flowers
- Aerith’s lilies and Luna’s sylleblossoms
- Aerith braiding Luna’s hair
- you’ll get cavities if you go anywhere near them, way too sweet.

Ardyn & Sephiroth:
-sharing tragic backstories and their descent into madness
- Pres & Vice Pres of the Magnificent Hair Committee
- “I impaled Cloud with my sword, twice”
“Brilliant! I made Noctis push his best friend off a moving train”
- *high five*

This is one of my highlights of being a cosplayer, getting our Final Fantasy VII group together ~ <3

Cid - @amaitofuu
Cloud - @shinkastudios
Aerith - @malindachan
Zack - @Ex_shadow (Insta)​
Yuffie - @gracingyou
Tifa - @firagafox
Lucrecia - @serenarockbell
Vincent - NipahDUBS
Sephiroth - @moderatelyokaycosplay


I asked everyone who placed an order for those Final Fantasy VII playing cards who their fav FFVII character was, so I could include a print as a gift.

Plan is to turn these into stickers sometime down the track. Stay tuned!

sorry for disappearing this week, have some quick random doodles

DC’s Batgirl, Darkstalkers’ Hsienko, Kill la Kill Mako, Final Fantasy’s Tifa and Yuffie doing some Trigun cosplay, Kancolle’s Destroyer Water Demon, Black Rock Shooter’s Loveness, and Shantae’s spider form accidentally attracting the affections of a Bonelegs

I let the RNG pick up subjects and topics, that’s why Tifa and Yuffie have such random cosplay

Cloud, among all the main protagonist in the FFVII series, is the smallest one.

I think the spikes must have a grand presence and when you are face with it, it just screams with masculinity that makes Cloud look taller than he actually is.

Vincent really doesn’t have the complexion for a blush so I’m only gonna make his ears burn :)