Podcast: It's A Mess - Episode II

By A.A.Yuen and Douglas J. Sweeney

“It’s a Mess” is a podcast that sandwiches some of our favorite garage jams and L.A. local bands between dick jokes and giggles. 

In Episode II, Drew and Doug share time between HAMPAD’s illustriously shitty studio setting and a dingy apartment in L.A.’s very own Echo Park. They piece together the ruins of some recent parties that brought themselves on HAMPAD in a segment meant to explain to you, listener, what the fuck we mean when we say “HAMPAD”, and they run through some jammy gems.

(The sound quality is still pretty shitty, but we’re working on that, kids. We’re poor.)

Here’s the music:
Ghost Animal - “Change Your Mind” (Summertime in Heaven)
Demon’s Claws - “Laser Beams” (The Defrosting of…)
Lazy Mary - “Last Queen” (Crazy Hairy EP)
School Knights - “Never Needed” (ALL DAWGZ GO 2 HEAVEN)
Heavy Cream - “Tina” (Danny)

End Bumper (as always): Vera Lynn - “Goodnight, Wherever You Are”

Stay tuned next time for a very special in-studio guest, some live music, and a lot more suck.


Writers: A.A. Yuen, Douglas J. Sweeney
Producer: Brian Eno
Post-Production: A.A. Yuen

Podcast: It's A Mess - Episode I

By A.A. Yuen and Douglas J. Sweeney

“It’s a Mess” is an L.A.-based music podcast highlighting the best and brightest in the world of garages.

In this week’s episode, Drew and Doug find time to introduce themselves amidst a flurry a studio-wires and booze-swill. Topics of conversation range from Ty Segall to Buffalo Bill, with a few poor-taste dick jokes in-between. 

Here’s the jamfest:
Dead Ghosts - “How the West Was Fun” (Dead Ghosts)
Mikal Cronin - “Apathy” (Mikal Cronin)
Strange Boys - “Me and You” (Live Music)
Shimmering Stars - “I’m Gonna Try” (Violent Hearts)
Dash Jacket - “Hannah”

Tune in next week for some shotgun drunksauce journalism and better sound quality (apologies for that one).

Thanks, kiddie-pies.