yue is my love

Ladies and gentlemen, they don’t need and introduction <3

This is my ideal world, my promised land. Believe me, they’re just the main ones right now. There are so much more of them <3

Used a reference from this anime about a girl with, like, 10 brothers… I don’t recall the name right now xD


Damas y señores, ellos no necesitan presentaciones <3

Este es mi mundo ideal. Créanme que sólo puse a los principales en este momento, pero tengo muchos más husbandos (Geralt de Rivia no salió por simple pereza :/)

Usé una referencia de este anime donde una chava tiene como 12 hermanos, pero no recuerdo ahora cómo se llama xD

Donnie Yen Autobiography  “All About Donnie  (問丹心)” Translation Ch.1(pt 1-3)

Guess what… I have translated more of the content of Donnie’s autobiography. I’m planning to translate the first two chapters of his book, which are about his childhood and his experiences when he was early into the show business. 

There are 5 parts in the first chapter “My Personal Development” and 4 parts in the second chapter “Into the Show Business”. 

The previous post I made I had translated part 2 of chapter 2. 

Once again, BIG THANK YOU to my dear beta Dream @evocating for her generosity and patience. My work looks legible because of you. Also thank my real life friend Asura for helping me to clear my mind and translating a few but important sentences for me. 

Crappy photos of the original text taken by me are attached with this post below for reference. Baby Donnie is ADORABLE OKAY!???

Reminder: This post is so damn long with words and pictures. 

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