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SNH48 sub-unit 7Senses teaser: Akira (Zhao Yue)


Top Ten favorite characters from different fandoms!

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In no particular order aside from the first:

1. Gary/Henchman 21, Venture Bros
2. Mai Valentine/Kujaku, Yu-Gi-Oh!
3. Starlight Glimmer, MLP:FiM
4. Ryner Lute, Legend of the Legendary Heroes
5. Karma Akabane, Assassination Classroom
6. Cat Noir, Miraculous Ladybug
7. Xerxes Break, Pandora Hearts
8. Madalena, Galavant
9. Steven, Steven Universe
10. My idiot oc Nikolai because I wanna be self-indulgent garbage and include “original continuity” or “RP forums” as a “fandom”. x’3 [Though if we do this then Break’s pic also doubles as my friend’s OC Yue/Leon who I love so much that my son’s middle name is Leon after him but ssh.]