yue bay

mm i love the small scale of book 1. believe me nothing can compare to giant cosmic korra fighting in yue bay or her bending a huge fucking chuck of a mountain while zaheer flies around but there’s something so unique about b1 with its sepia tones and underground revolution and political power plays and messy teen romances and close quarter fighting that i love love love

mako appreciation week 1 & 2 - passion/sacrifice

Summary: Mako and Bolin are just trying to have some dinner. Problem: there’s a cranky spirit who’s also just trying to have some dinner.
Word Count: 4,200 
A/N: listen i really love mako a lot and my beautiful korra makes a cameo appearance. Likes nice, reblogs nice, comments nicest 😘 enjoy it!!

Sunset. The air is clear and dry and warm, a welcome respite from the muggy evenings so common to a Republic City summer. The colors of the sky shift in a sweeping arc from horizon to horizon, purple to orange, with Yue Bay shimmering under the setting sun like a pool of fire. Streetlights begin to flicker on, district by district, casting wide shafts of light and sending the crickets skittering into the quieter, darker shadows of alleyways. In a peaceful neighborhood on the North Shore, Mako steps off the curb and ambles across the street to the restaurant. With an offhand gesture he drops the butt of his cigarette into the bin, turning his head left and right, searching - someone taps him on the shoulder.

“Hey, sorry to bother you, but you look really familiar. In fact, you look kinda like my older brother. Tall, a face like Fire Nation royalty, always clenched up real tight. But, you know, I haven’t seen him since he got married to his job. Beautiful ceremony, I’ve never cried harder in my life - ”

Mako rolls his eyes. “I am not married to my job - ”

“Oh, right. Why would Lin buy the cowpig if she’s getting the work ethic for free? A lot of people like the five-day workweek, Mako. It’s like a reward for them. But you, on the other hand, you sleep in until noon on a Saturday,” Bolin says, jabbing him in the shoulder with one finger; “and ask why you’re being punished.”

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✧・゚:*✧・゚:* korra calmly and resolutely controlling immense amounts of power and strength  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

{ Katara's Arrival }

Mako relaxed as he laid his head back against the window frame, looking out upon the beautiful lights of Republic City. It was such a crisp, clean night, and he loved to overlook the bright lights of downtown and the soft waves of Yue Bay.


Fun First Date Ideas: Flying Lessons! :D

This takes place in between Books 3 and 4, after Korra leaves for the South Pole, but before Bolin goes to the Earth Kingdom and the airbenders get their wing suits. Since this is Opal’s first time really away from her parents, I imagine she starts acting out just a little at first to exercise her new freedom… and to do that she took her earthbending boyfriend on a flight around Yue Bay hundreds of feet in the air. This can only end well. :/ 

Korrasami Month: Autumn

It’s never too late to start Korrasami month, right? (I ask in the middle of the month, oops.) Anyways, here’s something for the autumn prompt.

Summary: Post-Book 4. Korra and Asami enjoy the fall foliage on Air Temple Island.

“It’s beautiful up here!” Korra plucked a fiery, orange leaf from the branches above her and twirled it between her thumb and index finger.

Her gaze dropped to the thick tree limb she stood on. Her sudden smile was lopsided, carefree, and the light breeze off of Yue Bay ruffled her short hair. Asami sucked in a sharp breath and redoubled her grip on the tree trunk. Now was not the time to be distracted by Korra. Falling from this high would probably break something. Assuming Korra couldn’t catch her in time.

“It really is,” Asami said and loved the way Korra’s face flushed when she realized Asami was looking at her. It was refreshing, to say things like that now and know that Korra understood and appreciated the meaning behind them. Asami wasn’t flirting with a brick wall anymore.

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