Tories filibuster 'Turing Bill' – denying pardons to 50,000 living gay men | Left Foot Forward

A private members bill aiming to erase the criminal records of gay men convicted of now-defunct sexual offences was talked out by Tories in the House of Commons this afternoon.
If passed, it would have cleared the way for a pardon of nearly 50,000 men living with convictions for consensual homosexual activity.

This is honestly so important. The people that paved the way for us queer young people are still stuck with criminal records for having queer sex or ‘wearing the wrong clothes’ in just about every country and we need to fucking organize and support them and realize these political games for what they are: an attack on our queer elders.

Anita Roddick (1947-2007) was the founder of the cosmetics company The Body Shop, one of the first companies to promote ethical consumerism by banning product testing on animals and encouraging fairtrade with ingredients sourced from third-world countries. She was also a devoted human rights and environmental activist.

She started The Body Shop in 1976, and the company has grown to have two thousand stores all over the world. In 1990 she founded the organization Children on the Edge with the purpose of helping children affected by poverty, conflicts or disabilities.

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