These girls tho! Lots of great things have come into my life from knowing these beautiful girls. Certain people you meet and they really care for who you are. It’s effortless to hang with them and they bring meaning to the chaos around. Thank you for being in my life #Yuchen #Grace and #TzeHui . :)

constellatiovns asked:

hey anons! newsflash! if you have nothing nice to say, don't bloody open your mouth :D your opinion isn't valued here anyway, so do us all a favour - take your rude "criticism" and bugger off, you plonkers. please and thank. (to everyone being nice - HELLZ YEAH you guys are the best! <3) (to maria - tag me in your selfies please i want to gawp at your perfection :D)

yuchen is peraching the truth again

and yes, thank you all for sedning me so many lvoely message awww i am melting

and for you darling: sure thing :)

wanna see my holiday “maria is lazy and is lying around doing nothing but looks cute while doing it (but apparently she doesn´t because her hair doesn´t fit into the picture and whatever some anons have stupid opinions)” selfies?