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Can you please give some facts about Miyano Mamoru? Thank you!

First of all, I would just be posting really random facts about Mamo, 
should you want to get in-depth information regarding him, you should 
head over and ask my good friend, who’s chasing Mamo for his Wakening tour at the moment, tatsu-to-mamo-no-atm

Anwyay, here goes nothing for the Prince of Dorks, btw, Happy 
birthday Mamo-chan~!

  • Has been a member of the Himawari Troupe ever since elementary school.
  • Starting from middle school up until high school, he has been a member of the soccer club.
  • He has one older brother and a younger sister.
  • He has a miniature dachshund named after Riku, from the Kingdom Hearts series.
  • Used to work part-time as a shop clerk.
  • Sugita Tomokazu is quite fond of him and usually calls him “Chan- Mamo”.
  • Whenever he and Sugita are together, expect to bust something from laughing.
  • He and Yusa Kouji has become quite close.
  • One funny incident regarding him and Yucchi is that Yucchi, who is known to give extravagant/expensive gifts for his friends, gave Mamo a beautiful watch. And Mamo, wanting to repay what Yucchi gave to him, tried so hard to find a watch almost the same he got from Yucchi, but instead ended up giving Yucchi a kitchen timer.
  • He’s quite good at imitating comedians such as Shimura Ken.
  • AnAn listed him as one of the ikemen seiyuus, along with Ono Daisuke.
  • In the free talk for one of the OujiWarai series CD, the cast, (Yusa Kouji, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Sugita Tomokazu, Suzumura Kenichi,Nakai Kazuya, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Okiayu Ryoutarou, Onosaka Masaya, Ishida Akira, Takemoto Eiji, if you’re interested), were asked on who they think resembles a prince, and the main consensus was Mamo-chan was the one who’s a real life prince-sama. lol
  • Kamiya Hiroshi jokingly tells DGS listeners that Pick Up Voice, a seiyuu magazine, should be renamed as “Pick Up Mamo”, since Mamo has graced the cover a lot of times already (LOL as if Kamiya’s the one to talk).
  • Mamo-chan, along with Kamiya, doodled on Ono Daisuke’s copy of the first script for Durarara!!, this, was the result:

  • If you’re interested, here’s how he’d draw a giraffe…

  • Though he looks up to him, whenever Mamo’s with Taniyama Kishou, they always end up doing something amusing….

  • He played as a well-known seiyuu who used to work in an okama bar in the Kami Voice movie…

  • Harassing Piyo-chan…

  • Meet Mamo-o

  • And caveman, Mamomo…

  • ..and his brothers, Junju and Kajiji, and their Okaachan…

  • And lastly, super idol, Miyabi Mamoru and his pineapple!


Birthday speech and tweet for Teramitsu Yuzuki + Haruhi of Killer King from the official B-Project twitter.

“Thank you, really, for everything.” — Yuzuki
“I’ll work hard to keep being your number 1! So, only look at me, alright?” — Haruhi

Haruhi: Yuzuki, it’s coming up!
Yuzuki: …..
Haruhi: .. 3, 2, 1 ..!
Haruhi: Happy birthday, Yuzuki! He’s sleeping!!
Miroku: He’s talking to himself.
Akane: Happy birthday! Yucchi! Harupyon!

src @Bpro_info

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Can you talk about yucchi s side?

Uhm… this can take forever, I don’t even know where to start?? 

Yucchi is the Undisputed King of All Sadists in the seiyuu world, usually with other seiyuu using him as a comparison to gauge their S side (like, from 1 to Yusa Kouji, how S are you?), and aside from the S, he also possesses an super sharp poison tongue. 

But, according to the guys he’s close with, Sugita Tomokazu, Toriumi Kousuke, Yasumoto Hiroki to name a few, he’s a really, REALLY NICE GUY, and that he’s just being tsundere. They say he gives them really nice gifts for their birthdays or even when there’s no ocassion at all, like the Kamen Rider Kiva belt he gave Sugita for his birthday or the umbrella Angen used earlier today, but he on the other hand seems to have bad luck in receiving presents, like a whole basket of low calorie cup ramen from OnoD and kitchen timer from Mamo. LOL

Some of his S stories…(I’ve put in links in there so yeah, just click for more info…)

  • He says that his own charm point is his S side, and that if you take the sadism from him, there won’t be nothing left of him. lol

  • In Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke’s Dear Girl Stories, they did “Dear Yusa Stories“ to celebrate his birthday, not only they exposed that Yucchi becomes even more sadistic and poison tongued when he gets drunk, (he once threw a wristwatch at OnoD), they also made him do yoga with Namaste-senpai, which ended with him kicking OnoD. LOL

  • Aside from the two from DGS, other guys like Koyasu Takehito and Yasumoto Hiroki also swear that Yucchi becomes even more sadistic when drunk, and when he passes out from being too drunk, he can’t remember any of the bad things he’s done. And that he turns into a hentai sukebe ojisan as well. Pfft.

  • He’s not good at janken but that doesn’t deter him from winning (by going do-S on his opponents lol) Case in point:

  • He’s the worst person to ask for love advice, asking him write a song to serenade a girl ends up in uh… a crime, or his answer on how to confess to a senpai turns really yandere…

  • In one of the Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, he got “angry” at Tsuda Kenjirou (TsudaKen wasn’t really in the event), and told him, “You’d better remember this, Tsuda!”, and in the next event actually followed up on bullying TsudaKen onstage

  •  When he tells OnoD that he’s disgusting straight up, OnoD says it feels really good (such an M LOL)

  • When asked what he would do should he and Hatano Wataru change bodies, he said he go pick up girls and walk around town naked just to destroy Waccha’s reputation.

  • And here, have a GIF of him “punching” Suwabe Junichi:

Well… those are just the tip of the do-S Yucchi iceberg, can’t remember most of them at the momen OTL

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I don't know if you're still willing to do some seiyuu fact/wiki thing but if you could, could you for Sugita Tomokazu? :)

Ah~ one of my favorite persons ever~ =w=)b

  • When he was in middle school, he was the captain of the tennis club. And when he was in high school, he was in the martial arts club.
  • In middle school, he turned in a model of a toilet made out of clay to his art teacher.
  • He had wanted to be a dessert/confectionery maker.
  • Because of his older brother’s suggestion, he entered the seiyuu world.
  • His whole family has a history of being civil servants, generation after generation, and as of last year (2013), his father still doesn’t know that Sugitan is working as a seiyuu.
  • He’s well known to be super polite, calling even those younger than him / his kouhais with honorifics.
  • A lot of seiyuus attest that though he might be reaaally weird and out of this world at times, Sugitan is really super kind and thoughtful of others, whether they be his close friends or not.
  • Seiyuus with a reputation of being do-S, like Yusa Kouji, Kamiya Hiroshi, Toriumi Kousuke and even Morikawa Toshiyuki all seem to love to dote on him.
  • Sugitan calls Kamiya as “Nii-san” and Kamiya himself says that he’s weak against Sugita, that if Sugita asks him out to eat or invites him somewhere, he has little defense against him and almost always ends up saying yes, and in the rare times that he can’t say yes, he says that he feels really guilty about it afterwards. LOL
  • As for Yucchi, he likes giving gifts to Sugita, even offering to walk him home from the studio once and is generally very nice to him, which, knowing Yucchi’s reputation as the king of all do-S, is a big thing indeed.
  • And not only seiyuus, but also mangakas and illustrators, like Sorachi Hideaki, Hoshino Lily and Shirow Miwa, and even game makers, like Kojima Hideo of Konami all like to dote on him too. Kojima even calls him “Kazu-kun”.
  • Continuing the super fun stories of seiyuus and their encounters with the police, Sugitan, along with Fukuyama Jun, were once walking together along Kabuki-cho at night, having come from a recording session. And when they passed by the police box, they were stopped by the police on duty and they were made to face the wall and place their hands against it and they were thoroughly searched, not only their bags but also their clothes. Apparently it took quite a long time and Jun was saying that their situation is kind of exciting. lol In the end, the policeman told them that there was a young guy wielding a knife was committing crimes in the area, and the both of them sort of filled the profile for the perps. 
  • If it isn’t obvious enough, him and Nakamura Yuuichi are really BFFs to the core lol. They met during an audition for an anime when they were starting as seiyuus, and when Sugitan was still living in his family’s home in all the way in Saitama, he used to stay over at Nakamura’s place in Tokyo so he can be closer when getting to work.
  • Sugita has a rep of talking about Nakamura a lot, even in things not even concerning Nakamura. LOL Even when he first appeared as a guest in Kamiya and OnoD’s Dear Girl Stories, he introduced himself as Nakamura Yuuichi. 
  • When he was being teased back then for having only anime stuff as a wallpaper for his phone, he took a picture of Nakamura and made it his phone’s wallpaper. And he’d brag to anyone who’d ever see his phone that Nakamura is very handsome. LOL
  • Sugita really likes to talk about Nakamura to the point that when Nakamura meets for the first time, any of Sugita’s acquaintances, they would be like “Oh, so you are that Nakamura-kun!?”
  • Yasumoto Hiroki always complains that he always ends up going over to Sugita’s house and cooking for him and their other friends, (which may include Nakamura, Mafia Kajita, Shimono Hiro, Terashima Takuma, Kaji Yuuki, OnoD etc….)
  • Last year, it seems his favorite person was Hosoya Yoshimasa, calling him “Posoya-kun”, going as far as tweeting stuff like, “Hosoya-kun is cute” or “I’d want a Hosoyan-kun figure that has a feature that can make it sing!”
  • That one time his dress fell down and his chest got exposed lol

  • Also that time he was scratching his crotch onstage…

  • …and Tori-san had to cover him up lol

  • And look how great he is in drag…dem legs man

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Any kinds of facts about Hino Satoshi pweaaase~~ I LOVE YOOOU

Ah, yeah…the bocchama and Axl One’s prince #2. lol

  • Well, as you guys know, he was born in San Francisco in the US. He lived there until he was 5 years old.
  • As he came from the US and can speak English, he was always goaded by his classmates/friends to keep on speaking English, so much, that he said that he didn’t want to speak English anymore during that time.
  • A first dan in kendo and is a Grade 3 in Eiken, an official English proficiency test in Japan.
  • He went to the same middle school as Sakamoto Maaya, and is also, like Maaya and Namikawa Daisuke, presumed to be from the Komadori Theatre Group.
  • NamiD calls him “Hino-chama”.
  • He looks up to Namikawa as his senpai so much.
  • Originally, he had wanted to be a stage actor, but when he was cast as a dubber for a foreign drama ( ER ), he shifted his interest into voice acting.
  • He’s bffs with Tachibana Shinnosuke and Fukuyama Jun, to the point that it’s them he’ll always “rescue” in the DABA games. And even during their time in Baobab, and now in Axl-One, they almost always have dorky photos together. They seem rather fond of messing with vending machines, flu masks, trash cans and planking.
  • He likes mackerel, and on a certain radio show, every year, starting on his 28th birthday, gave him a number of canned mackerel equivalent to his age.
  • In one of the NeoRoma events, Inoue Kazuhiko once told somebody that “Hino-kun seems like a girl, he’s really cute!
  • He has a long history of being paired with Kugimiya Rie in anime roles.
  • Yasumoto Hiroki calls him “The number one guy in Japan in dealing with tsunderes”, because of the number of his roles with the “Queen of the Tsundere”, Kugimiya.
  • Kugyu calls him either “Hino-chama”, “Hino-bocchama” or “Kimoi”.
  • And though most of his characters with Kugyu are M guys, in reality he is a do-S, with Suwabe Junichi himself saying that he, Hino is one very do-S guy.
  • It seems that he’s really great at problem/puzzle solving, being able to correctly answer quizzes / problems, even when under extreme pressure, during the DABA games.
  • Also he’s great at planning and escaping, being the only one who wasn’t caught until the end of the DABA Cops and Robbers game.
  • He has some really enthusiastic male fans, noticeably, during Marine Super Wave live shows.
  • He can copy Mamo’s voice spot on, and he really sounded like him that he made Mamo cry from laughing while Hino was copying him.

    Mamo’s reactions:

  • In one interview for ER0, when asked what kind of small animal he would like to be, Tachibana Shinnosuke told him, that since Hino likes mackerel, he should be one. To which Hino responded, “Are you an idiot?! You’re making me want to punch you!

  • In the MSW radio, him and Tachibana are well-known for discussing… err, risque topics, like, how to pleasure women most effectively. 

  • In the Kuroshitsuji Red Valentine event, him and Yusa Kouji, dubbed as the “Betrayal Team”, won the quiz game. But during the game, they decided to choose on who would do the “table cloth pulling” via janken, loser would be the one to do it, though Hino won at Janken, Yucchi still made him do it.

  • He was able to pull it off perfectly though:

  • And I leave you with a flying kiss from Hinocchama…

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Do you know some facts about Suzuken (Suzumura Kenichi)? Ps: i love your blog <3

Another one for this~ actually one of my biases, my Kansai-ben Prince-sama, SuzuKen~ and my ultimate OTP, Suzu and Maaya~ /shot

  • When he was younger, his family often moved around, so he had ended up living in Niigata, Fukuoka, Okayama and Osaka.
  • He’s the middle child in a brood of three. He has an older sister named Shizuka and a younger brother named Masaki.
  • During his childhood, he often suffered from asthma, so to combat it and learn proper breathing techniques, he practiced Aikido for 5 years.
  • He has two pet dogs, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Yorkshire Terrier, Momo and Ivy, both female.
  • He loves dogs so much, that in one radio show, a listener sent him a letter, (jokingly) telling him to tone down talking about dogs.
  • Also, he loves buying clothes online.
  • He’s a big fan of tokusatsu shows, robots and trains.
  • In 2012, he left Arts Vision and has found his own seiyuu agency named Intention.
  • Whenever he gets excited/scared he has a habit of slipping back into his Kansai dialect.
  • While recording for Digimon Frontier, while yelling out his character’s, “Spirit Evolution!” line, he pulled a muscle on his back for screaming so loud and had to be sent to the hospital.
  • He often suffers from a stuffy nose.
  • His favorite ice cream is Pino.
  • When he was playing as Shin in Gundam Seed Destiny, he had received a hate mail regarding the way he portrayed the character. Rather than be angry/let down about it, he accepted is as a sign that he must do his work better.
  • He really, really, really hates insects.
  • A memorable experience of him and a cricket, he said that one time, when he came home from an event, as he was trying to open his front door, a cricket went zooming into his house and he ended up panicking, trying to chase it away with a roll of magazine, but he was unsuccessful and suffered from fear for the 3 days that the cricket stayed inside his home.
  • Hoshi Souchirou calls him “MuraKen”
  • The seiyuu unit, STA☆MEN, was a brainchild of his while in a drinking session with Suwabe Junichi.
  • He married fellow seiyuu Sakamoto Maaya on the 8th of August 2011.
  • On their first anniversary, part of his message for Maaya says that he is very thankful that Maaya can accept who he is, that even though he is mostly a nonsensical/joker type of person, she understands him and accepts him.
  • Sakurai Takahiro’s gift for their wedding was a vacuum cleaner.
  • Check him out running away from a butterfly. A BUTTERFLY.

  • He’s also quite close with Yusa Kouji, and here he is trolling Yucchi while he’s being interviewed:

  • And meet his err… female alter ego, Suzunari Rin:

  • And here he is getting really excited because, you know, cheesecake~:

  • v( ̄Д ̄)v イエイ