Yucca - Supermarket in the Desert

The most versatile plant in the desert is the Yucca. It comes in several sub species but all of them are very useful. 

The plant has sword like leaves that grow out with points and a tough outside but inside are thousands of fibers that can be broken down by pounding into fiber for cordage. The stem if it has one and is not dead can be broken off, peeled and eaten or cooked.The Flowers on the stem can be eaten and the fruit that the flowers later on produce can be peeled and eaten also as well as the seeds in the fruit being ground up and used as flour. Lastly the roots can be dug up and eaten or boiled and used to make a mild soap. 

The roots aren’t that bad and cook up decently. They can be made into anything you make out of a potato although they are not as nutritious. 

This is a coil of thin rope made out of Yucca fiber. It’s tough and works very well when braided. I’ve personally used Yucca fiber to patch up my pack and if you bite down on the point of the leaf but not all the way through and pull the point out with your teeth you’ll pull a few fiber strands with you and you have a needle and threat right there to use to fix anything including sewing up a wound.

The Baccata or Banana is edible raw and has disc like seeds in it that can be ground down for flour. All together the plant offers just about everything you need except water. 

the-blue-butterfly-effect  asked:

Xylion is definitely not ready to hear about nuclear warfare

He most definitely is not.

Xylion was sitting in the break room, drowning out the cries of the humans as they played that sickly game known as Grand Theft Auto V. The occasional explosions and screams from pedestrians was terrifying.

However, after thirty minutes, the sound seemed to stop. Xylion was confused, so he took a glance at the Humans, only to see them playing a different game.

Fallout 4.

 Xylion carefully made his way over to the TV and sat down next to Human Jenny, who was carefully watching Human Fredrick as he navigated the world around him. Xylion was confused about the way it was put together. It was mostly destroyed, and was clearly not the Earth he had seen the one time he went down there. “What is this place?”

“Diamond City.” Human Fredrick said, absentmindedly.

“And what happened to it?”

“The world got nuked.”


Human Fredrick sighed as he paused the game. He turned around to face him. “I’m going to assume you’ve never heard of a Nuclear Bomb before, huh?”

“What is a ‘Nuclear Bomb’? I know what a bomb is, but those aren’t typically used nowadays.”

Human Isaac held back laughter after hearing that. Xylion looked towards him, but Human Jenny was the one who refocused his attention. He nodded, apologizing to Human Fredrick for losing focus.

“It’s alright. We humans do it all the time. Anyways, a Nuclear bomb is similar to a normal bomb, except way worse.”

Xylion was confused. A bomb was already terrible. When activated, it could kill hundreds to thousands of people. How worse could a Nuclear bomb be?

Before he could ask it, Human Jenny stood up. “Let me go get my textbook.”

He watched her run off. Xylion sighed, and began to knot his tentacles together. Human Isaac seemed transfixed on it. “Woah, now that’s some cool shit.”


Human Jenny came back moments later, carrying a few textbooks. She dropped them on the ground before grabbing one. “This one talks all about World War II.”

Xylion attempted to throw his tentacles in the air, but he only tightened the knot, and ended up crying out in pain. “World War II?” He managed to squeak out as Human mason helped him untie his tentacles.


“More than one?”


Xylion looked down as Human Fredrick grabbed the textbook from Human Jenny. He flipped through the book before showing a page to Xylion. There were models of some weird shaped objects labeled ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fat Man’. “These are the two nuclear bombs used at the end of World War II. Little Boy was dropped on a city called Hiroshima in Japan, and Fat Man on Nagasaki.”

“Why? What was the point?”

“Well, see, in World War II, there were the Axis powers and the Allies. The Axis was built up of Germany, known as the Nazis at the time and led by Adolf Hitler, Italy led by Benito Mussolini, and Japan led by Emperor Hirohito. The Allies were the opposing team that is considered the good side now. The three main ones, while there were others, is the United Kingdom led by William Churchill, the Soviet Union led by Josef Stalin, and the United States led by President Franklin Roosevelt, at least for a good chunk of the war.”

Xylion rubbed his tentacles together. “And why were the bombs used?”

“I’m getting to that. So, Germany and Italy were eventually defeated, but Japan had different beliefs when it came to war. It was essentially, surrender is never an option and death is more worthy than surrender. So, surrendering was not an option for them. The United States, worried the war would drag on for even longer, turned to president Harry Truman. Truman had to either decide to continue fighting as they had, or threaten them with Project Manhattan. No one really knew what it was, but all he said as a threat was that they would drop a bomb on one of their heavily populated cities.”

“And why would they do that? They could kill everyone!”

“That was kind of the point, Xylion.” Human Isaac said, rolling his eyes.

Xylion sighed, ignoring him. “Anyways…” Human Fredrick said, narrowing his eyes at his crewmate. “Japan refused to surrender, either not believing America or just out of their principle, I can’t exactly remember. So, America sent Little Boy off to Hiroshima. And they dropped the first nuke.”

“A nuke is essentially a large scale bomb. They not only have huge explosions, but they also release a ton of radiation, which is highly poisonous to humans. In large amounts, of course. It can cause different deformities and cancer, which can be incurable in some cases. 70,000 to 80,000 people were killed by the blast, and another 70,000 injured. About 20,000 military personnel were killed and/or injured.”

Xylion couldn’t believe what he was hearing. With that many dead, surely they would’ve changed their principle, right? Accepted defeat?

“So they stopped fighting?”

“No. They refused to surrender, so we were forced to drop another bomb on them. Fat Man. We dropped it on Nagasaki, another Japanese city. The death toll, in it’s entirety, grew to 129,000 to 240,000, though some believe the total death toll could be higher. Japan soon surrendered.”

Xylion felt his body begin to get covered in mucus. He grimaced. “Surely you don’t use them anymore, right?”

“Of course. Nuclear weapons are strictly banned in military wars. Now, it’s used as energy and fuel.”

“At least Japan has moved back into those cities, correct? Rebuilt everything?”


“Well what?”

Human Fredrick scratched the back of his head. “The cities are still uninhabitable.”


“See, the radiation is still sticking around, and it will stay there for a few decades, I believe. No one can set foot in there without getting sick or dying.”

“So no one can live there?”

“Unless they want to grow a third eye or die of cancer, nah.” Human Isaac said, grinning at Xylion.

Human Fredrick sighed. “Essentially, yes.”

Xylion shook his head.

Humans were terrible, especially to themselves.

He stood up and carefully made his way back to his cabin. Once he got into his room, he sat on his bed, the horrors of what he heard still replaying in his mind.

Xylion didn’t think he could ever be the same, knowing just what humans did to one another.

I hope you enjoyed that.

I’m a huge history nerd, and I especially love learning and talking about WWII, mainly because of how it showed what humans are capable of, etcetera. I just think it was an interesting time period, because it helped dictate everything that has happened thus far. The Vietnam War, the Cold War, The Korean War, and so on.

Anyways, I especially know a lot about nuclear bombs and energy because we had to do a whole project on it in Chemistry last year. Me and my partner did the Yucca Mountain Power Plant in Nevada, but I still paid attention to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

So yeah, I hope you enjoyed the-blue-butterfly-effect!


I made my own besom! All materials came from my house or my overgrown backyard.

The stick is from my cypress tree and the leaves are from my yucca plant. Desert witchcraft ftw!

Bound with red yarn for passion and creativity and adorned with a stylized triple moon pendant.

Tutorial here: http://altarsmoke.tumblr.com/post/132781141707/make-your-own-besom-youll-need-a-four-foot-stick

all this kitchen witch!bitty stuff has got me thinking about desert witch!kent 

  • like moving out to vegas at first he hated the heat and everything about the area until some of the guys took him out to see the grand canyon and hoover dam and everything. 
  • like the first time he explored the land he felt some kind of connection he’d never experienced before
  • now, years later, he left his apartment on the strip for a house a bit farther away from the hustle and bustle
  • his porch is covered in all diff types of cacti and succulents
  • his kitchen windowsill is covered in rocks he’s found on his excursions
  • theres a big yucca plant out back 
  • he has a lounge chair next to it
  • each time he hears someone say sandwich he smirks a little and says “who doesn’t love a good sand witch?” no one has caught on and probs never will because he’s just a dork

i just have a lot of modern witch headcanons, okay?

Just replanted my probably a yucca plant thing (HIS name is Ace Rimmer) but my parents only had shitey compost so he’ll probably die…he survived my entire first year though I want him to live to see my graduation

tagged by @maydei (like forever ago omg sorry) i think i did something like this one but not exACTLY this so here we go! thanks for tagging me friend! <3

  • Name: JD (i don’t like to talk about my legal name so i just. jd is good.)
  • Nickname(s): …jd… haha it doesn’t really lend itself to more nicknamey nicknames, sorry;;;;;;;
  • Zodiac: cancer 
  • Height: 5′9
  • Nationality: American (from a super mixed European background)
  • Favorite fruit: bruh. mangoes. hwaow. i love them so much you guys
  • Favorite season: winter
  • Favorite book: uuuuuuuhmmmmm why you gotta come after me like this?? i mean i love hp and i love the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy a lot, too??? this is so hard y’all;;;;;;;;;
  • Favorite flower: um…i really like yucca plants/flowers they’re real pretty, and also grow all over where i live;;;
  • Favorite scent: so like. the smell when it rains but like. where i live it’s like. this specific kind of rain smell, bc it’s kind of mixed with dirt. but in a good way. im not selling this scent omg im sorry guys but it’s great ok
  • Favorite color: real light pink
  • Favorite animal: i heckin love otters
  • Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: por qué no los todos ya feel? (tho i prefer tea and hot cocoa over coffee but like. yum yknow?)
  • Average hours of sleep: eeeeeeeeeeh 6 for a few weeks 7 for others
  • How many blankets do I sleep with: mmmm 1.5 (my cats steal the second one)
  • Dream trip: New Zealand oh man those landscapes??? fucking breathtaking.
  • Blog created: um holy shit i think i made my first one in like??? 2010/2011??? oh jeez im old..