Yucca - Supermarket in the Desert

The most versatile plant in the desert is the Yucca. It comes in several sub species but all of them are very useful. 

The plant has sword like leaves that grow out with points and a tough outside but inside are thousands of fibers that can be broken down by pounding into fiber for cordage. The stem if it has one and is not dead can be broken off, peeled and eaten or cooked.The Flowers on the stem can be eaten and the fruit that the flowers later on produce can be peeled and eaten also as well as the seeds in the fruit being ground up and used as flour. Lastly the roots can be dug up and eaten or boiled and used to make a mild soap. 

The roots aren’t that bad and cook up decently. They can be made into anything you make out of a potato although they are not as nutritious. 

This is a coil of thin rope made out of Yucca fiber. It’s tough and works very well when braided. I’ve personally used Yucca fiber to patch up my pack and if you bite down on the point of the leaf but not all the way through and pull the point out with your teeth you’ll pull a few fiber strands with you and you have a needle and threat right there to use to fix anything including sewing up a wound.

The Baccata or Banana is edible raw and has disc like seeds in it that can be ground down for flour. All together the plant offers just about everything you need except water. 


I made my own besom! All materials came from my house or my overgrown backyard.

The stick is from my cypress tree and the leaves are from my yucca plant. Desert witchcraft ftw!

Bound with red yarn for passion and creativity and adorned with a stylized triple moon pendant.

Tutorial here: http://altarsmoke.tumblr.com/post/132781141707/make-your-own-besom-youll-need-a-four-foot-stick

all this kitchen witch!bitty stuff has got me thinking about desert witch!kent 

  • like moving out to vegas at first he hated the heat and everything about the area until some of the guys took him out to see the grand canyon and hoover dam and everything. 
  • like the first time he explored the land he felt some kind of connection he’d never experienced before
  • now, years later, he left his apartment on the strip for a house a bit farther away from the hustle and bustle
  • his porch is covered in all diff types of cacti and succulents
  • his kitchen windowsill is covered in rocks he’s found on his excursions
  • theres a big yucca plant out back 
  • he has a lounge chair next to it
  • each time he hears someone say sandwich he smirks a little and says “who doesn’t love a good sand witch?” no one has caught on and probs never will because he’s just a dork

i just have a lot of modern witch headcanons, okay?