yucca flowers

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  • Name: JD (i don’t like to talk about my legal name so i just. jd is good.)
  • Nickname(s): …jd… haha it doesn’t really lend itself to more nicknamey nicknames, sorry;;;;;;;
  • Zodiac: cancer 
  • Height: 5′9
  • Nationality: American (from a super mixed European background)
  • Favorite fruit: bruh. mangoes. hwaow. i love them so much you guys
  • Favorite season: winter
  • Favorite book: uuuuuuuhmmmmm why you gotta come after me like this?? i mean i love hp and i love the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy a lot, too??? this is so hard y’all;;;;;;;;;
  • Favorite flower: um…i really like yucca plants/flowers they’re real pretty, and also grow all over where i live;;;
  • Favorite scent: so like. the smell when it rains but like. where i live it’s like. this specific kind of rain smell, bc it’s kind of mixed with dirt. but in a good way. im not selling this scent omg im sorry guys but it’s great ok
  • Favorite color: real light pink
  • Favorite animal: i heckin love otters
  • Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: por qué no los todos ya feel? (tho i prefer tea and hot cocoa over coffee but like. yum yknow?)
  • Average hours of sleep: eeeeeeeeeeh 6 for a few weeks 7 for others
  • How many blankets do I sleep with: mmmm 1.5 (my cats steal the second one)
  • Dream trip: New Zealand oh man those landscapes??? fucking breathtaking.
  • Blog created: um holy shit i think i made my first one in like??? 2010/2011??? oh jeez im old..

Yucca brevifolia is in the family Agavaceae. Commonly known as the Joshua Tree, it is only found in the Mojave desert of California, Nevada, and Arizona. The Joshua Tree is one of the fastest growing desert plants, able to grow up to 50 feet tall and produce roots that reach dozens of feet down into the soil. Individuals can live for hundreds of years and flower multiple times throughout their life. The production of flowers at the apical meristem causes the Joshua Tree to form branches in order to keep growing, giving this plant its iconic shape.


Yucca is a genus in the family Agavaceae. Members of this genus have a mutualistic relationship with species of moths, which exclusively pollinate the flowers. The insects in this picture are not the pollinating moths, however. These are beetles in the genus Mycterus, commonly known as yucca beetles. These bugs are attracted to the new flowers of the yucca plant and eat the petals for sustenance. Follow for more plant facts and photos!


Yucca sp.

We have quite a lot of Yucca species at the Ruth Bancroft Garden, and most of them flower in the spring or summer months. This particular plant, however, consistently flowers in the fall, and we are not sure what species it might be. Whatever its identity, its waxy white flowers are most welcome at a time of year when most other yuccas are not likely to flower.