Why So Lonely?

Aries: I thought you were my guiding light, but all you did was blind me

Taurus: To me, you were everything, but to you, I was nothing

Gemini: I guess I never grew up and realized that stories don’t end the way they do in the damn books

Cancer: You promised you’d find me, but I guess we both got lost in the maze

Leo: I can’t even say that I love you, and I don’t even care enough to apologize for it

Virgo: You had all your priorities but apparently I wasn’t one if them

Libra: Love is a two-way street, and we both decided to take different paths

Scorpio: Your brown eyes were just brown eyes until I fell in love with them: my heart was just a heart until you left it shattered on the floor

Sagittarius: You promised you’d fly with me, but all you did was tie a chain around my ankle and pin me to the ground

Capricorn: This place seems much quiter now that your noise isn’t here to fill up the space

Aquarius: Being with you it felt like mind control, and it made us out of control

Pisces: Because I still can’t believe I lost my mind over someone who wouldn’t even mind me at all

@dailydoseofdia tagged me in this kpop tag so here goes nothin’

1. who was your first female bias?


2. who was your first male bias?

Jackson, I’m p sure

3. who are your current biases other than above?

Hoseok will always be my #1. But also, Yubin (her butt is my icon sooo) Youngjae, Seungkwan, Hoshi, Momo, Mei Q, Cheng Xiao, Hani, Tae Tae

4. in the entire kpop industry who is closest to your ideal type?

personality wise: Yoongi, physical look wise: Dean^^

5. have you ever attended a kpop concert/fan meeting/fansign?

ugh I was in Chicago right before GOT7′s show. If I had known they were coming I would have changed my vacation dates and gone with my friends

6. if yes, which group/artist? how was the experience?


7. which group/artist would you like to see live?

BTS, GOT7, Wonder Girls, Seventeen, VIXX

8. how did you get into kpop?

I used to read Oh No They Didn’t religiously and someone posted the Tell Me music video. I couldn’t get that song out of my damn head and ended up downloading it on limewire

9. who are your otps?

yoonseok, markson

10. when did you start to ship them?

Markson- when I watched their ASC episode, Yoonseok- recently due to tumblr

11. what is your favorite fanfic genre?

ugh, all i write is angst. so i try to balance it out with fluff. but im also a sucker for a really well done AU

12. what is your favorite music genre?

This is very hard for me to answer. My music taste is all over the place. I mostly listen to indie and kpop, at least right now. But I love a bit of everything

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