Fire Emblem Cipher has just celebrated its 1st year anniversary! 

I’m really grateful to the card game, which I picked up at first just for the art, but it led me to discovering a newfound love for the series and befriending local FE fans, something that would have never happened with just the games.

The background is based on Tokyo Mirage Sessions, which I’ve been really hyped for the past few months, and I hope it gets a great reception here in the english speaking FE community!

(oh and happy 1 anniversary to feif too i guess)

touhouemblem  asked:

I loved reading your fire emblem stories and I'm so glad I found that you had a blog! With Heroes which character are you most afraid of being retconned/one-dimensionised? I'm most afraid of the Grustian twins since they always seemed so compelling to me with how Yumina was so angry/fiesty for how awful her situation was while Yubello was quiet/reserved which may have also been caused cause of their situation. (and their names were ruined by NoA) I really loved your stories about the twins

Hey there! Thanks for the positive feedback. :)

I don’t know. The Grust twins were handled OK in FE12 from what I recall, and the Archanea characters’ personalities in Heroes seem to draw heavily from FE12′s support system. Probably anything Archanea-related that I might object to will be a known quantity of bad, whereas Jugdral characters could be an unknown quantity of bad and the Valentia gang will be a clue as to how they’ll be presented in FE15.

(Also who knows if those poor kiddos will even get in, there’s so many Archaeanans…)

The other previous set of clues are the FE13 DLC, and honestly some characters like Leif seemed decently nuanced there, so that gives me some hope. But then again Heroes!Caeda is pretty shockingly dull for such a vivid character so it feels like they jacked her up despite a very solid foundation at their disposal. I enjoy Barst and Draug more than I enjoy her Heroes presentation.

I think joke characters will be treated with more love than the serious ones because that’s the way things already kind of feel (outside the Focus characters with extra chatter in the Paralogues.) So I’d expect someone like, say, Erinys to come off as dull whereas Silvia might prove delightful.


ETA: I will say the more passionate a character is about something/someone in canon the more it blows when they turn dewy-eyed to “Kiran” and confess how Kiran is now on an equal footing with their canonical passion. So any character who Cares Deeply about something that is not avatar BS in canon will likely be diminished by this.