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But consider an AU where Lloyd has to be raised by Yuan in the Renegades.

At first Yuan wants nothing to do with the brat. For god’s sake, it’s the son of his enemy and the child tends to be grating on the nerves sometimes. Even so, Lloyd has the Angelus Project and it’s vital they keep Cruxis away from it at all costs, so he’ll take him. Maybe later he can use Lloyd to blackmail Kratos if he has to for the seal, maybe that won’t be necessary, but either way it shouldn’t be too difficult to raise Lloyd.

But then he slowly gets attached to the brat without even realizing it. He’s not that annoying, he’s a bit…endearing, almost. All the Renegades love him and so does Botta, and Lloyd loves them just as much and genuinely cares about everyone, even Yuan. There don’t seem to be any kids in the Renegades that we know of, so a tiny cheerful child like Lloyd would be a breath of fresh air.

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The gang bothers Yuan in his office
  • Yuan: You again?
  • Lloyd: Why are you still here? Mithos could kill you, you know.
  • Yuan: Yes, thanks for the reminder.
  • Colette: What were you doing?
  • Yuan: Remembering. Thinking back to my travels with Mithos and Kratos and Martel.
  • Lloyd: That's right, you were with Mithos, weren't you?
  • Colette: How did that come about? What brought you all together?
  • Yuan: Mithos's ideals reeked of naiveté. And Martel's relentless altruism was cloying beyond words.
  • Lloyd: Huh?
  • Yuan: I followed along with every intention of proving just what fools they were. But in the end, I was the one that wound up coming around. Mithos always kept his eyes ahead. Martel suffered any pain or adversity with a smile. They were- they were a lot like you and the Chosen, Lloyd.
  • Lloyd: Me and Mithos. You think?
  • Yuan: Heed my words, Lloyd. Mithos was not born an evil man. Even now, to those who believe in his grand age, he is a savior.
  • Regal: All things in this world are subjective. One man's justice is another's crime.
  • Yuan: Take even his decision to split the world in two. His aim was to shield all life from extinction. It was a choice made with the noblest of intentions.
  • Lloyd: What?! There's not a single good thing about it!
  • Yuan: The great tree Kharlan was gone, withered by the Ancient War. The only source of mana great enough to revive it lay not in the world, but far above it. In the comet, Derris-Kharlan, circling the planet on a hundred-year orbit. And so Mithos attempted to tether the comet in place within the heavens.
  • Lloyd: And that's got something to do with ripping the world in half?
  • Yuan: Mana had all but vanished from the world. The land itself was dying. All that remained was a thin trickle seeping from the Great Seed. Far from enough to sustain an entire world. So Mithos halved that burden. He came up with a system whereby both halves would take turns relying on the Great Seed's mana.
  • Raine: That was his reason for splitting the world in two? Not merely to halt the advance of Magitechnology?
  • Yuan: Correct. He needed to buy time until the Great Seed germinated. But then, when Derris-Kharlan arrived to rain down its centennial bounty on the land--Mankind betrayed him.
  • Colette: What? Why?! They were trying to save the world!
  • Yuan: Greed is a powerful force. There were those who wanted the mana to themselves. And so Martel was killed, and merged with the Great Seed, and Mithos--Mithos became a fallen hero.
  • Lloyd: Some fall.
  • Yuan: All men are born with a shadow in their hearts, boy. You are no exception. Enough reminiscing. I will leave this place. I suggest you do the same.

#nextarch by @archiprixchile #next_top_architects Long Collective House

A new type of open urban residence

WINNER #Archiprix #moscow 2013
#Asia - #China - #Xiamen
Discipline: #Architecture
Categories: #housing #regional #reuse #transformation Designer(s): Yongming CHEN, Yanming CHENG, Zhen LI
Huaqiao University
Faculty of Architecture
Tutor(s): Prof. Yuan LONG

#arquitectura #urbanism #urbanismo #landscape #paisaje #architectureschool #architecturemodel #architecture_magazine #architecture_hunter #architecturedetail #architectureporn #architecturedaily #architecturelover #architecturestudent

But I love you and I just want you to be happy and not be so hard on yourself because you are wonderful and this is not everything you are and we have parts of ourselves we want to push to change and it’s hard and nerve-racking and it takes work, but sometimes rethinking our approach and taking it easy is actually best.
—  Yuan Qu, from our long winding email exchange of 2013: I know you’re faraway, but I’m glad it doesn’t feel that way.