yuan long


Here’s Jaya, my Yuan-Ti Artificer-Wizard from a 5E campaign i’m playing! He’s a a fun fancyboy with a snake butt who this inktober gave me a very convenient excuse to finally do reference for.

i love him but also this took fucking forever

“H-hello, sir!”
“For you. From Guardian Auron.”
“…thank you.”

Well. It was only a matter of time before I examined this side of the coin. 

Yuna wears the same bracelet as Braska. TToTT


Welcome to all my new followers! 

A lot of people are here after my SIO2 Sheep doll (Bleater) post. I was able to order her blank, open-eyed, and already assembled. The total price I paid was 526 yuan, roughly 81 USD. It was 368 yuan for the doll + 70 yuan for the optional long hair piece + 60 yuan for the assembly fee + 28 yuan for domestic shipping. I didn’t order the 10mm eyes or makeup service, but they are available if you want them. This doesn’t include shipping from the Taobao agent to my house, the 8% fee for the agent, or the small percent charged for me paying through Paypal. The wait time is around 1.5-2 months. Brown resin (?) is unavailable at this time, but I’m still trying to see if the artist will sell the dreamy eye head.

I asked my agent to check to make sure the store was selling legitimate dolls and they confirmed it was as well as the shop’s name being identical to the artist’s Weibo username.

When she arrives, I will be making a review Youtube video. Between now and then, I will work on making a step-by-step Youtube video showing my steps for people who need visual help ordering. If you need help, feel free to message me here and I will see what I can do.

In the meantime, here is a link to artist’s Weibo gallery. http://weibo.com/p/1005051824352667/album

#nextarch by @archiprixchile #next_top_architects Long Collective House

A new type of open urban residence

WINNER #Archiprix #moscow 2013
#Asia - #China - #Xiamen
Discipline: #Architecture
Categories: #housing #regional #reuse #transformation Designer(s): Yongming CHEN, Yanming CHENG, Zhen LI
Huaqiao University
Faculty of Architecture
Tutor(s): Prof. Yuan LONG

#arquitectura #urbanism #urbanismo #landscape #paisaje #architectureschool #architecturemodel #architecture_magazine #architecture_hunter #architecturedetail #architectureporn #architecturedaily #architecturelover #architecturestudent