ok well only 2 people liked and by now i’d guess no one’s on but if anyone is please help me decide on a new url!! these are all rly lame but i feel like thes e are the only ones that’d suit the colours on my blog as of now

there’s also ningyohimes ?? but im not sure if i’m feeling that r/n,,, ,

but just vote for which ever one you think sounds nicest // most fitting of my theme!! i suppose you can just reply to this post - or message me if you’re too uncomfortable w/ that ?

today was today orz but i guess i just reaally wanna say thanks to you two anons;; ;ㅅ; ♥︎
tbh its always a hope that people reply though i know they wont except this time people did so i’m really grateful and happy,, , .uxu.
i didnt post them cause i just kinda wanna keep them in the box ahhh but really thank you so much ! !