Jimin as your stylist

Okay so I saw this video of Liza Koshy and immediately thought of Jimin being a stylist and saying all those cheesy pickup lines 😂 

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- You meet him at a party and your first thought of seeing him was literally “Wow..!”

- He’s not just good looking, he’s really stylish and also kinda flirty

- You two hit it off and decided to hire him as your stylist

- He didn’t have to work for you but low-key has this gigantic crush on you 

- Him being so embarrassed about it, he can’t act normal in front of you at all

- Low-key acting like a fuckboy because he thinks that it’ll make his crush more discreet

- Tries to control his flirting but can’t

- “Y/n..here..wear this”

- “ Jimin…you didn’t hand me anything…?”

- “Exactly ;)…”

- Realizes what he had just said and blurts out a nervous laugh “hAHAHA wear this!!”. Throws a dress at you

- Low-key staring at you with a mochi smile on his adorable face

- “Um..Jimin..do you mind?” 

- “No go ahead I don’t mind at all”

- “Jimin I’m gonna take my cloths off to try the dress!!”

- “Yeah..so?”


- “oH OKAY”. Puts his hand on his face, opens his eyes and looks at you through the cracks between his fingers

- His pants starting to get tight. He turns into a tomato then decides to stop looking at you changing but can’t seem to close his eyes.

- Tries to recover from flirting with you by telling you how bad you look

- “How do I look Jimin?”

- Thinks really hard of something mean to say..

- “Ay somebody is gonna turn heads”

- “Oh really?”

- Realizes that he wasn’t supposed to flirt. “Yeah somebody else will, you look ugly just take it off”. “Here try this”. Throws a jumpsuit at you. 

- “How do I look now Chim?”

- “Oh my you’re dressed to kill!!”

- “So it looks good!!”

- “let me finish, you’re gonna kill anyone who’s gonna look at you wearing this hideous jumpsuit..”

- “Chim..what am I supposed to do now!! This is hard…can you put yourself in my shoes!!”

- “No thanks those are ugly too…”

- “That’s a little below the belt don’t you think -.-”

- Thinks he’s saying it in his head but he’s actually saying it out loud. “There’s a lot below my belt..”

- He flush red. You laugh at how cheesy he was. He gets even redder. Basically fifty shades of red featuring an embarrassed mochi.

- “oKAy I have tried to aCT CoOL but apparently it didn’t work i lIKE YU okay plz don’t kill me”

- “I know, I like you too Chim and…breathe you’re turning purple..”

- Becomes this smiling mochi then all of a sudden asks. “How did you know tho? I was being an asshole to you.”

- You just look at his crotch then back at him and smile

- Another fifty shades of red featuring Jimin with embarrassed giggles 


How about this? I will PK with the four of you. If I win all four battles, would that prove that I am Lu Wei Wei Wei?

Wei Wei calmly sitting there, calling “Next” as she absolutely slays the Xiao Yu clan and Zhen Shui is my aesthetics. Who are you? is the best line in this entire show. Also, I love the fact that normally she’s totally chill, but touch her friends and you’re in trouble.    [x]

Stop Teasing Me~

Stop Teasing me~

Fandom: Mystic Messenger

Couple: 707xMC

Rating: M

Spoilers: 707′s good ending, and Secret ending 1 and Secret ending 2

Warning: MC’s name is Min-Suk Park. This was meant to be something…and then it turned to smut.  It’s exploring 707′s sadistic side. But, that’s what happens sometimes right?  This is not dub-con just to let everyone know.

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I’m the happiest when I’m with you.

Maedhros - Green Cloak
This was what I was working on before I got sick. It’s finished now <3 I’m happy with it, and I’m off to dig up something to eat. I hope you enjoy <3 Ps: This is my interpretation of Maedhros. It doesn’t have to match your head canon because we all are different, can enjoy different things, and try new things, okay? Yus ^_^

Please don’t repost, remove artist comments, or retag <3 Reblogs are appreciated :)

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First of all, I love your mafia AU! The way you draw the characters and color is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to read more, and I'm looking forward to Yuuri and Viktor doing cool things as a cop and mafia boss. :) How long does it usually take you to make a new page? I can't wait for more! :D

Thank thanks!!! OuO
it makes me incredibly happy that you like this silly little AU~
The coloring can be kinda sloppy at times, so it’s good to hear it actually looks pretty okay ^w^
For the both of them :>
And ah
depends on how distracted I am XD
I think about 3-4 hours though???