‘Dis alpha wolf yoozes his sense a smell ta find da enemy. 'ey, quit sniffin at my socks!’
Can Be Found In: Legendary Collection 4: Joey’s World Mega Pack (LCJW-EN018)

There’re many Normal Monsters that never got any big pressence in the game whatsoever. For good reason however, as since the first years of the game players were encouraged to play the strongest yet easiest to summon monsters available. This caused to reduce the card pool to a very scarce number of staple choices, leavin the rest of Normal Monsters unusable due their low stats and/or high Levels making their Tribute Summon unworth it. A long time has passed since such scarce gameplay, and nowadays old as well new Normal Monsters have a chance to shine thanks to the big support they obtain and their valuable role as materials in any strategy.

“Wolf” doesn’t offer anything new from other similar Normal Monsters. With Level 3 and low stats, “Wolf” is far from being one of the strongest cards of its kind. Fortunately, “Wolf” is the kind of creature that might not be the best to lead Duels with, but rather take advantage of the many support cards to work along with for all kinds of purposes.

Regardless of stats and Level, many Normal Monsters like “Wolf” gained a steady position in various Decks thanks to the many routes we can go for its arrival to the field. Effects such as “Unexpected Dai” and “Enchanting Fitting Room” will bring “Wolf” out from our Deck, becoming a solid way to start Duels with. A slower alternative is “Super-Nimble Mega Hamster”, as once flipped will summon “Wolf” in return. When comes to Graveyard options, we can aim from retrieving it to our hand thanks to “Dark Factory of Mass Production” to constantly being revived by “Birthright” and “Swing of Memories”. The latter is specially the case by working along “Crane Crane”, as both can help each other to prepare bigger summons.

Normal Monsters have the advantage of being pretty flexible regardless of their effectless nature, and “Wolf” is no exception. Obviously, with cards like “Crane Crane” and “Unexpected Dai” at our disposition, will become a solid material to keep using on our bigger summons. Ritual Monsters goes a step ahead by working along “Advanced Ritual Art”, dumping “Wolf” straight from the Deck for their summons. While a monster like “Wolf” might not stand out much in battles that doesn’t mean is impossible, as we can either work with themed effects like “Solidarity” or “Closed Forest” to boost its stats, or equipping cards like “Amulet of Ambition” and “Moon Mirror Shield” to assure that defeats any monster in battle. And as a Beast it gains further options to keep the offense at any moment, with chainable Traps such as “Berserking” or “Horn of the Phantom Beast” boosting its stats or “Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest” taking its place if destroyed.

“Wolf” is as similar as many other Normal Monsters released during the first years of the game. Although with poor stats to stand on its own, “Wolf” has a solid list of cards to work with for any purpose. The only main difference between other Normal Monsters is the Type, giving “Wolf” a few other options compared to similar creatures out there. Obviously has the flaw that is completely dependant of other cards to stay efficient, but on the other hand becomes a solid material for any purpose thanks to the various paths we can take for its summon. “Wolf” might not be outstanding in any particular field, but like many of of its kind gained some decent uses over the years.

Personal Rating: C+

+ Many options to be summoned
+ Can easily work either as material or along stat boosting effects

- Low stats
- Heavily dependant of other cards and effects

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