Colossal Fighter
1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
This card gains 100 ATK for every Warrior-Type monster in any Graveyard. When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard: You can target 1 Warrior-Type monster in either Graveyard; Special Summon that target.

Can Be Found In: Starter Deck: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s (5DS1-EN043), Duelist League 2010 (DL09-EN012), Turbo Pack: Booster Five (TU05-EN000), Premium Gold (PGLD-EN043), Legendary Collection 5D’s Mega Pack (LC5D-EN030)

Nowadays most seen Decks will focus on an archetype or a mixed build arround them, but before the card game took that route there was the simpler option to focus arround a particular Type or Attribute. This is still the case thanks to a bigger card pool and more flexible options to work with, with staple cards to choose from including those from certain archetypes. Although Decks arround aType or Attribute might not be as prevalent as were back in the day they still remain a functional option, specially as they can focus on one of several playstyles not that different from archetypes.

“Colossal Fighter” was one of the first Synchro Monsters to debut in the game, and still remains a solid choice either arround his Type or on his own. “Colossal Fighter” already high ATK gains 100 boost for each Warrior in every Graveyard, making that tiny increase easily scalate in a build arround the Type and/or confronting certain opponents. If “Colossal Fighter” is defeated in battle and sent to the Graveyard, in return we will be able to revive a Warrior from any Graveyard. This last effect is what made “Colossal Fighter” a tougher monster than might look, as along his high offense and some exclusive strategies he can become a quite persuasive monster to battle against.

Even though his effects focuses arround and against a certain Type, there’s no restrictions whatsoever when comes to his Synchro Summon. From starting Duels with cards like “Summoner Monk” or Pendulum Summon, to late game tools such as “Masked Chameleon” as well several archetypes all about Synchro Summons, there’s really no much depth to summon “Colossal Fighter” than any other monster of his kind. What makes him unique however is his own revival effect, as has the option to bring back “Colossal Fighter” himself as soon is defeated in battle. So even if any Graveyard has no Warriors to revive, “Colossal Fighter” can remain on the field for several turns by constantly Special Summoning after each defeat in battle.

Clearly “Colossal Fighter” main mechanic is the ability to revive himself, making his other options not that necessary to stand out. Obviously if we play arround other Warriors and/or confront other builds such as HERO “Colossal Fighter” will become a tougher monster to take down, but even with basic coverage this Synchro can dominate the field on his own. With 2800 ATK by default “Colossal Fighter” can declare suicidal attacks against monsters with matching ATK, following with his own revival and attack once again. Cards like “Honest” or “Shrink” won’t be of any worry when attacking with him, as will make the opponent waste important resources just so we can take some damage as a result. But while “Colossal Fighter” is virtually invincible in battles is still an easy target of many removal effects, so work along effects like “Forbidden Lance” and “Effect Veiler” to counter any disruptive sources. If we go further with working arround “Colossal Fighter” we can take an /Assault Mode approach instead, taking advantage of his revival effect to assure the summon of “Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode” and weaken all opponent monsters on the field or bring back his former form and repeat the setup if fails on this goal. Finally, by just having a stronger monster on the opponent’s side, “Rainbow Life” can take advantage of “Colossal Fighter” constant revivals in a single turn to obtain unreachable Life Points along OTK results with cards like “Fire Princess” or “The Agent of Force - Mars”.

Although overshadowed by other Synchro Monsters with the same Level, “Colossal Fighter” is a very tough monster to take down with just basic countermeasures. While can easily revive other powerful Warriors and even steal from the opponent, the ability to revive himself after his own defeat is what makes him a very sturdy creature worth investing on. With the small ATK boosts that can make a big difference, an insane healing loop arround “Rainbow Life”, and even an /Assault Mode counterpart to invest on, “Colossal Fighter” either obtains Deck of his own or play solo and still become a very efficient monster on his job. With the prominency of removal effects “Colossal Fighter” lost some luster as there are hundreds of basic counters to go arround his constant revivals, but with basic card management he becomes a very tough monster to take down.

Personal Rating: B+

+ Gains ATK for each Warrior in any Graveyard
+ Revives a Warrior form any Graveyard when defeated in battle
+ Able to revive himself
+ Well supported including an /Assault Mode version and loops arround “Rainbow Life”

- Overshadowed by other Synchro options
- Many removal effects can easily go arround his revival effect

So, earlier today I went to Target with my boyfriend and I decided to get 2 pack of Animal Crossing amiibo cards, however…something strange happened

The packaging looked promising

So far so good, but then….

they were fucking YU-GI-OH CARDS

and only FIVE I might add


(luckily I was able to exchange them for a LEGIT pack, in which the Target employee who helped me earlier and the employee who did the exchange were laughing uncontrollably)


a golf commentator commentating on a yu-gi-oh duel

I’ve been on another nostalgic cartoon binge and thought about Pegasus watching girl-targeted cartoons as well as boys’ and unisex ones. (And the ever lovable Funny Bunny XD) I bet they helped him when drawing ^^ Cartoons in general likely helped his artistic skills flourish–it’s one thing to draw from still imagery but with Duel Monsters he had to draw like they were alive and in motion!