Jerry Beans Man
‘Jerry, a bean soldier, believes he is the strongest warrior in the world, but his true abilities are still untested.’
Can Be Found In: Cybernetic Revolution (CRV-EN004), Starter Deck: Syrus Truesdale (YSDS-EN007), Battle Pack 3: Monster League (BP03-EN001), Dark Revelation Volume 4 (DR04-EN004)

Many years ago Normal Monsters were the main lead of most Decks in the game, using their high stats to battle each other as Effect Monsters took a supporting role. But Effect Monsters taking over and become the norm was expected, as with Normal Monsters’ lack of abilities the card game could’ve become stale in options. Nowadays Normal Monsters are usually seen in roles as materials for all kinds of summons, as thanks to a massive pool of options they become easily accesible in all sorts of situations and position. But that doesn’t mean that Normal Monsters are unable to stand on their own, as with said supporting cards as well the opportunity to work along Anti-Meta effects they can brute force through the field like in their glory days.

“Jerry Beans Man” is a popular monster among the playerbase mainly due its particular name and design, but has some solid stats to reign over some strategies. Its most noticeable trait is its high ATK for its Level, making one of the strongest monsters of this category. And despite easily overshadowed by many other powerful Normal Monsters by stats alone, the combination of a high ATK with a low Level makes “Jerry Beans Man” one of several creatures capable of pressuring the opponent while keeping them at bay along the proper support.
Thanks to its position as Normal Monster, “Jerry Beans Man” can keep a constant pressence during a Duel for all kinds of purposes. Together with other Normal Monsters is quite easy to swarm the field with “Jerry” and others right from our first turn, starting with cards like “Unexpected Dai” and “Rescue Rabbit” to later on cards like “Treasure Panda” recycle cards in the Graveyard for the same purpose. With its Plant Type “Jerry” gains further options to assure its arrival, either by “Lonefire Blossom” tributing itself for its summoning or coming from our hand by “Twilight Rose Knight” and potentially work together as materials. A “Jerry” in the Graveyard is far from useless thanks to the inmense amount of revival effects we can add to our Deck, from basic options like “Swing of Memories” and “Miracle Fertilizer” bringing it back for any purposes, to monsters such as “Masked Chameleon” and “Crane Crane” reviving it upon their own summon. From our first turn to last, “Jerry” might rarely leave the field for more than a single turn.

Despite the simplicity of Normal Monsters, “Jerry Beans Man” can stand out over more powerful creatures under the right setups. “Jerry” became well known for working with cards like “Level Limit - Area B” and “Gravity Bind”, making this monster and other strong low Level creatures like “Sonic Bird” and “Mad Lobster” take over the Battle Phase as we only have to worry about Xyz and Link Monsters. The more invested on “Jerry” and other Normal Monsters the more Anti-Meta options we can use in our favor, with cards like “Heat Wave” and “Tyrant’s Throes” forbidding the summon of Effect Monsters, as well “Skill Drain” nullifying any effects on the field. While “Jerry” has enough options to keep the opponent under control we might require a few improvements on its attacks to ensure our lead, with cards like “Sky Dragoons of Draconia” destroying cards after dealing battle damage, or working arround the Phantasm Spiral cards to power up “Jerry” as they summon “Phantasm Spiral Dragon” in one way or another.

“Jerry Beans Man” might not seem that different compared to many other Normal Monsters with high ATK. However, its small Level difference makes it the lead monster of a build capable of stalling the opponent as we break through monsters disrupted by our Anti-Meta effects. Combined with the flexibility of its kind to work as materials and/or assist “Phantasm Spiral Dragon”, “Jerry” can have the advantage over other Normal Monsters if we play slightly more defensive. Unfortunately, said strategy relied on Level stats to work, and with the popularity of both Xyz and Link Monsters nowadays it will fully affect a very few builds. But while still relying in other cards and effects like any other Normal Monsters out there, “Jerry Beans Man” still remains prevalent thanks to a cult following and the Deck that made it famous.

Personal Rating: A-

+ One of the strongest Level 3 monsters in the game
+ Greatly supported from early to late game
+ Can work in Stall Decks while keeping the offense

- Depends on other cards and effects to be effective
- Its Stall strategy lost efficiency with the introduction of Xyz and Link Monsters


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