yu yu hakusho*


Cosplays for sale~~

Everything is made for about a women’s medium, 36-29-38/40, signal boosts appreciated because I’m pretty strapped for cash right now!

Ballet Russes historical costume, $75 (feather not included)
Kid Flash, $115, wig included 
1799 French neoclassical (directoire) historical costume, $200
Hiei, $75, $130 if you want the mostly finished trench coat and $200 if you want me to finish it for you
Scanty, $65 (missing some studs here and there)
Hanayo Koizumi, March UR, $130 (Small stain on the side, but this thing has boning and is hand dyed/painted so usually I’d try to sell it for more)
Karamatsu tank, $30 (you can have the shoes too if you want them but I’m a 6.5 women’s and I wouldn’t want them if I were you)
Stone Free, $60

PM me for details!

logicheartsoul  asked:

Coz I don't know if I'll be able to do justice to this idea at the moment, I'll share this one. Yusuke is transported to another dimension/timeline/universe & the only way he can get out/escape/get back to his world is with the help of Keiko. But in this world, Keiko is the Spirit Detective & the one with the Spirit Gun. How do they both get him back to his world and how will they both deal with the differences? Bonus angst: Her Yusuke is dead. Bonus: She was working on a case when he drops in.

I LOVE this! Someone, please pick this up! I always get excited for BAMF Keiko opportunities.

gif making adventures

So trying to make some gifs of Kazuma from the second movie and he’s just too adorable?? And dorky?? I love it.

(Look at this pouty face. It’s my new reaction image.)

Now, a compilation of cute frames.

(Just letting you know, you can still request graphics or gifs of Kuwabara from me. Just saying.)