yu xun


Here are the renders for this week. Let’s all give a nice welcome to Cao Xiu! Yueying wins this batch. This woman is FLAWLESS!!! The hair, the heels, the earrings and the leather…everything is on point!! Xun Yu returns with throwing knives and that cape makes him look cool! Zhu Ran looks like an adult, which is great. Jiang Wei, Zhuge Dan and Wen Yang are here too!


Legend of Ruyi 如懿传

i just cant get over how

guo jia looks so damn happy here while xun yu is like “fuck this shit why the bloody hell am i here” 

“I got to be finally playable and this is where I end up” 

"I am in absolute fucking hell right now”

“oh sweet merciful god, please end this PLEASE” 

damn only xun yu seemed to realize how much godseekers sucked 

Twitter from where I got these images from below because I feel guilty for taking them here but I just couldn’t resist giving them captions. 


Three Kingdoms Talk Show ( 口水三国 ) - series of short animations in Chinese, that feature things like:

Cao Cao as Luoyang’s Batman:

And he has WTF ability (probably that’s what he used to troll Yuan Shao in Three Kingdoms 2010):

The Xun clan as a vending machine (put 10 yuan coin, get an adviser):

Demolition squad of Sun Ce, Zhou Yu and Sun Quan arrives at Jiangdong (love Sun Quan’s eyes here!):

Zhen Ji and the Cao family:

Sun Ce and Zhou Yu discussing their relationship:

Yandere Zhang Chunhua:

Cao Pi’s archery training:

Cao Cao and Xun Yu being cozy together:

Xun You and He Yong prepare to kill Dong Zhuo - Assassin’s Creed style:

Zhuge Liang tells Zhong Hui to be nice to the people of Shu: