yu xun


Still nothing on Man Chong, Zang Ba, and and Sun Luban yet but we got holiday cards.

“Holy Night” Xun Yu. It seems hes about to woo X amount of people tonight and will be 100 percent lucky. I believe he looks like this is because Christmas is considered a romantic holiday in Japan.

“Holy Night” Xiao Qiao. We’re never gonna see again like she was in her older card. The costume is still very nice.

hibikikohakus  asked:

∫ is for ∫uck (that looks like an F to me okay-)

∫ - A character that looks like me

It has to be Xun Yu since I’m always l: and the fact I have his haircut but a bit longer… anyways-

I swear my hair actually goes the other way but its from the front camera shit-

Don’t kill me but I prefer the Chinese version of HanaDan

Sure the story drags but there are more pluses:

The hero DOES NOT send thugs to rape the heroine.

The hero DOES NOT punch and bully people for fun.

The heroine does not fall for hero (forgetting how she was almost raped) just because he waved enthusiastically when his friend went to France. (which really irritated me about Tsukushi tbh)

Really cute couple with unbelievable chemistry.

That’s not to say there are no flaws. Yun Hai is a possessive and aggressive jerkass. Just not a psychopathic jerkass. Which is a big improvement if you ask me.