yu xun

i just cant get over how

guo jia looks so damn happy here while xun yu is like “fuck this shit why the bloody hell am i here” 

“I got to be finally playable and this is where I end up” 

"I am in absolute fucking hell right now”

“oh sweet merciful god, please end this PLEASE” 

damn only xun yu seemed to realize how much godseekers sucked 

Twitter from where I got these images from below because I feel guilty for taking them here but I just couldn’t resist giving them captions. 


Princess Agents 13

I can’t make gifs but I needed these moments: 

To say that I have a major crush on Yan Xun is an understatement. 

To say I also don’t have a crush on the silent strong, privately yearning Yu Wen Yue Batman is also an understatement.

I’m caught between two leads and I can’t say I’m upset about it. 

I’m fine though, I won’t fight it. 

anonymous asked:

So Xun Yu historically did diss quite a few people including Chen Gong, right? If you were writing his snarks at other 'strategist' characters in the DW games, what kind of things might he say for each one? I'd assume that he'd have a tailor-made insult for the unique officers. For example, greeting Zhou Yu with, "Blessed with looks and intelligence, but alas denied good luck," or Sima Shi with, "Sima Yi's son? You have the ego, but have you the talent?"

Sick burns from Xun Yu:

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