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Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, Can’t Help Myself, Kuka industrial robot, stainless steel and rubber, cellulose ether in colored water, lighting grid with Cognex visual-recognition sensors, and polycarbonate wall with aluminum frame, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, 2016

An enormous robotic arm, brandishing a giant squeegee, is poised over a pool of dark liquid which ceaselessly oozes outwards. With quick, smooth, aggressive movements, the machine performs a calculated dance, pivoting and dragging its squeegee across the surface in a perpetual labor of wiping the liquid back to the centre.

Disney Villain’s Masterpost

The Evil Queen (Snow White, 1937): Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon

Lady Tremaine (Cinderella, 1950): Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon 

The Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland, 1951): Leo Sun, Aries Moon 

Captain Hook (Peter Pan, 1953): Pisces Sun, Libra Moon

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty, 1959): Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon

Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians, 1961): Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon 

Ursula (The Little Mermaid, 1989): Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon

Gaston (Beauty and the Beast, 1991): Leo Sun, Leo Moon

Jafar (Aladdin, 1992): Gemini Sun, Libra Moon

Scar (The Lion King, 1994): Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon

Ratcliffe (Pocahontas,1995): Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Moon

Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1996): Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon 

Hades (Hercules, 1997): Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon

Shan Yu (Mulan,1998): Aries Sun, Aries Moon

Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove, 2000): Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon

Doctor Facilier (The Princess and the Frog, 2009): Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon

Mother Gothel (Tangled, 2010): Libra Sun, Cancer Moon

Hans (Frozen, 2012): Libra Sun, Capricorn Moon


They actually ended it perfectly. What matters most is that Eun Tak didn't lose her memories and that our two couples have a happy ending.

I am going to miss everything about this drama especially the bromance. Ughhhhh i think i can never move on.

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“Can’t Help Myself” by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu at the NYC Guggenheim— part of the Tales of Our Time exhibit. This huge robotic arm’s only directive is to mop liquid. I love it.