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yugi’s shirt and leather pants: become a crop top and capris
joey’s t-shirt and jeans: become the powder-blue hell that yugi now lives in


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Victor pressed a gently kiss to Yuuri’s forehead as he carefully slipped out of bed.

This may be a vacation for Yuuri, but he sadly still had to pull at least a couple of hours at the rink each day to prepare for his upcoming competition.

He pulled on the first set of clothes he could get his hands on before exiting the room. He stretched his arms above his head as he wandered downstairs, curious as to what type of food he could get his hands on this early in the morning.

Strangely, the light of the kitchen was on, illuminating the hallway and catching his attention.

It was rather early, a little after he would normally get up in the morning if he was at home.

He stepped into the kitchen, curious as to who was up this early.

“Oh, good morning, Vicchan,” Hiroko greeted him from the kitchen bench, hands carefully cutting up some vegetable he didn’t quite recognise.

“Good morning,” he greeted, glancing around the room, spotting an older man reading a paper at the small table set up in the corner of the kitchen.

“Oh, Vicchan, that is my husband and Yuuri’s father,” Hiroko explained, the man glanced up and sent him a small smile.

“Ah, good morning, I apologise for not greeting you yesterday,” the man said, giving him a gently smile that almost echoed the gentle smile Yuuri often sent him, “I’m Toshiya Katsuki.”

“It’s a pleasure,” he said, walking over to shake the man’s hand politely. Toshiya stared at him for a moment before shaking his hand with a nod and returning to his paper.

“Are you hungry, Vicchan? Can I make you anything? Is there something else you need?” Hiroko asked as she carefully poured some oil into a warming pan.

“Some food would be lovely. Could I also bug you for directions to the local skating rink?” he asked, causing Hiroko to turn towards him with a bright smile.

“Oh, yes, Yuuri mentioned that you skated,” Hiroko hummed as she skilfully moved around the kitchen, stirring random pots before adding a slice of fish that seemingly came from nowhere – or he hadn’t been paying as close of attention to Hiroko hands as he thought.

“Yes. Yuuri also said that he organised for me to skate?” he said, glancing behind him as he heard Toshiya turned the paper, seeming content to just sit and read.

Hiroko spoke up suddenly in Japanese, causing Toshiya to glance up before setting his paper down and leaving the room without a word.

“Yes, yes. Yuuko was here only the other day, telling us about how excited she was for Yuuri’s visit,” Hiroko said while pulling out some plates and carefully serving up three portions.

“Yuu-ko?” he repeated slowly, hoping he had gotten the name right. Hiroko chuckled and nodded her head while handing him two plates and directed him to the table Toshiya had previously been sitting at.

“Yes, Yuuko. She is a childhood friend of Yuuri’s. Her family runs the ice rink,” Hiroko explained as Toshiya returned, a piece of paper in his hands which was handed to him once his hands were empty of plates.

“That is a map of the town and I highlighted the path from here to the ice rink,” Toshiya said with that same gentle smile on his face while sitting back at the table.

“Sit, sit, Vicchan,” Hiroko said happily while placing plates and bowls all around him until he had a rather impressive collection.

“You have your Gohan – rice, your Miso – soup, Yakizakana – fish, Tsukemono – pickled vegetables, Nori – flavoured seaweed and Kobachi – vegetables,” Hiroko said while carefully pointing towards each of the bowls in turn. He simply stared at the collection in front of him for a moment before smiling and nodding his head.

He wasn’t sure he could name more than two of the words Hiroko had just told him, let along explain what he was eating. But the food smelt amazing and if it was anything like Yuuri’s own cooking – on the rare occasion that Yuuri could be bothered cooking Japanese cuisine – it would be incredible.

He picked up his chopsticks – exactly how Yuuri had been showing him – and carefully began eating.

As he expected, the food was incredible, tasting even better than Yuuri’s cooking – something he would blame on not having the same ingredients available in Russia to save Yuuri’s feelings.

Now, if only he could somehow convince Hiroko to cooking Katsudon, that would be the real test.

Yuuri quietly opened the door to his old bedroom and poked his head into the room. It was a little after nine, meaning it was probably time that he got up.

He smiled softly as he spotted Yuri sitting up in bed, staring out the window.

“Good morning, Yurochka,” he called out gently, causing Yuri’s head to snap towards him with a bright smile on his face.

“Papa!” Yuri called out. He chuckled at his son’s ridiculous bed hair as he moved towards the boy, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked as he rose a hand to brush some of the boy’s hair out of his face, making a mental note to try and track down the boy’s hair brush after breakfast. Yuri nodded his head, smiling at him bright.

There was a soft boofing sound from beside the boy, causing him to finally take notice of Makkachin, who was half covered by the bedding.

“Oh, sorry Makkachin, good morning,” he greeted the poodle, reaching over to pat the dog on the top of the head, “Did you look after Yuri for me?” he asked, earning a whine of protest from Yuri.

“No, papa! I looked after Makkachin!” Yuri declared while grabbing his arm and shaking it slightly.

“Okay, okay,” he chuckled, ruffling the boy hair, “You ready to get up?”

“Yes!” Yuri said, kicking off the bedding and jumping out of bed. He chuckled softly as he followed the boy, getting back to his feet and moving towards the door.

“Coming, Makka?” he asked the poodle, who hurried after them without another word.

Yuuri let the way to the dining area, letting Yuri cling to the back of his shirt.

“Yuuri! Yu-chan! Good morning.” He came to a halt at the sound of his name, smiling as he spotted his father.

“Good morning, tousan,” he greeted before glancing towards Yuri. The boy stared up at his grandfather for a moment before shyly hiding behind him.

“Morning, Jiji,” Yuri mumbled quiet.

“I meet your partner this morning,” his father said, causing him to pause in surprise.

Sure, he had come out to his parents as gay a while ago, but it was still rather surprising how accepting they were of it.

Neither of his parents batted an eye when he told them that he was dating another gay – something that he felt had to be made clear, rather than just telling them he was dating someone.

They actually got quite excited when he told them that they – being Yuri, Victor and himself – would all be making a surprise, last minute trip to see them.

Despite everything, he still never believed that they accepted his sexuality, but here his father was, referring to Victor not as a ‘friend’ but as his partner.

“And?” he quickly asked, earning a bright smile from his father.

“A charming boy. Very, very nice,” his father said, nodding his head while reaching over to pat him on the shoulder, “Very good man for you.”

“Thank you,” he stuttered out in embarrassment.

“Go have something to eat. Your kaasan has been waiting for you to get up,” his father waved them off, continuing on his way to wherever he was going.

“Papa, hungry,” Yuri whined, tugging on his shirt to gain his attention. He ruffled the boys head before waving him off him.

“You know where the dining room is from here,” he told the boy with a smile.

Yuri took a few steps in front of him before pausing and glancing back at him. He rolled his eyes as he caught up with the boy and walked beside him to the dining hall, where – as his father promised – his mother was waiting for them with a huge breakfast.

“Yuuri, before you go!”

He finished dying Yuri’s shoes before glancing up to his mother hurrying towards him.

“Yes?” he asked, before blinking as he was handed a wrapped bento box.

“For Vicchan!” his mother said with a bright smile.

“Oh,” he mumbled softly, “Thank you.”

“Bye Baba,” Yuri said while opening the front door.

“Bye-bye, Yu-chan, be good,” his mother said. He smiled at his mother before hurrying after Yuri, not wanting the boy to get too far ahead of him.

“We will be back later,” he called out with a final wave over his shoulder.

He sighed softly as he caught up to Yuri, grabbing a hold of the boy’s hand.

“Don’t run off on me, Yurochka,” he told the boy while tugging him in the opposite direction.

“We are going to find Vicchan, right, papa?” Yuri questioned while happily skipping beside him.

“Yes,” he smiled, nodding his head softly.

“And Vicchan is at the skating rink, right? We can skate?” Yuri asked him excitedly. He chuckled softly while ruffling the boys head gently.

“Sorry, Yurochka, not today,” he said, causing the boy to deflate.

“What? Why?” Yuri demanded, turning to look at him with an adorable pout on his lips. He chuckled softly and ruffled the boy’s hair gently.

“We are going to look around today. Maybe if you ask Victor nicely, you can skate with him tomorrow,” he said. Yuri stared up at him for a moment before huffing and turning away from him. He blinked in surprised, not expecting Yuri to continue to pout at him.

The rest of the walk to the rink was quiet and uneventful. Yuri continued to ignore him, though never wandered more than three steps away from him.

He entered the rink, recognising the woman standing behind the counter fixing rental skates right away.

He couldn’t help but smile shyly as the woman turned towards him, only to pause.

“YUURI!” Yuuko squealed in delight, hurrying to the front of the counter. He chuckled softly while approaching the counter to greet his childhood friend, only to yelp in surprise as he was hit on top of the head.

“Ow,” he whined, glancing up at Yuuko in confusion.

“You’re dating Victor Nikiforov!?” Yuuko hissed, peaking up to clearly check if Victor wasn’t in earshot.

“Yes?” he replied hesitantly, earning a pointed look from Yuuko.

“And why did I only find this out when Victor Nikiforov came to my rink, telling me that his boyfriend had organised ice time for him?!” Yuuko huffed, crossing her arms across her chest.

“Papa,” Yuri mumbled, tugging on the back of his shirt.

“Yes?” he questioned, turning towards Yuri who was glancing around curiously.

“Where is Vicchan?” the boy asked, he smiled as he gently handed the boy the bento box his mother had made.

“Vicchan is through those doors. Can you go give him this for me?” he asked, pointing towards the doors that lead to the skating rink.

“Oh my god,” Yuuko whispered from behind him, “That is your son? He is adorable.”

“Oh,” he mumbled, blushing softly, “Thank you?”

“I’ve seen photos, but seriously, they don’t do that kid justice,” Yuuko cooed softly.

“How are your trio?” he asked, earning a bright smile in response.

“Trouble makers, I don’t know where they get it front,” Yuuko sighed while pulling out her phone to show him some pictures of her triplet girls. How Yuuko – and Takeshi, his other childhood friend – dealt with three kids was beyond him. One was plenty at the moment.

“But seriously, we need to catch up. I need to know how you managed to hook Victor Nikiforov,” Yuuko insisted while giving him a pointed look.


He glanced up at his nickname and smiled as he saw Victor standing in the doorway of the rink in his workout gear, his skates still on his feet.

“Hi,” he said, giving Yuuko a small smile before walking over to his boyfriend. Victor didn’t even hesitate to wrap an arm around his waist and pull him into a kiss, right there in the doorway of the rink.

He gasped in surprise causing Victor to chuckle softly as they continued to kiss for a moment.

“Hi,” Victor mumbled softly when they finally broke apart, a grin that could only spell trouble on his lips.

“Gross,” Yuri mumbled from somewhere nearby.

“I need all the details later, Yuuri, all of them,” Yuuko giggled from behind him – in Japanese so Victor couldn’t understand, of course - causing him to groan as he buried his face into his boyfriend’s chest.

“What?” Victor questioned.

He simply let out another groan, this time into his boyfriend’s chest.

Skater Next Door AU

AO3 Skater Next Door

Happy Thursday

A continuation of my Yurio Catches Puberty story, the introduction and “index” of which is here.  

Yuri’s Angels Hasetsu Local Branch: Co-Presidents Axel, Lutz, and Loop

Realistically, the triplets were too young to be doing pretty much anything they ever did; Yuuri wouldn’t have banked on any child of Takeshi Nishigori having more than an ounce of sense in them, but he charitably believed they’d had a near miss and gotten it from Yuko’s side. And he tried to indulge them, because after all they were the ones who had filmed him without…his permission and uploaded it without…any thought for what might happen…

Actually he probably should still be mad at them about that. But, well, they were kids.

So was Yurio, something he was trying hard to remember during their first day of practice at Ice Castle. (There is a readmore below! Read more!)

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I just can’t get over this guy.

He looks like he belongs in a lineup of superpowerful villains who serve the Big Bad with their elite skills, smirking as he watches the heroes approach and thirsting for the battle that will come. He looks like he should be screaming and laughing as he moves his body around like a demented puppet before leaping forward to grab the protagonist’s face and throw him through a wall. 

I mean, look at that evil-spiked hair and those razor-sharp eyebrows and that stabbing beak of a nose. It’s like someone tried to draw Vegeta but a demon was possessing the pen and twisted the drawing into a nightmare. This character looks fully prepared to stab his bare hand through the chest of an innocent nakama and casually toss the bloody body aside.

But no.

He’s just some random side character in Yu-Gi-Oh.