yu go oh!


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yugi’s shirt and leather pants: become a crop top and capris
joey’s t-shirt and jeans: become the powder-blue hell that yugi now lives in

The zodiac as Kaiba quotes

Aries: YUGI LOST??!! Yugi gave up his King of Games crown to some nobody?! NOBODY DESERVES THAT TITLE BUT ME!!!!

Taurus: It’s not like I’m doing this to help you and your friends or anything!

Gemini:  I’ll bring you down to your knees before this audience!

Cancer: Stop saving the world and get a hobby!

Leo: Now! It is time to go duelists! I give you permission to step into my fortress of pride!


Libra: Nice outfit, dork.

Scorpio: Filthy animals! I hope that you get eaten by fish that live on rich food!!

Sagittarius: If you’re gonna kill me, kill me with cards!

Capricorn: HA HA HA HA HA

Aquarius: Please tell me that story time is over, I’d like to duel.

Pisces:  Exodia? It-it’s not possible! No one’s ever been able to summon HIM!

Yusaku’s attitude and the show’s theme

With the recent clips for the show, we’re allowed to see Yusaku’s active expressions and dialogue. Already, everyone is seeing the same thing.


Yusaku seems to display indifference and a complete lack of interest in regards to dueling. (Kinda refreshing to see a calm and mature character when all we’ve ever seemed to be getting since 5D’s was hyperactive, dueling enthusiasts.)

However, it is implied that Yusaku once had the same enjoyment and fun with dueling as all the other protagonists. Shoichi stated “If that didn’t happen, you’d probably be able to still have fun with dueling.”

This implies that Yusaku used to be like everyone else and enjoyed it. But this also asks the question of what exactly Shoichi is referring to. Does he mean that something happened that might have put off (or traumatized) Yusaku or does he just mean that Yusaku can’t be as fun or carefree as he once was? Whichever, it implies that something happened in the past that involved a negative experience with the game.

So, we’ve seen that Yusaku does not like dueling; which, considering how big a part of life it probably is in-universe, is something that anybody with an intact brainstem is probably connected to, whether by doing it or watching it. 

When the show first popped up, the theme was “Let’s take one step forward and try it!”

Everyone at the time was thinking that it was a reference to making friends and trying new things, even if we’re scared. But what if it means something different.

What if it’s referring to Yusaku’s reluctance to duel? 

What if Yusaku is so caught up in what turned him off of dueling, that he isn’t even trying to enjoy it anymore? It’s possible that Yusaku is so against dueling, that he’s not taking the time to play or have fun.

Maybe the theme is referring to Yusaku attempting to take the initiative to enjoy the game again and maybe the other duelists like GO and Blue Angel will help him to make a show out of dueling and to find happiness in it again.

A part of me hopes that it will make use of the idea of an audience, maybe having moments where the audience attempts to encourage or rev up Playmaker while he’s dueling or having some hardcore fans of his (Naoki) going on about how serious he looks at first and then, as the show progresses, showing how happy he has begun to look while he duels.

Things I want to see in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS

-Yusaku acting standoffish, despite various characters clinging to him and begging him to hang out.

-Yusaku going “WTF” at his appearance the first time he goes turns into Playmaker.

-Playmaker getting way more fans than he wants and having to get used to people gathering to watch his duels.

-Yusaku keeping his alias a secret.

-Someone going full on “Stalker-Mode” and trying to find out who Playmaker is.

-Yusaku getting trapped in the VR system.

-Aoi “possibly” developing a crush on one alias, but not the other.

-Yusaku having a particularly stressful duel and giving up on Dueling for a while.

-The Mysterious creature showing up in all of Yusaku’s electronics. 

-Someone kidnapping Yusaku for his hacking abilities.

-Go getting obsessed with Playmaker. (Not exactly in a romantic way, but not not exactly in a romantic way.)