yu gi oh zexal spoilers

I’ve just passed 100 followers, and just wow, THANK YOU~! Thank you so much for all your continued support and kind words, and I hope we can all continue to appreciate Yu-Gi-Oh! wordplay together!

Because this blog just passed over 100 followers before I could make this post, here’s a pun that also goes over 100!

Spoilers for Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL ahead!

The name of “Number 101: Silent Honor ARK” reads SHARK if only the capital letters are examined. This is a reference to the owner of this Number. 

The upgraded Chaos form of this Number abandons the acronym and becomes…

“Number C101: Silent Honor DARK,” which maintains the capitalized letters but is instead a pun on ARK. 

"I gave them the power of Chaos so that I can be revived and 
the’d become my meal. You lowly humans are weak. And
because you’re weak the Chaos can slip in easily. Also, your
most trusted friend, Durbe; and the existence that is more
important than your own life, Merag. They, too, aren’t
exceptions! Nasch. You, too, will once again walk in the path
my curse." x
Things to Know/Familiarize Yourself with while Watching Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal (contains spoilers!):

•Yes these are middle schoolers.
•You’re lying when you say you don’t want a Duel Gazer.
•It is completely normal to fall in love with a blue floating alien.
•You are most likely wrong on who you think is the father of the Arclights…
•Number Cards corrupt.
•Shark is the most lovable jerk ever.
•Kite seems arrogant, but really he’s amazing.
•Nobody has called Shark “chicken” before Yuma.
•Yuma hates tomatoes.
•Never tell Astral about bathrooms, ever.
•Do not be fooled by Ray Shadows/Vector. Seriously.
•Yuma’s cards have repeating first sounds (Gogogogolem, Gagagamagician, Dododowarrior).
•Xyz summoning.
•Yes these middle schoolers are emperors to another world.
•Yes we all want to live in Heartland City.
•The Arclights all really just want hugs.