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Maximum Crisis sneak peek’s card (TCG)

Revealed within the sneak peek’s official poster.

Pendulum Switch
Continuous Trap Card

You can target 1 card in your Pendulum Zone; Special Summon it. You can target 1 Pendulum Monster in your Monster Zone; place it in your Pendulum Zone. You can only use 1 “Pendulum Switch” effect per turn, and only once that turn.

New Rules Concerning Link Summoning from the Perfect Rulebook

Including some errata changes due to the new extra monster zone.

New Master Rule Erratas

This part includes the changes made to the erratas of cards such as Ground Collapse or Magical Hats.

The following cards, which used to say “Monster Zone or Monster Card Zone”, now say “Main Monster Zone”.
● Ground Collapse
● Number 57: Tri-Head Dust Dragon
● Needle Wall
● Numbing Grub in the Ice Barrier
● Zany Zebra

The following card, which used to say just “field”, now say “Main Monster Zone”.
● Shifting Shadows
● Wandering Mummy
● Magical Hats

Blasting Fuse now says “If the column this Set card is in is filled”, replacing the old OCG text of “If every card zone on your opponent and your side of the field in the same column as this card is filled”, because the extra monster zone doesn’t belong to a specific player until it’s been taken, but if you try to use Blast Fuse in a column with an extra monster zone, that once must be filled as well.

Link Monsters Materials

When calling Link Monsters that add new strategies to dueling, you need material monsters that meet the specified conditions.

● Material Conditions: You can only use monsters that satisfy the conditions of the above mentioned effect text. You have to also use the number of materials mentioned.

● The Number of Necessary Materials: Link is the number of link arrows. In order to link summon, you must use a number of link materials equal to that link, that are monsters that fulfill the conditions.


Decode Talker

Necessary Link Materials: 2 or more effect monsters.

CORRECT: Your field has Link Slayer, Draconet and RAM Clouder (3 effect monsters) / Your field has Draconet, RAM Clouder and Honeybot (3 effect monsters) / Your field has Draconet and Honeybot (1 effect monster and 1 link 2 effect monster that is treated as 2 Materials) / Your field has 2 Honeybot (1 effect monster and 1 link 2 effect monster that is treated as 2 materials) / Your field has 3 Honeybot (3 effect monsters).

INCORRECT: Your field has 1 Decode Talker; you cannot use 1 monster as Material.



It looks like Godzilla, but that would be violating international copyright laws! So that’s why Yu-Gi-Oh! typically just makes references. Kaiju is the Japanese word for ‘monster’, but these Kaiju look awfully familiar don’t they? So as you can see we have Dogoran The Mad Flame Kaiju with Tokyo burning in the background, which is a reference to 3 Godzilla monsters in one if you can believe it! The obvious of course being Dogora in its name but its wings would indicate that it’s more like Destroyah, but the flames on its body make it look like Burning Godzilla. But what’s this? Gameciel the Sea Turtle Kaiju, which is a reference to Gamera, a well known rival to the Godzilla franchise. Kumongous the sticky string Kaiju, which is the obvious reference to Kumonga  the giant spider from Son of Godzilla and Destroy All Monsters. Radian, the Multidimensional Kaiju…whoo-boy this is a tough one, His name refers to Rodan it seems, but as for his overall makeup it’s nothing like Rodan at all, in fact he appears to have characteristics of Gyaos from Gamera, Ultraman Belial and Dark Lugiel from the Ultraman series. 

Now I know what you’re thinking, where could all of their battles POSSIBLY take place? Tokyo of course! With their field spell Kyoutou Waterfront. But where does G-Force fit into this? Kaiju Capture Mission is where they fit in it seems as they poise their tanks and fly their jets ready for the battle between monsters. Looks like the Shadow Games of Yu-Gi-Oh! just got a LOT bigger…