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So this is some of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Swag I got recently. These are out of print Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Yura-Yura Clips. I got this entire set solely because of the Ryou clip. LOOK AT HIM. HE’S SO CUTE. 

Also, Ryou needs more merchandise. I am a simple person. Anything with Bakura or Malik stamped on it is getting bought by me. 

I also got this phone strap with a Yami Bakura quote on it! It’s another 20th Anniversary special. 

The line is “Yami no geemu no hajimaru da ze!” or “The Game of Darkness is starting!” 

This mofo glows in the dark! It’s so cool. 

Okay, I’m done showing off for now. X’D

part of a private school AU i’ve been thinking up

it’s 1 AM and I’m supposed to be studying for microeconomics but instead I’m puppyshipping is anyone surprised can someone kick me the fuck out of this fandom already and end my misery thanks

  • Stuff I like in the Yu-Gi-Oh manga more than the anime: Joey getting to do more awesome stuff, Duke's introductory arc, Ryou getting more focus and stuff to do, Kaiba and Mokuba's villain days (it's fun to root against 'em), how creative the shadow games and penalty games are, the tighter story focus.
  • Stuff I like in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime more than the manga: Pegasus getting to live, the Kaiba brothers being more heroic, Duke, Serenity, Tea, and Tristan getting more stuff to do in later arcs, Kisara getting more stuff to do, introducing me to the franchise to begin with.
  • Stuff I like about the Yu-Gi-Oh video games: They often combine the best bits of the anime(s) and manga.
  • Stuff I love about all of it: It's all part of Yu-Gi-Oh! :) The manga, anime, and games are all great in different ways.
ARC-V Episode Guide

In order to help my friends who don’t wanna go through all the filler, here’s my Arc V episode guide! I will update as the show goes on! Have fun!

Episodes that are a must-watch are bold, episodes you ‘don’t have to watch, but can be nice to have if you care’ are in italics and fully unnecessary stuff is crossed out!

If you just watch the bolded things + the short version of the Synchro Arc, you still miss nothing important.

Without further ado, here we go… under the cut!

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