yu gi oh re watch

one of my favourite things about re-watching yu-gi-oh is how at least once per episode one of the characters dueling will have a moment where they have to remind themselves why this is The Most Important Duel Ever and what they’re fighting for, and every single time it ends with their opponent going “it’s your fucking turn, idiot. play a goddamn card already”

T-T-Time to duell!
I’m currently re-watching the first season of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” while drawing comics - the series isn’t as good as I remember it when I was younger, but it’s still quite entertaining ^^

My most favorite character (aside from Seto Kaiba, who’s just badass :D Love it!) has always been Joey Wheeler/Katsuya Jonouchi. Thought I’d have some fun making a little fanart ;)

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I’ve been on a Yu-gi-oh binge for the last couple days and have been re-watching the english dub of 5D’s. I plan to watch the entire Japanese dub after. 

I don’t regret a single penny I’ve spent on cards over the years. And I had a fantastic time playing against my friends in high school. 

Sadly, now 5 years out of the loop with the game, I can’t play anymore. Its changed so much and it would be waaaaay to expensive to pick up again. 

I love all my decks though. So many memories and good times with those. I might finish off a couple of them at some point and max out all the rarities but I don’t know yet. Just a thought. 

Okay so the long and the short is, while my health has been poopy lately, I have been getting into re watching Yu-Gi-Oh and recently started reading the manga as well. And I just fell in love with Yami Yugi. In the manga, those first chapters. 10/10, wish there was more of that!