yu gi oh card

The signs as Yu-Gi-Oh cards

Aries: Red Eyes Black Dragon

Taurus: Pot Of Greed

Gemini: Toon World

Cancer: Swords Of Revealing Light

Leo: Blue Eyes White Dragon

Virgo: Harpie Lady

Libra: Dark Magician

Scorpio: Mirror Force

Sagittarius: Saggi The Dark Clown

Aquarius: Great Moth

Pisces: Kuriboh

Capricorn: Relinquished

You pick my pocket. You pull out a mini USB cable. You don’t understand. You try my other pocket. Out comes a Gameboy charger. I turn to face you. I don’t say anything, I just stare. You start to sweat. You try my coat pocket. Out comes a deck of yu-gi-oh cards. Your mind is screaming. My other coat pocket contains an external hard drive. Your brain dissolves. I plug in my phone.

TalesFromRetail: Not the Best Supervisor.

These are a couple times people tried to steal and one of my supervisor not doing the best job at controlling it at my old work Blue W.

  1. Had an old lady steal steaks by putting them down her shirt into her cleavage. A stocker caught her and she was kicked out of store, but the Supervisor tried to put the steaks back with the other steaks and the store manager had a few words with her.

  2. Two teenagers came in with backpacks and stuffed them with Pokémon cards. When they left through the doors the greeters caught them. One took off, while the other was left alone in the store. Parents and police were called and the teenagers were banned from the store. We did get Pokémon cards back

The two teenagers did come back later into the store 2 weeks later and pulled the same thing except with yu-gi-oh cards. They were banned again and the store manager asked “Why they were let back in the store?” A supervisor said “that they told her that they had change, so let them come in.”

She’s the same supervisor who tried to put the steaks back. The manager had a chat with her again. She didn’t get fired, but got demoted.

By: StrongBlood65

So, earlier today I went to Target with my boyfriend and I decided to get 2 pack of Animal Crossing amiibo cards, however…something strange happened

The packaging looked promising

So far so good, but then….

they were fucking YU-GI-OH CARDS

and only FIVE I might add


(luckily I was able to exchange them for a LEGIT pack, in which the Target employee who helped me earlier and the employee who did the exchange were laughing uncontrollably)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Reaches Crunchyroll!!


You can now watch Arc-V subbed, legally, as long as you don’t live in Asia!

The current schedule is 15 episodes today, next 15 next Tuesday, and then the next 10 the week after that. After that point, starting in December, there’ll be a consistent release schedule of 5 episodes a week on every Tuesday, except for the first Tuesday of the month.

The subs themselves will be using the Japanese character names, and the TCG card names (this is a standard thing) until proven otherwise by release rates. The descriptions are the dub descriptions, but don’t be fooled! This is an actual Japanese release, and it’s up to 1080p too!

Unless you live in an Asia country, please give this a go for a legal alternative. Hopefully soon, ZEXAL will come as well!


End-of-Manga spoilers ahead so read at your own risk, I’ve avoided DSoD spoilers tho so don’t worry about that

(Atem gets his own body back AU)

1 AM- Atem is staying the night at Kaiba’s. They are playing card games in bed. This can only end well.

2 AM- Kaiba’s third Blue Eyes is GONE. EVERYBODY PANIC

3 AM- Blue Eyes is not gone, just under a pillow. Kaiba has kicked over both decks.

4 AM- Sorting cards. Neither of them remember who had the foiley Polymerization.

5 AM- Putting cards in card sleeves. Kaiba is putting his deck in Obelisk the Tormentor sleeves. Atem is putting his in Toon Dark Magician Girl sleeves. Kaiba is silently judging him.

6 AM- Sun is up, time to sleep.

7 AM- Kaiba’s alarm goes off. They sleep through it.

8 AM- Time for Kaiba’s first meeting of the day. He sleeps through it.

9 AM- Time for Kaiba’s second meeting of the day. They are still sleeping. Mokuba says a prayer to Ra that they are both wearing pants and goes to wake his brother up. His prayers are answered.

10 AM- Kaiba is out the door in less than three minutes. Atem rolls over and goes back to sleep.

11 AM- Atem is awake. Everybody he knows is at school or at work. Atem is bored.

12 PM- Atem discovers that Kaiba’s laptop lets him buy things. He buys Blue Eyes Toon Dragon card sleeves as a prank.

1 PM- Atem buys Blue Eyes Toon Dragon bedsheets. Atem discovers one day shipping.

2 PM- Atem buys Blue Eyes White Dragon card sleeves and bedsheets as a preemptive apology.

3 PM- Kaiba gets an alert during a meeting that one of his credit cards has been maxed out. He asks his secretary to freeze it. Atem discovers the laptop is no longer letting him buy things. Atem is bored again.

4 PM- By going through Mokuba’s bookmarks, Atem discovers that there are four animal shelters within ten kilometers that kill cats if they are not adopted within three days. Atem is no longer bored. Atem has a Mission. Kaiba is stuck in a meeting and wishing for death.

5 PM- Yugi is out of class but refusing to help Atem. Atem goes to Jounouchi instead. Jounouchi agrees to help.

6 PM- Kaiba finally takes his lunch break and calls Atem. Atem does not answer. Kaiba considers calling Yugi but decides against it. He will come to regret this decision.

7 PM- Somewhere along the line, Honda joined the mission. Anzu is not answering her cell. Atem is sure this is Yugi’s fault.

8 PM- Kaiba is in his last meeting of the day. This meeting is very important. He tells himself this will be over soon.

9 PM- The meeting is not over. It is still very important. Kaiba is playing Pokemon under the table to avoid relapsing into Season 0 insanity. Nobody notices.

10 PM- Kaiba finally comes home. There is Blue Eyes merchandise everywhere. There are cats everywhere. There are probably cards everywhere, knowing Atem. There is also probably cat pee everywhere. Kaiba is hoping the two don’t overlap. Atem is not everywhere. Atem is nowhere. Kaiba screams his name anyway.

11 PM- Atem was not gone, just laying under a pile of cats. Kaiba politely informs him the cats have to go. Atem politely informs Kaiba that cats are sacred beasts and are going nowhere. Kaiba can’t win. Kaiba never wins.

12 AM- Kaiba wants to sleep. Atem wants to play Duel Monsters. They play Duel Monsters.

1 AM- Kaiba’s third Blue Eyes is GONE