yu gi oh! zexal ii

FebYgoChallenge Day 9

Runner Up Quote

Yuma! I clearly heard your determination! If you’ve got the feeling for what you want to protect, I’ll become your sword and the shield to protect you!

-III; Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal II, episode 112

Yeah, this line. I love it a lot.

(warning, spoilers for Zexal II post ep 111 ahead)

Yuma just lost Astral, and has spent the entire episode grieving and it is painful to watch (Zexal animates eyes and expressions really well, and when characters are in pain it shows, so needless to say, you can tell by looking at his eyes alone that Yuma is in pain and this episode just painful ok?).

His friends have been hurt trying to help him, and Mr. Heartland (who has been acting really creepy the whole scene) just offered to take the Numbers off Yuma’s hands and clear away all his memories of Astral. With no memories he won’t be in pain any more.

And Yuma says no. He turns him down, because even if it hurts, Astral is that important to him.

And then III makes this dramatic entrance (which he started by throwing a sword at Mr. Heartland!), and offers up his hand to help Yuma.

‘I may not be Astral, but let me fight alongside you now’

And over the next few episodes he is a massive support for a grieving Yuma, something Yuma needs even when he refuses to admit it.

Bonus: Please appreciate Yuma’s face here

‘III what are you doing?’

‘Did you just throw a sword at a guy?!’

‘III where did you come from, what is happening right now?’