Ultimate Conductor Tyranno
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by banishing 2 Dinosaur-Type monsters from your Graveyard. Once per turn, during either player’s Main Phase: You can destroy 1 monster in your hand or field, and if you do, change all face-up monsters your opponent controls to face-down Defense Position. This card can attack all monsters your opponent controls, once each. At the start of the Damage Step, if this card attacks a Defense Position monster: You can inflict 1000 damage to your opponent, and if you do, send that Defense Position monster to the Graveyard.
Can Be Found In: Dinosmasher’s Fury Structure Deck (SR04-EN001)

Structure Decks are often the cheapest method to create effective builds with, in part due some of the new additions they provide to the card game. A player can purchase three copies of an Structure Deck, and after some management combining them is most likely they have a highly efficient build to work with. While this might not apply to every Structure Deck specially as new mechanics and rules are added after their release, the new cards featured on them will surely stand out as any other big plays featured in packs with higher rarities.

“Ultimate Conductor Tyranno” is a good example of a powerful Structure Deck card, capable to dominate entire boards by itself. A nomi requiring two Dinosaurs to be banished in our Graveyard for its summon, “Tyranno” allow us to destroy a monster in our hand or field during any Main Phase to put all enemeies in face-down Defense Position. This chainable ability is not just to disrupt big plays and even entire Battle Phases but will follow with “Tyranno” other effects. “Tyranno” is able to attack every opponent monster once, and if its target is in Defense Position it will be automatically destroyed and deal 1000 damage. Overall a powerful monster with simple requeriments yet outstanding outcomes to achieve, and with 3500 ATK will be very tough to face against even without depending on its abilities.

“Tyranno” might be a nomi monster, but for all the abilities it provides to the field is incredibly easy to summon. First of all, “Souleating Oviraptor” will either look for “Ultimate Conductor Tyranno” to be added in our hand, or search for a Dinosaur to be sent in the Graveyard and prepare its summoning afterwards. We can also take a more rushed approach to fuel Graveyard to the point we might summon several “Tyranno” copies at once, ranging from working along monsters like Lightsworns or using effects such as “That Grass Looks Greener” to mill most of our Deck. However, things become even more easier by just activating “Double Evolution Pill”, a Spell that takes some liberties to the point that allow us to summon “Tyranno” directly from our Deck. Since most of these routes will lead us to banish atleast one Dinosaur, is recommended to use “Giant Rex” as material since will be immediately brought back to the field after being banished. Remember that “Tyranno” can be revived afterwards as long its summoning conditions are met, so unless you need to use it in our Graveyard to summon a new copy.

“Ultimate Conductor Tyranno” clearly has all the opportunities to wipe out entire boards by combining all its effects together. The ability to rearrange opponent monsters’ battle positions not only will assure the battle effects of “Tyranno”, but since can be chained during any Main Phase can be used in response against particular effects (Like those that target a face-up card), shutting down any setups arround Synchro or Xyz Summons, or simply stopping their Battle Phase right before their Main Phase 1 ends. To further benefit ourselves from this effect some monsters will trigger certain abilities even if are destroyed in our hand to activate it, ranging from “Petiteranodon” and “Babycerasaurus” summoning Dinosaurs from our Deck, to working along other themes such as Fire Kings to activate their effects easily. While  "Tyranno" has ATK enough to take down enemies as well deal big damage we can deal up to 6000 damage against a full field, but if the opponent’s field is lacking in monsters we can play along the Traps “Ojama Duo” and “Ojama Trio” to bring monsters as well provide additional damage by their effects. Remember that the ability to destroy defensive monsters and deal damage is optional, so unless we need to deal with certain effects like Flip Monsters we can equip “Tyranno” with a card such as “Fairy Meteor Crush” and assure an OTK by dealing piercing damage.

For the very simple summon requeriment it asks, “Ultimate Conductor Tyranno” is incredibly powerful to the point that becomes a must have in most Dinosaur Decks. Abilities that let us take control of the opponent’s field and prepare its multiple attacks, sinergy with all kinds of monsters and effects just by its costs alone, and the chance to deal more damage attacking defensive monsters than its high ATK already provides. The effect to rearrange opponent’s monsters might be limited to the Main Phases, but even so is flexible enough to respond against most plays and summons that might happen during any turn. But while seems that “Tyranno” is nearly invincible with its several effects and sinergy with other cards, Link Monsters alone can suffice against it since they cannot be placed in Defense Position under any circumstances. But overall, “Ultimate Conductor Tyranno” is a terrifying monster to face against, no matter if is dealing with decks swarming the field or working along the many options supporting its summon and effects.

Personal Rating: A+

+ Destroys a monster in our hand or field to place all opponent’s monsters in face-down defense position during any Main Phase
+ Able to attack every opponent monster on the field
+ If attacks a defensive monster can be automatically destroyed and deal damage
+ Highly supported as well sinergy with other cards arround its costs and effects
+ High stats

- Link Monsters will ignore most of its effects

One thing I wonder about the period when Yami Marik had the Ring is what Zorc thought about it all. Marik won it in a duel and it was safe for him to wear and stuff, but if he’d beaten Yugi everyone he killed/banished would stay gone, he’d get the Puzzle that had Yami Bakura’s soul fragment inside, and unlike Bakura or Yugi he had no interest in collecting the rest of the Items. He still wanted to envelop the world in darkness, but I’m not entirely sure how he planned to do that.

Maybe if he had won he’d fall under Zorc’s thrall as a new host or something, or maybe Zorc would intervene cause the world’s ending his way or not at all XD According to Ishizu in the manga the Rod also had part of Zorc’s evil in it, which opens up possibilities there too. (The Eye and Ring also had darkness, the Necklace, Scales, and Key had light, and the Puzzle had both. Something like that anyway, though I kinda imagine they all had darkness and she didn’t realize it.)

So, earlier today I went to Target with my boyfriend and I decided to get 2 pack of Animal Crossing amiibo cards, however…something strange happened

The packaging looked promising

So far so good, but then….

they were fucking YU-GI-OH CARDS

and only FIVE I might add


(luckily I was able to exchange them for a LEGIT pack, in which the Target employee who helped me earlier and the employee who did the exchange were laughing uncontrollably)

While implied, Duel Links’ Yami Marik isn’t explicitly confirmed to be an NPC, as he asks Kaiba if he revived him and Kaiba says if he did he could erase him on a whim. Given Kaiba’s obsession over resurrecting Atem in DSOD, including making a virtual copy of the Pharaoh, either way it could be practice for that attempt.

That could also explain why Duel Links’ Yami Bakura is explicitly an NPC but nobody but himself and Kaiba knows that o.o He could be testing how real it feels to the other characters, as well as giving them the Millennium Items’ powers to see if that would hold up in ‘reality’! Pegasus claimed to not remember Bakura in Bakura’s event, but if he had the Eye and such he could be trolling Kaiba, especially since he does recognize him in his own event.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that everyone in Duel Links is an NPC except Kaiba, Mokuba, and Roland, in which case he managed to fool the players, too. XD


a golf commentator commentating on a yu-gi-oh duel