yu g oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Logic
  • Opponent: *sends out a weak monster and chuckles suspiciously*
  • Duelist & Friends: A weak monster on the first turn?!
  • Duelist's inner monologue: Why would [name] make that move? Could they be up to something?
  • Duelist: *ignores own inner monologue and sends out a stronger monster to attack*
  • Opponent: You've fallen for my trap!
  • Duelist: *shocked* Impossible!
Yu-G-Oh! Nerd Wanted

I’m writing a Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction that involves all of the Protagonists. I’ve been off the fandom for a while and I would really like someone who knows the fandom well to talk to me and tell me what I do right and what I do wrong.

I’d like someone who knows all of the Yugioh lore, but honestly, I just want someone who has a good concept of the show to bounce things off of!

Message me if you’re interested!


Hello everyone! I’ll do an official promo later, but for now I just wanted to get this out there so~

Star here, and I recently got dragged back into Yu-g-oh by a very dear friend and wound up with a new muse. My friend @sxitei then saw fit to make me this blog so~ If you’d be at all interested in interacting with a new blog for Ryou Bakura from the series Yu-gi-oh please like/reblog this post? It would be very much appreciated!