He did a little Q&A, answered some questions about his projects (latest one is Loco ft Live - Movie Shoot) and mentioned BTSxBBMAs, Mino&Winner and Bobby&Ikon.
He said he’s going to get back into his artistry so i’m looking forward to some lit songs in the future. Imagine all the collabs😳🤙🏽

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Just wanted to do a cute quick doodle paint of some yyh boys!

  • me: I know it's hard to accept that atem is gone and we all miss him but it is what had to happen,we cannot control destiny and he is where he is supposed to be,with his loved ones and he is happy,I'm sure he smiles when he remembers his adventures with the gang but he is better off there.
  • also me: BRING ATEM BACK 2K17!

naked and afraid au where harry and louis meet each other when theyre paired up for the series,, instead of it being 21 days though it’s 28 because larry.. anyway louis only shows up because he was dared to by niall and he never refuses a dare but harry prepares for months in advance because he’s In It To Win It… the first few days are rough, and they struggle to get along because louis thinks harry is too serious but eventually they learn to work together to survive and it only takes 28 days for them to fall in love


- Loco looking classy af

- Loco with glasses 

- Peeping at Loco’s semi shirtless scenes

- exceptions vs reality towards the end 

- I’d groove with you after the movie shoot, Dabin

- fav part 1:40-1:50

- Christian back at it with them visuals!