Gandora Giga Rays the Dragon of Destruction
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by sending 2 other monsters from your hand and/or field to the Graveyard. This card gains 300 ATK for each banished card. Once per turn: You can pay half your LP; apply this effect, depending on the number of “Gandora” monsters with different names in your Graveyard.
● 1: Destroy all other cards on the field.
● 2: Banish all other cards on the field.
● 3 or more: Banish all other cards on the field and in the Graveyards.

Can Be Found In: V-Jump February 2017 (VJMP-JP125)

Many monsters make a return in future sets in the form of alternative versions of themselves with slightly different effects. While there’s some lore behind them in a very few cases, the majority simply tries to bring fan favorites to a fresh start and catch up with recent mechanics. From popular monsters from the series to simply classics from the old days, if a monster’s usability faded away they might still get an improved counterpart in the future.

“Gandora Giga Rays the Dragon of Destruction” is one of two alternative versions of the well known “Gandora the Dragon of Destruction”, but this one is special as turns all of them into their own archetype with its abilities. “Gandora Giga Rays” is the easiest to summon among all three, requiring two other monsters from our hand and/or field to be sent to the Graveyard. Its ATK increases by 300 for each banished card, which while might require some support and circumstances to obtain a huge boost it can be solved with its powerful removal effect. By paying half our Life Points “Gandora Giga Rays” wipes out the entire board leaving it alone for a potential direct attack, but this ability will slightly vary depending of how many different Gandoras we have in the Graveyard. With one monster we will simply destroy all cards, with two Gandoras instead all cards will be banished, and finally with three or more Gandoras in the Graveyard not only we banish cards on the field but also in the Graveyard. Therefore, with its stats dependant of cards banished in the game, “Gandora Giga Rays” main objective will be to achieve its mass banishing effects to end with a powerful attack towards our opponent.

When compared to the rest of Gandoras, “Giga Rays” is the easiest to summon right from the start of a Duel. We just simply have to send two monsters from our hand or field, and while that excludes Tokens and Pendulum Monsters is still an easily manageable task during any circumstances. The main objective instead will be to prepare its mass removal abilities, as in the case “Giga Rays” is summoned without any other members in the Graveyard it will only depend on banished cards if any to attack. Effects like “Dark Grepher” and “Foolish Burial” among others will easily dump the other Gandoras inside our Deck, while “Trade-In” or “Giga Rays” itself will get rid of those in our hand. Since the archetype only has three members so far, that also means that we have to dispose of atleast one copy of “Giga Rays” to achieve its maximum potential.

“Giga Rays” can completely turn the tables even with its most basic removal effect, but if we want the best outcomes we must aim for its other two abilities. Banishing cards not only grants “Giga Rays” an ATK boost, but disrupts the vast majority of Decks out there in an instant. If we’re having trouble to increase “Giga Rays” ATK there are alternatives to obtain a decent boost with, like “Fairy Tail - Snow” own revival effect, “Eater of Millions” banishing cards in the Extra Deck for its own arrival, or drawing cards by using “Pot of Desires”. As “Giga Rays” banishes as many cards as possible we can follow with the Normal Summon of “Gren Maju Da Eiza” which also gains a powerful stat boost. Alternatively, if “Giga Rays” is defeated we can bring out “Necroface” to increase its own ATK as recycles all banished cards back to their respective Decks so we can restart preparing the Gandoras again. Finally don’t ignore a statless “Giga Rays” in early game, as its arrival on the field can be helpful as material of bigger summons.

Like the rest of Gandoras, “Gandora Giga Rays the Dragon of Destruction” is a setup heavy card which rewards the user with a powerful ability with the possibility to finish Duels right when is summoned. Although easier to summon than the other Gandoras still requires preparatives to achieve its strongest effect and ATK boost, but with its cheap summon condition most of our efforts will go towards fueling our Graveyard with other Gandoras. Gandora as an archetype however is very new and only has three monsters to work with, so unless “Giga Rays” obtains other members to dump into the Graveyard it might be a bit rough to steadily prepare its banishing abilities. Fortunately, with some shortcuts to support all its effects as well a chance to work as a material if really needed, “Giga Rays” is the easiest of all Gandoras in comparison.

Personal Rating: B+

+ Summons itself by dumping two monsters from our hand or field
+ Mass removal effect which gets stronger the more Gandoras we have in the Graveyard
+ Gains ATK for each banished card
+ Highly supported arround its abilities

- Requires various preparatives to achieve the best of its effects
- So far there are very few Gandoras in the archetype to work with

It blows my mind that sugilite is benched forever but sardonyx has come back TWICE even tho she was formed through a lie that ruined garnets trust for pearl and was barely resolved with an extremely shitty apology. But yea we’re supposed to believe that garnet and pearls relationship is now even stronger? That coming out of that brought them closer? Incredible