Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight
“Dark Magician Girl” + 1 Dragon monster
Must be Fusion Summoned with the above Fusion Materials or with “The Eye of Timaeus”. Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can send 1 card from your hand to the GY, then target 1 face-up card on the field; destroy that target.

Can Be Found In: Dragons of Legend (DRLG-EN004), Dragons of Legend: Unleashed (DRL3-EN044), Legendary Dragon Decks (LEDD-ENA36)

“Dark Magician Girl” is a great example of cards in the game remaining popular no matter their efficiency. With an effect only useful arround particular monsters and only truly useful in mid to late game, “Dark Magician Girl” was far from getting a competitive status compared to the many stronger alternatives out there. However, thanks to her status among all kinds of fans “Dark Magician Girl” was capable to remain prevalent some way or another, gaining her very own archetype as well many options to work along her teacher “Dark Magician” for all sorts of powerful outcomes.

“Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight” is one of the very few counterparts “Dark Magician Girl” can turn into, and compared to the original is a stronger version by a massive margin. Part of the Legendary Dragon set with the help of “The Eye of Timaeus” to be summoned, “Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight” gives us to ability to send a card in our hand to target and destroy a face-up card. This effect can be activated during any turn, therefore “Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight” can range from clearing a path to attack the opponent to immediately countering some of their actions.

With the Magician Girl archetype as well various tools that can share along “Dark Magician”, “Dark Magician Girl” can quickly prepare the arrival of her Fusion form without no much of an effort. Obviously we want to Fusion Summon with the assistance of “The Eye of Timaeus” as allow us to use only “Dark Magician Girl” as material, but to do so we must bring her to the field. Fortunately that’s not a hard task, as either we work arround effects like “Temperance of Prophecy” and “Dark Renewal” to summon her from our Deck or we play along “Magician Navigation” so is summoned together with “Dark Magician”. However, even though “Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight” has a restricted summon is still able to come out if we work with “Elemental HERO Prisma”, taking the name of “Dark Magician Girl” and completely skipping all preparatives needed. Obviously nothing stops the summon from a more traditional Fusion Summon, adding a few Dragons to the Deck so in late game we can bring this monster with “Dragon’s Mirror” banishing materials from our Graveyard.

Playing arround “Dark MAgician Girl the Draogn Knight” is pretty straightforward, as all we have to do is to keep a steady hand ready to destroy opponent cards with her effect. Available during any turn, “Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight” pretty much will quickly deal with bigger monsters and permanent cards as soon they land on the field. Either clears the opponent’s field from any threats or simply to direct attack, or quickly counters any setups during the opponent’s turn as well any activations during ours. When activating this effect is recommended to dispose of “Dark Magician Girl” as well “Dark Magician” if he’s also in the build, as will allow us to prepare other cards like “Eternal Soul” constantly reviving the latter, or powering up the effects of “Dark Magic Expanded” and obviously “Dark Magician Girl” herself.

Even though “Dark Magician Girl” is a subpar monster, cards like “Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight” makes her pressence in the current status of the game steady. With great support for a cheap summon by using “The Eye of Timaeus”, soon enough this Fusion Monster will use her chainable effect to deal with any dangers that will land on the field while still able to work with the other options arround Magician Girls and/or “Dark Magician”. Obviously is a card that requires proper management of our hand, but also to use her effect wisely as since can only be used once per turn the opponent might bait us with a disposable card. Overall, despite “Dark Magician Girl” still having a long way to reach the efficiency of “Dark Magician”, “Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight” makes an entire Deck arround her efficient enough to stand out.

Personal Rating: A

+ Allows us to send a card in our hand to destroy a face-up card
+ Cheap summon with “The Eye of Timaeus” and support arround “Dark Magician Girl”
+ Chainable effect

- Requires decent hand management for her effect
- Effect might be bluffed


“Come here my love.” Youngwoo smirked, Christan beside him as he sat at the edge of your bed.

You blushed, biting your lip as you sauntered towards the two of them, white lingerie tight against your skin, lace giving teasing glimpses of soft flesh beneath it.

You looked like a mixture of sinful innocence. Like a glass doll.

They wanted to shatter you and they would.

And they will.

You stood between Youngwoo’s spread legs and his eyes flickered between brown and pitch black, next to him Christan’s eyes bleared a bloody red.

“Safe word?” The small sentence sounded sinister on Youngwoo’s mouth, it sent shivers down your spine.


“Good girl now strip.” The command was simple, direct and you followed it without hesitation, taking off the simple lace bra and panties you had on but leaving the stockings that you knew they’d ruin.

“On the bed, eagle spread, arms up.” Christans voice rang in your head and you scampered to get on the bed, arms up above your head and eyes shutting as you were bound and blinded.

“Now, you’re at our mercy baby, our time, you’re our plaything. Ours.” Youngwoo growled in your ear.

Then you felt hands on you, two sets touching and teasing your body, gasps leaving your lips as slender fingers teased your nipples and rougher, bigger ones teased your weeping cunt, making your noises grow needier, louder.

“O-oh god!” Your moans became almost sobs, two fingers sliding into your pussy and curling into your gspot.

“No baby, god can’t help you here.” Christans voice teased the shell of your ear before he nipped at it. Causing you to twitch.

“Mmmm, already crying out for god? I’m only teasing her.” Woo chuckled, picking up his pace and roughly finger fucking you.

Your whimpers and mewls escalated, chest heaving as you got closer.

“That’s it pretty girl, you’re so fucking wet for us.”

“You like this don’t you? Being at the mercy of two demons. Being at the mercy of beings who could end it all with a kiss and a smirk. You know this is a taboo, a sin you won’t ever recover from.” Christan whispered in your ear, his voice dark, deep and making you only wetter with the blasphemous filth he spoke.

“Cum for us darling, let us take you over the edge again, and again.”

With that and the combination of Youngwoo slipping another finger you broke, cumming on Youngwoo’s fingers.

“That’s it Angel, that’s it.” A slap to your thigh hit your skin and you arched, a sob leaving your lips.

“We aren’t done yet Darling. No where near done.” Youngwoo growled, taking his fingers out and turning over on your stomach, pushing your ass up.

“I’m going to fuck you until I cum, you cum and Christan cums. Got it? If you want us to stop that safe word better fucking leave your lips.” Youngwoo growled as he slid into you, hard cock stretching you out and hitting home in one thrust, you made an open mouth moaned that was muffled by Christan’s cock.

From then the pace was brutal, both of them using you, so good, so insync that you didn’t know where one ended and the other began.

Your body was thrown in painful pleasure, high strung as tears built in your eyes behind the blindfold, mouth dripping drool and precum from Christans cock and Woos abuse.

Christan let out a low moan, pulling out of your mouth making you whine.

“I’m gonna cum on your face baby.” He hissed, jerking fastly as his warm seed splattered against your cheeks and lips, Your mouth wide due to the moans you released so any on your tongue dripped off and down to the sheets under you.

You looked like a wreck, a perfect painting of sin with a cock splitting you open.

Your cries and moans raised in volume, heavy handed slaps beating against your now rosy ass as you got closer and closer to cumming.

Black tear streaks of mascara coming from behind your blindfold because of your cries of pleasure.

“Are you gonna cum baby? Are you gonna cum allover my cock? Soak it in your juices while I cum deep inside you?” His voice was a sin in its self, his calloused fingers coming to rub and pinch your clit harshly.

You stood no chance, an you came with a sob, squirting and soaking his thighs and cock, the sheets beneath you wet.

You heard him groan deeply and his cock pulsed and twitched inside you as he pumped a large load into you.

You sobbed when he pulled out, only to feel Christan’s tongue in your cunt, licking you clean of Youngwoo’s cum.

“You think we’re done with you baby girl?” Youngwoo chuckled.

“We’re not even close to fucking finished.”



Something interesting I noticed in the Prey art book! Alex’s character portrait has ‘A. Li Karl’ as his name rather than ‘A. Yu’. It’s likely that the Yu family was originally going to be named the Li Karl family earlier in production—the last name being a combo of Li (Chinese last name, so probably from William) and Karl (German last name, so probably from Catherine). Therefore, it’s possible William and Catherine Yu were originally William Li and Catherine Karl.

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Who would you say, that you think is the top 5 craziest anime characters of all time? they can be smart crazy, psycho crazy, both! Just an opinion pls.

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  • Yuno Gasai: she’s the yandere queen, the one who introduced me to this type of character. Her obsession and raw power kept me on edge each episode of Mirai Nikki.

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  • Hiei: I always admired characters who can take a lot of pain and Hiei’s journey from baddie to baddie with a heart, his swiftness with a sword and murderous tendencies definitely add to why I was transfixed with him as a kid.

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  • Vegeta: me and this fella go way back!! He’s so good at surprising me. Just as I was thinking he’s down to earth now (literally) all his development is erased just so he can fight Goku. His cruelty never leaves him and I respect that.

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  • Tanya Degurechaff: Where do I even begin with her? Anyway, she’s an emotionless war machine who hates god and her mission is to deny them and kill as many as possible while pretending she wants “a chill life”.

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  • ???%: The powers of a god trapped as a mysterious entity in a young boy who manifests only to destroy everything and everyone.

Warning: blasphemy kink

Reader x Simon Dominic x Christian Yu

You came in late, sitting down in the back of the church, the pew closest to the door, just in case you needed to make a mad dash for the door.

Going to church always made you slightly uncomfortable but you knew your mother would turn over in her grave if you didn’t go.

In your haste to come in and get seated, you failed to see the new priests seated at the front of the church, with a perfect view of the door and the back of the church. They shared a look before returning their attention to the sermon.

Time seemed to tick by slowly as you sedately sat through the sermons. You spaced out a few times, perking up only when you saw the two sinfully gorgeous new priests.

Surely you couldn’t have been absent that long. You came every week so they had to be new. Because you would remember two men that looked like that.

As soon as the prayer was over, you jumped up from the pew, eager to exit the church. A hand touched your arm, startling you. You turned your head to see one of the gorgeous new priests standing beside you.

He removed his hand from you arm, holding it out for you to shake.

“Hello. My name is Christian,” he spoke, voice soft and appealing.

You took his hand introducing yourself.

“Would you mind coming with me y/n? My fellow priest and I would like to speak with you.”

You were hesitant but conceded, anxious as to what they could possible want. The church was still full so no one saw the two of you walk through the door beside the altar. You walked past the confessional down a short dark corridor, leading to an office.

Christian pulled the door opening, signaling for you to enter. Inside you saw the other devilishly handsome man. He stood as you walked in, coming around from behind the desk he was seated at.

He extended his hand, which you graciously shook.

“Father Simon. Nice to meet you, uh…”

“Oh, y/n,” you shyly responded, sitting as Father Simon directed you to the seat in front of his desk, placing himself in front of you, Christian on his right side.

“Nice to meet you as well. No disrespect Father, but is there a reason to me being here?”

Father Simon and Christian looked at each, sly smirks coming across their faces.

Christian stood behind you, moving your hair that fell in front of your shoulders behind you. He lightly touched your neck before removing his hands from your body.

“We just wanted to get to know you babygirl. You are quite distracting,” he spoke, leaning down closer to your ear. “And you smell amazing.”

He licked your neck as he said this, sending pleasure through your body, a small moan drifting past your slightly parted lips.

Father Simon cleared his throat causing Christian to straighten up. He stood from his position on the desk getting on his knees in front of you. He placed his hands on your legs.

“Spread your legs,” he spoke gruffly, not really asking but giving you an order.

You hesitated slightly before complying.

A low growl flowed from him as your sweet fragrance met his nose. He looked up at you, his eyes flickering black from time to time.

“You should be ashamed,” he looked up at Christian, licking his lips. “Little slut didn’t wear any panties under her dress.”

He looked at you again, eyes completely black now. You felt Christian move down again, his mouth near the tendon of your neck again.

“Is that a habit of yours y/n? Easy access? You want to get fucked don’t you? I bet that little pussy is soaking.”

He grabbed your hair before he licked the tendon of your neck again before biting down on it harshly, causing you to spread your legs even wider, a fresh wave of your arousal hitting Father Simon and Christian’s senses.

Your walls clenched around nothing, pleasure flowing through your body. You moaned loudly hands balling into fists on your lap. You felt Father Simon’s hands pushing your dress up above your waist.

“You smell fucking amazing,” he mumbled before you felt his tongue against you.

You jolted in the chair, hands flying towards his head. Christian bit your neck harder, his teeth feeling sharper the longer they stayed there, Father Simon’s tongue devouring your weeping pussy.

You moans grew in volume and intensity, your orgasm imminent.

“Fuck fuck fuck!” You screamed, hands scrambling to push Father Simon away from you. He only pushed against you harder. You looked down at him, his eyes locked with you as he bit down on your clit.

Your orgasm was wrenched from you as Christian’s teeth broke through your skin. One of your hands flew up to his head, holding his face against your neck as he fed from you, this only intensifying the pleasure you felt.

He removed himself from your neck as Father Simon removed his mouth from your pussy. You slumped in the chair, exhausted from the intense orgasm you just experienced.

You felt hands under your arms lifting you up before you allowed to sit again, a body under yours. You wrenched open your eyes to see Christian standing in front of you, his eyes black and his lips painted red with your blood. He licked his lips, your eyes following the motion, your own tongue coming out to grace your lips.

Your eyes trailed down his body, his robes having been removed, revealing tattooed arms, a toned chest, and glorious abs. Your eyes went lower, locking onto his dick, flushed red and standing proudly. You felt your pussy clench again, eager to feel him inside of you.

Father Simon groaned from behind you, drawing your attention to how you felt his bare skin against your back, signaling to you that you briefly passed out.

You felt his dick against your pussy, hot and hard. You mewled before moving your hips against him, spreading your arousal. He grabbed your hips, halting your movement.

“Do NOT tease me,” he growled, sharp teeth nipping your neck in warning. He lifted you up, teasing the tip of his dick in and out of your dripping pussy. You tried to bear down but he held you up still teasing himself in and out of you.

You whined, frustration taking over as you became more and more eager.

“You want us babygirl?” Christian teased walking closer to you, rubbing the head of his dick on your clit.

You whined louder, nodding your head.

Father Simon wrapped a hand around your throat, squeezing lightly.

“Use your words babygirl. What do you want?”

You clenched repeatedly around them, your orgasm barreling towards you.

“I’m gonna-“

Father Simon quickly removed his hand from your neck, his mouth moving to the right side of you neck, Christian’s to the left, their teeth piercing your skin once again.

You yelled, orgasming and squirting so hard you threatened to push both men out of you body, though they fought to stay inside of you, releasing inside of you as soon as your sweet blood hit their taste buds.

When they were satisfied, they released you neck and removed themselves from your body. Your body relaxed against Father Simon, exhaustion and fatigue fully hitting you.

You yawned, turning your body so your face was placed by his neck. He wrapped his arms around your waist, your body fully relaxing against his.

You peeked up at him from under your lashes, a satisfied look on his face and Christian’s, who had pulled up a chair beside you and placed your legs on his lap.

You pushed yourself off of Father Simon’s chest, looking at both him and Christian.

“Either one of you mind explaining to me how two demons made it inside the church?”