Some concept art from my sketchbook related to the recent events in YTWC’s Black. (I drew these early in June)

The text “pallot liinassa, liina hukassa“ roughly transtales to “balls (are) in the scarf but the scarf is missing“ and it’s based on Finnish proverb “hommat hanskassa, hanskat hukassa“ (“[got] everything in gloves but the gloves are missing”) which basically means that everything is screwed.


Showing emotions in my stories is really important to me. I always drive to convey strong emotions not only through words, but also through the facial expressions. The emotions I want to show are not always the typical simple things like happiness, sadness or anger. These emotions are not always easy to understand, or easy to draw.

Theo is not sad here. His eyes are gentle, but he doesn’t look happy either. There is a single emotion I did not want to convey with any words, but with his facial expression.