Run faster than the wind
Aim farther than the skies

Taichi versus Red’s Blastoise

Soon, it’ll be five years since I started my SoulSilver nuzlocke comic. Naturally I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and while I do have my plans for celebrating this big milestone, I went ahead and decided to redraw some of my favorite battle situations from the comic.
Many of you probably don’t remember it, but I had an Eevee before the fourth gym. His name was Tai, and he died while I was training with him. This was really unfortunate, because I wanted an Umbreon for my battle against Morty (and those who have read the comic should know how well that ended). Later in Kanto I got another chance in Celadon City when I could buy another Eevee as a prize from the Game Corner. So the little one was named Taichi, like that one brave dude from Digimon and he sure lived up to his name.

Obviously I shouldn’t be reading anything, when I’m sick, because then I start to make weird jokes like this. Those,who get this joke, you’re my people. Also, this comic is not made by me and I hope the original creator doesn’t kill me after this.

2,5 hours, acrylics
Inspired by how Pettyartist made a really cool digital painting of Locke inside Cerulean Cave, I was tempted to do something similar with YTWC facing Red in Mt. Silver (as that’s one of my personal favorite scenes in the whole nuzlocke).

Instead of something truly epic, it ended up being just acrylic mess. At least I’m satisfied how YTWC’s hair came out because the hair is important.


This is it where it all began.

In April 2011, I restarted my SoulSilver cartridge because I bought that only for the legendaries it was holding. I named my trainer YTWC, and started with a Cyndaquil named Bazooka. I played the game until the point where you get the mystery egg from Mr. Pokémon and stopped there for a while. That was before you get Poké Balls. Then I drew a comic about this short gameplay, and I was unsure should I continue or not. Since the feedback I got was positive, I decided to continue.

Yes, this small piece of paper is the first memo of my SoulSilver nuzlocke, and it holds the events from the beginning to Slowpoke Well. It’s really obscure, and doesn’t even mention where I caught my first few Pokémon (while doing the comic it wasn’t too long since I had played this, so I could remember so it really didn’t matter). No battle log for gym battle, no mention of any close calls: I still remember how before getting Poké Balls and other Pokémon, there was a little bit critical situation where a Rattata almost knocked Bazooka out with few Tail Whips and Tackle/Quick Attack/whatever attack combo. I didn’t include that in the comic, like many of things: I skipped Cherrygrove City and Sprout Tower completely because I wanted to get over the early-game stuff as fast as I could.

I originally planned (in my opinion) a funny joke where Elm calls about how he was robbed and YTWC returns to tell the police the name of his rival. YTWC would tell his name is Killjoy, and then there would be “WANTED KILLJOY” posters everywhere. But since I wanted to move faster, I totally skipped this and only included the battle against rival. His name was, however, mentioned later in part 10 by Bazooka when Jonny asks who he is.

But back to this memo: Sprout Tower was terrorized by Bazooka, since I was afraid of using Rocky because of his 4x weakness against grass. Later in the tower I tried to use Rocky against the Bellsprout and I was positively surprised by how he still dominated the battles (he OHKO’d them all with Rock Throw). I guess Bellsprout are really that weak, but that really bit me back when I thought Rocky would be fine while battling against that certain Wooper later.

The gym battle is mentioned really briefly as “Rocky vs Pidgeotto”, but there was more of it I can still remember. Rocky was over level 10, and since I of course had no badges, as a traded Pokémon he disobeyed me during the gym match. I managed eventually beat Falkner while Rocky was disobedient, but I changed that in the comic just to “don’t eat it Rocky, you’ll get salmonella or something”. Rocky eating other Pokémon was funny imo, and I included that trait in the epilogue when he spits a slimy Rattata to YTWC’s hands.

Even while this was really early in the development of this comic, I already had made the decision to make a connection between Bazooka and the Kimono girls, which can be seen as the change in Kimono girl’s dialogue I wrote here. Originally, she was talking about the mystery egg, not your starter or any other Pokémon. But because I ditched  the mystery egg and boxed it for the eternity, I changed her dialogue for Bazooka.

The first two deaths are also mentioned here: Rocky the Onix was killed by Wooper’s Water Gun, and Spark the Spearow by Ekans’ Bite. Now I’m sure you guys can’t even remember who the hell Spark was, and I understand why. If I recall correctly, he appeared in six panels, including the panel where YTWC is holding his dead body. He did nothing, but his death was important impact to YTWC’s character, as that’s the reason why he started to hate Team Rocket in first place (I never mentioned that straight in the comic, but it can be seen when YTWC finds out that TR is behind the events of Lake of Rage and he recalls Jonny to his ball, afraid that he might end up like Spark).

Writing about these behind of scenes-like things is fun, and I might do more of these if you like. That was just the first piece of my memos, I have much more of these.