Star Wars Underoos Commercial (via starwarsfan1975)

The Time masters deem this one as questionable and creeeeepy, yet funny because the girl totally farts at 0:17 according to Youtube Historian/commenter polloboy.

Maybe R2 farted.

Can droids fart?


 2012 Time Machine: the Year in Review

OK, here’s the coolest app for your new iPad mini (or any other Apple i-product you might have)! Our great friends at Shout! Factory (and Frederator) have released* this cool new app today (it’s not officially announced until tomorrow, so you’ve got a head start) that shows you 1000 of the coolest, funniest, weirdest videos of the past year. Really you can’t go wrong. Only 99¢.

“Stop the hype, please. What do I get?”

Here’s the description from the app store:

From the team behind the enormously popular Video Time Machine!* (Four and a half star app, thousands of positive reviews). 

Watch over 1,000 videos from 2012! 

Highlighting the best moments in music, movies, TV, sports, news and more!

Music like Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber, Hunter Hayes, Tiga, Lil Wayne, Bon Iver, Bonnie Raitt, Rihanna.

Movie trailers like Brave, The Man with Iron Fists (red band), The Vow, The Avengers, The Hunger Games. 

Sports videos like World Series Game 4, World’s Largest Rope Swing, London 2012 Olympics. 

Includes a category dedicated to viral videos! Like the Ultimate Dog Shaming, Mitt Romney Style, Hipster Disney Princess, A Toy Train in Space, Pretty Celebrities Turn Ugly, Turkey Dubstep. 

Share your favorite videos on Facebook and Twitter!


• Universal App (iPhone, iPad, iTouch)
• Over 1,000 videos and growing
• Super-fast browsing on any connection
• Airplay enabled
• Easy social media sharing

* The original Video Time Machine (and its Holiday and Political spin offs) was brilliantly conceived by my great friend and colleague Justin Johnson (follow his tumblr here), and handsomely developed by Matt Capucilli. 2012 Time Machine was Justin’s idea too, and Matt did the development, with able design assistance from Hackmart in Venice . 


Invader Zim- Hooray For Earth!! (via gir1seal)

Today the Time Masters are remembering Invader Zim, from the year 2002.

Did you know that Invader Zim’s creator-tron has a Tumblr too?

it’s truuuuueeeee.

Thanks for Invader Zim, Brother JhonenV, we salute you.

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Transformers FAIL

Here’s some Transformers that failed less!

We’re shoveling 1990 straight into your eyeballs.


Put your eyeballs on this Vintage Japanese Cartoon from 1933!


Limara body spray commercial, 1981.

Animated by legendary animator Eric Goldberg (Aladdin’s Genie) for the Richard Williams Studio.

Spray yourself back to 1981.